Frequently Asked Questions
Is RedWolf Airsoft reliable and trustworthy?
RedWolf Airsoft has been publicly voted as the winner in the Best Retailer category every year since 2010RedWolf Airsoft has been publicly voted as the winner in the Best Retailer category every year since 2010
RedWolf Airsoft has won the world recognized Players Choice Awards every year since since 2010

RedWolf Airsoft is the 1st, largest, and most trusted international airsoft retailer in the world.  Since 1998, we have been shipping airsoft guns and gear with the best prices, fantastic service, and super fast shipping worldwide to over 40 countries with a money-back guarantee. Trusted by millions of airsoft players worldwide, we have over 57,000 satisfied customer ratings through our RedWolf Airsoft Facebook page, and approximately 400,000 followers on our long-running RedWolf TV on Youtube.  

We will price match any other retailer in the world (outside of Asia) product for product.  We offer a money-back guarantee on shipping airsoft guns safely and successfully to customers who live in countries where airsoft is legal.  Let us serve all your Airsoft needs today!

Reach us via LIVE CHAT using our chat bubble in the lower right corner of this website, Facebook messenger us, or CONTACT US.


Are RedWolf Airsoft guns good?

Yes, we carefully select and sell only the best airsoft guns with good quality and performance.  The range of airsoft guns available in the world is quite large and choose to only stock those that are good and can be used in a skirmish game.  We carry airsoft guns only from the best and recognized brands in airsoft.  Watch our vast library of airsoft gun reviews on our RedWolf Airsoft Youtube channel.  Or read our list of the Best Airsoft Guns that we think are the best that Airsoft has to offer.  You can purchase all of them right here on our site.

The best quality airsoft guns that you should consider today from RedWolf AirsoftThe best quality airsoft guns that you should consider today from RedWolf Airsoft
Best Airsoft guns that you should shortlist and consider today
Shop for the best quality Airsoft Glock pistols from RedWolf AirsoftShop for the best quality Airsoft Glock pistols from RedWolf Airsoft
Best Airsoft Glock pistols
What is the RedWolf Airsoft phone number?

USA Residents

Call +1 (760) 858 2300 to reach one of our customer service agents.  However please be aware that our agents do not work according to US business hours since they are stationed in the Hong Kong timezone (GMT+8).  During the summer months, Eastern Standard time is 12 hours behind Hong Kong, and Pacific Standard Time is 15 hours behind.  Our agents are available from the following times (except local public holidays)

Hong Kong Time (GMT +8): Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm

US Pacific Standard Time: Sunday - Thursday 6:30pm - 3:00am (Daylight Saving Time)

US Eastern Standard Time: Sunday - Thursday 9:30pm - 6:00am (Daylight Saving Time)

International Customers

Call +852 2857 7665

Hong Kong Time (GMT +8): Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm

Talking to a Service Agent or Leaving a Message

Our phone system works on a touch-tone menu system so please follow the prompts to select a language and then your service needs.  If you are directed to voicemail, it means you may have reached us outside of normal office hours.  Please speak your name, your phone number, and your email address clearly and slowly so that we can respond to you.  If you are inquiring about an order, please say the order number very clearly.  Voice messages are sometimes difficult to hear so please repeat critical information twice just to be safe.

Other Recommended Ways To Contact RedWolf Airsoft

The best way to contact us is actually by LIVE CHAT using the chat bubble in the lower right of our website, via Facebook Messenger, by email, or through our CONTACT US page.  We have service agents working in our European office so service hours are much longer than phone hours.  The following are the operating hours for our online chat agents.

Hong Kong Time (GMT +8): Monday - Friday 9:30am - Midnight

US Pacific Standard Time: Sunday - Thursday 6:30pm - 9:00am (Friday) (Daylight Saving Time)

US Eastern Standard Time: Sunday - Thursday 9:30pm - 12:00pm (Friday) (Daylight Saving Time)

Can RedWolf Airsoft perform airsoft gun upgrades?

