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PANTAC Molle M60 100RD Ammo Pouch (A-TACS / Cordura)

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Pantac Molle M60 100RD Ammo Pouch (A-TACS / Cordura).

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A-TACS is a new and radical advancement in camo design and technology, developed by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS). Most traditional digital camo patterns use small square pixels, which is insufficient to visually reproduce the natural formations (e.g. shapes, forms, or shadow.....etc) appeared in environment. The A-TACS pattern by comparison removes the sharp angles and replaces with very small organically shaped pixels, and adds specific colors carefully chosen to match the natual environment, and taking this process a step further the small organically shaped pixels are placed within larger groupings to create a "pattern within a pattern" effect. This radical advancement means that A-TACS is able to conceal the operator far more effectively and at greater distances comparing traditional camo patterns.

High qualtiy M60 pouch from phantom, fit latest U.S. Army M60 magazine paper box (same as the INOKATSU one), beside the real stuff, still sutiable for holding all kinds of the accessory and other magazines. Removable velcro divider inside, double covers with button and velcro to make the magazine box in place inside the pouch. Made of INVISTA CORDURA.

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