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  1. RWA M1919 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun
    RWA M1919 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun
    Special Price $1,099.99 Regular Price $1,495.00
    Save 26%
  2. RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft SMG
    RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft SMG
    Special Price $299.99 Regular Price $438.00
    Save 32%
  3. Systema Barrel Set for Systema PTW (M16 A2/A3 Model) 6.04mm
    Systema Barrel Set for Systema PTW (M16 A2/A3 Model) 6.04mm
    Special Price $369.99 Regular Price $429.99
    Save 14%
  4. RWA Agency Arms NOC (Full Size) for Tokyo Marui G17 Gen 3 GBB Airsoft
    RWA Agency Arms NOC (Full Size) for Tokyo Marui G17 Gen 3 GBB Airsoft
    Special Price $319.99 Regular Price $349.99
    Save 9%
  5. Systema Steel Outer Barrel for PTW CQB-R Model
    Systema Steel Outer Barrel for PTW CQB-R Model
    Special Price $249.99 Regular Price $299.99
    Save 17%
  6. Systema Switch-Device 4 (M4/CQB-R model) for PTW
    Systema Switch-Device 4 (M4/CQB-R model) for PTW
    Special Price $179.99 Regular Price $219.99
    Save 18%
  7. PDI 01 Inner Barrel for WA / G&P M4A1 Series (509mm)
    PDI 01 Inner Barrel for WA / G&P M4A1 Series (509mm)
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $175.99
    Save 43%
  8. Orga Magnus HD Barrel 6.10mm Complete System (448mm) for Systema PTW M4 Series
    Orga Magnus HD Barrel 6.10mm Complete System (448mm) for Systema PTW M4 Series
    Special Price $139.99 Regular Price $171.99
    Save 19%
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Airsoft FAQ   see all>

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Airsoft is designed for players to shoot at each other in simulated combat, so they are not designed to injure.  But they can hurt from a little to a lot depending on the power of the Airsoft gun, and how close you get shot from.  The best way to describe how it feels to get hit by an airsoft gun is to imagine getting stung by a stretched rubber band that is released at point-blank range to your arm.  The pain is skin-deep and is more like a sting, although some higher-power guns may leave a bruise, and even break skin if shot from close range.  Airsoft guns are sometimes confused with Airguns or BB Guns.  These guns shoot 4.5mm, or .177 Caliber metal BBs or diablo pellets, which are not intended for shooting at players.  Read more about Airsoft Guns Vs BB Guns.  If you are familiar with Paintball, then read about Airsoft Vs Paintball.  Airsoft Guns are toys that are not designed to injure.  Similar to paintball or other shooting sports, we recommend players use appropriate protective equipment including an airsoft goggle, airsoft mask, airsoft helmet, airsoft vest, airsoft gloves, and clothing that covers your extremities from being hit directly by BBs.  Read more on Do Airsoft Guns Hurt.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a thrilling pastime enjoyed by people all over the world.  Airsoft uses replica guns that fire 6mm plastic BBs and are designed for recreational shooting, survival games, military simulation, reenactments, or just plain old collecting.  Airsoft Guns are available in a wide range of styles and models, including airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, airsoft revolvers, airsoft sniper, airsoft shotguns, airsoft grenade launchers, and airsoft machineguns.  Many airsoft guns can shoot a combination of full-auto, semi-auto, and burst modes.  Many popular models from the actual gun world are represented in airsoft, including Glock, Sig Sauer, H&K, Colt, Kalashnikov, Smith & Wesson, FN, and many more.  Airsoft also encompasses a wide variety of airsoft gear and airsoft accessories including airsoft grenades, airsoft masks, airsoft goggles, airsoft suppressors, and much more.   For you as the player, equipment might include a tactical vest, helmet, pistol holster, magazine pouches, and much more.  All these help to simulate real-life combat in a way that is as realistic as possible while still being completely safe. If you're new to airsoft, read our article that explains what is airsoft or what is an airsoft gun.

What Age is Appropriate for Airsoft?

Airsoft is enjoyed by people of all ages, with a range of Airsoft guns that cater to different roles and player abilities.   Twelve  years old is usually the minimum age to play at airsoft fields, but children can start earlier with proper adult supervision, or if they can understand and adhere to muzzle discipline and avoid pointing an airsoft gun at anybody without their consent.  Many younger players graduate from playing Nerf once they can handle more range and accuracy.  Airsoft is quite safe when played properly with the correct protective equipment, most importantly for the eyes.  A full face mask is recommended to protect against chipping teeth should a BB inadvertently hit someone in the mouth.  Read more about How old to play airsoft: a guide for parents and kids.

I’m Interested in Airsoft, but how to start Airsoft?

Congratulations on discovering Airsoft, a lifelong hobby and pastime you can enjoy.  If you’re interested in airsoft, read about what to wear for airsoft, airsoft equipment, recommended airsoft loadout, and the airsoft rules and games.  If you can meet other like-minded players or get your friends to start, learn how to start an airsoft team and challenging yourselves to different airsoft game types.  Or take a trip back in time and read about the history of airsoft.  We recommend you explore our library of resources in our airsoft blogs, where you will learn how airsoft guns work, are airsoft guns accurate, how far can airsoft guns shoot, and what is airsoft plinking.

If you are ready to get your first airsoft gun, then some good places to start reading include how much does airsoft cost, or browse our list of Best Airsoft Guns, Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners, What Is an AEG: A Guide to Electric Airsoft Guns, and What Is An Airsoft Hop-Up And Why You Need It.  Don’t forget to watch our vast library of airsoft videos on RedWolf TV, voted best Video Podcast and Youtube Channel by the publicly voted Player’s Choice Awards.

If you’re starting out on a budget, then check out our airsoft deals.  Or find the airsoft gun you want by gun model, where you can find popular styles like an airsoft Glock pistol, 1911 airsoft pistol, airsoft Desert Eagle pistol, airsoft AR 15 rifle, and airsoft AK47 rifle.

Since 1998, we are the biggest airsoft online store in the world and ship to the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and more.  So start your journey right here and we'll do our best to guide you along as you discover the world of Airsoft.