Our technicians are probably some of the best in the world, especially with our resident Airsoft Surgeon doing all kinds of ultimate upgrades  Our store offers a lot of upgrade options.  Choose upgrade packages under the UPGRADE PARTS category and add those services to your shopping cart when you purchase any gun from us.  Add the upgrade service you want immediately below the gun that you hope to upgrade in your shopping cart.

We can upgrade guns to shoot harder, farther, and more accurately, or we can downgrade them to shoot with lower power if your country has power limitations.

All our upgrade services operate within legal limits.

Are Airsoft Guns Legal?

Yes, Airsoft guns are legal in most countries but the laws regulating them can vary.   Airsoft is outright banned in a few countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and China for example.  In New Zealand, you need a permit to import.  In the UK, you need to be a member of the UKARA association to own a replica in its original form, or else you need to have it 50% painted in bright bold colors.  It is completely legal in most countries within the EU and the United States, although the US and Italy require a permanently affixed orange to differentiate them from real guns.  For the most updated information on legality for each country, visit the community-managed page on this Wikipedia page about Airsoft Legality.

California residents require additional blue tape affixed to a combination of the grip, trigger guard, stock, and magazine.  Many countries also impose maximum power limits on airsoft guns, including Japan and Korea where they are completely legal but heavily regulated.  US residents can read our article on Airsoft gun Laws by State.

Do you have any RedWolf Airsoft Discount Code or RedWolf Airsoft Coupon Code?

Yes we offer seasonal sales and announce coupon codes with steep discounts on our social media pages and email newsletters.  We also offer some year-round coupon codes for our loyal customers.  You can find them at

Please note that discount coupon codes are not applicable to clearance sale items, pre-order items, or fixed-priced items.  Some brands do not allow us to do promotions and do not allow price reductions.  See fixed-priced brands not eligible for discounts.

Do your products come with English manuals?

Most manuals from the manufacturer comes with English instructions. (Please notice exceptions for Japanese manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui, KSC, Marushin and Maurzen may not have English instructions in their manual.)  If you have questions on how to use a product that only came with a Japanese manual, ask us.

Some airsoft guns designed for experienced players may not come with any manual.  In this case, you may visit the manufacturer's website to obtain more specific information about the airsoft gun.  Many airsoft guns now may also offer an e-manual that requires you to scan a QR code with your phone to access the manual.

Where does RedWolf Airsoft ship from?

We have warehouses are in the UK, Spain and Hong Kong.  All online orders ship from our main Hong Kong warehouse, which has the most diverse selection of Airsoft products.  For more details about our shipping, please visit

How long does RedWolf Airsoft take to ship?

We generally pack and ship all online orders within 24 hours after you checkout, provided that the 24 hours following your order is a business day.  If you place your order over a weekend or public holiday, then we will pack and ship out the following business day.  During peak season, especially after a long weekend like Easter or Christmas, it may take a few days for our warehouse to clear the backlog.  In these cases, it may take us 2-3 business days to pack your order and ship out.  But this only happens during specific times of the year.

After it leaves our warehouse, its up to the shipping company on how fast the order gets to you.  It also depends on the shipping method that you selected.  Express shipping service typically takes 5 - 10 days for North America and Europe, while Economy or SureShip to the USA can take 10 - 25 days with the benefit of being more affordable.

Where does RedWolf Airsoft ship to?

We ship internationally to many countries including the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

For a full list of countries, please read

To see how much shipping is to your country, add items to your shopping cart and you can see the shipping price by selecting your country.

Can RedWolf Airsoft ship to United States?

Yes, we ship daily to the United States by Express (UPS / FEDEX / DHL), Registered Airmail & regular Airmail (USPS), Economy & SureShip (UPS Ground).  We can also ship by non-tracking surface mail for flammable goods like airsoft gas and batteries.  We fully comply with US Federal law by attaching a blaze orange tip to every airsoft gun shipped to the US.  For California orders, we also comply with SB199 and prepare the airsoft gun accordingly prior to shipping.  To learn whether airsoft is legal in your state, read our article Airsoft Gun Laws By State.

Orders of Airsoft guns and accessories to the US are tax-free.

Does RedWolf Airsoft ship to California?

Yes, we ship daily to California by express delivery, or weekly by economy shipping.  We prepare all airsoft guns to be SB199 compliant with colored tape applied to specific parts of airsoft guns.  This includes the magazine, trigger guard, hand guard, and stock.  We also apply a federally required blaze orange tip to all airsoft guns shipped to the USA.  If you intend to use your airsoft gun for theatrical use or only in the privacy of your own home, you may choose to remove the orange tip.  Please be reminded that brandishing an airsoft gun in public within the USA without an orange tip can be dangerous.

SB199 requires all airsoft rifles to have bright colored tape affixed to the pistol grip, magazine, trigger guard and stock.SB199 requires all airsoft rifles to have bright colored tape affixed to the pistol grip, magazine, trigger guard and stock.
SB199 requires all airsoft rifles to have bright colored tape affixed to the pistol grip, magazine, trigger guard and stock.
SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.
SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.
SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.
SB199 requires that airsoft pistols have bright colored tape affixed to their pistol grip and trigger guard.
Does RedWolf Airsoft have orange tips for US?

US Federal law requires a bright orange tip on all airsoft guns so we ship all our Airsoft guns accordingly.  By following this law, we provide a money-back guarantee that we will successfully ship your airsoft gun order to you.  Never brandish an airsoft gun in public without the blaze orange tip since this might confuse law enforcement officials that you are holding a real gun, leading to serious consequences.  If you are planning on using your airsoft gun for theatrical purposes or as a private collection within your own home, it is possible to remove the orange tip.

Airsoft guns in the USA are required by Federal Law to have a blaze orange tip.Airsoft guns in the USA are required by Federal Law to have a blaze orange tip.
Airsoft guns in the USA are required by Federal Law to have a blaze orange tip.
I don’t live in the USA. Will my gun ship with an orange tip?

Only guns shipped to the USA, Chile, Korea, or Italy require an orange tip.  If you are not from one of these countries, then your airsoft guns will not have an orange tip.

Does RedWolf Airsoft ship UK?

Yes, we ship to the UK every day!  Airsoft is regulated in the UK and if you wish you enjoy airsoft in its most original form without any bright colors on your Airsoft gun, you need to be a UKARA member.  You can obtain UKARA membership from most game sites in the UK.  When ordering from us, submit your UKARA number when placing the order through our shopping cart and we will ship airsoft guns to you unmodified.

If you are not a UKARA member, then we are required to ship airsoft guns to you in two-tone paint (50% of the gun needs to be painted in yellow, orange, or blue as shown in the photo below).  The actual visual effect will be different for each gun model.  We offer a two-tone paint service for non-UKARA customers.

2 tone guns as required by law if you are not a member of the UKARA2 tone guns as required by law if you are not a member of the UKARA
2 tone guns as required by law if you are not a member of the UKARA
Can you disassemble guns before shipping?

Yes we can.  There is a special disassembly fee for this service and packages can be shipped separately as parts.  If you want an airsoft gun disassembled prior to shipping and delivered in separate parts, please contact our service agents to request for this.  Please note that not all airsoft guns can be disassembled and put back together successfully.  This is the case with some entry level airsoft guns and shotguns.

How much is shipping from RedWolf Airsoft?

Delivery charges might be lower than you think because we get fantastic rates from shipping companies.  You should know that shipping costs are highly sensitive to weight and dimensions. Pricing is based on a per Kilogram basis.  We offer a variety of shipping options with different prices, and you can find out shipping prices by adding items to your shopping cart and proceeding to checkout.  You will be presented with shipping prices prior to order confirmation.

Option                 Time To Your Door (Days)     Description
Express                 5-10                                             Fastest and safest, but also most expensive
Air Mail                 7-20                                             20% - 40% cheaper than Express but slower
Economy              10-25                                           Up to 60% cheaper than Express but takes longer.  Only available for the USA.
Surface Mail         30-50                                           Very cheap and very slow, and not completely reliable.  Required for shipping gas.

Do you have a RedWolf Airsoft free shipping code?

We do not offer free shipping codes, but we may offer some products during promotions for free shipping.  You will see them advertised as FREE SHIPPING.

How long will orders take to reach me?

In just a few days and much faster than you may think!  Orders usually ship within 24 hours on business days.  Upgrades will take 2-3 more days.

Different shipping options are available depending on your destination country.

Shipping Option  Delivery Time (Days) Availability Order Tracking?
Express 5-10 (US and EUROPE)
1-3 (ASIA)
All Countries Y
Registered Airmail
Air Parcel
10-25 (US and EUROPE)
5-14 (ASIA)
All Countries Y
10-25 (US ONLY) US Only Y
Surface Mail 30-50 (US and EUROPE)
20-30 (ASIA)
For Shipping Gas N

Please note that our shipping department does not operate on public holidays or when severe storms affect postal services.Deliveries to certain destinations may take longer and you will be notified during checkout.  Orders placed during public holidays will be shipped on the following business day.  Orders placed during major holidays may take longer to pack and ship.

How do I pay?

Credit Card

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD directly on our website.  If you wish to use American Express or DISCOVER CARD, then use PAYPAL.  All transactions are conducted over secure SSL encryption for your protection.  See all credit card payment options.


Paypal offers "BILL-ME-LATER" / "Paypal Credit" service to qualifying residents in North America.

If you live in the USA / Canada, then you may qualify for PAYPAL's "BILL-ME-LATER" / "Paypal Credit" program.

Simply sign up for Paypal and when you check out, you will see a "BILL ME LATER" option if you qualify. 

Bank Telegraphic Transfer

If you don’t have a credit card, we can accept bank wire transfers.  When making the bank telegraphic transfer, please make sure to ask your bank to include your order number in the notes or comments section of the transfer so we can match your payment to your order.

Account No.:     534-448063-838

Bank Name:      The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Branch:              Mongkok   

Bank Address:  Level 3 & BL 1, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.  

Swift Code:        HSBCHKHHHKH


 For Hong Kong customers, you can pay by FPS bank transfer or choose to pay in our office by cash (HKD only), credit card, PayMe or AliPay.

Why does RedWolf Airsoft ask for credit card verification?

When placing an order with your credit card, our customer service team may contact you and ask to verify you own the credit card that was used on your order.  Please don't be alarmed since our customer service agents have been authorized to request for this information when the credit card companies like VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express flag your order for additional checks.

The reason is there are unfortunately many unscrupolous people using stolen credit card numbers to place orders for airsoft guns.  To combat fraud, credit card companies have very sophisticated filters to detect the possible unauthorized use of a credit card.  When certain criteria are met, the credit card companies will flag your transaction to us and request we obtain additional verification to prove that the person owning the credit card is the one who placed the order.

Our customer service agents may ask you for an image of your credit card (both front and back) and your photo ID.  For criminals using stolen credit card numbers, they will be unable to supply an image of the actual card they stole.  We also know who owns the credit card, so your photo ID would confirm that you are actually the owner of the credit card being used.  Again, if someone is using a stolen credit card number, it is unlikely they will have the corresponding photo ID.

While it may seem strange and suspicious when a RedWolf staff member asks for an image of your credit card, please don't be alarmed.  It is all part of normal procedure to ensure your transaction was not fraudulent.  We have strict internal guidelines about privacy so rest assured that all information you supply will be destroyed after we confirm your transaction.

Will I be charged import taxes or duties?

If you are ordering from USA or most of Asia, you will not be charged taxes.  EU countries do sometimes charge VAT tax on delivery but that does not happen 100% of the time.  You are responsible for paying your own taxes. 

If your order is returned to us because you refused to pay import tax, we will charge a 20% restocking fee.  The shipping fee will also NOT be refunded. Kindly ensure you understand this policy before purchasing from us.

How to track my RedWolf Airsoft package?

Once your order is shipped out, we will send an email to your registered email address with your tracking number.  Depending on the shipping company used, you may track your order using either UPS, FEDEX, or your country's official postal service.

For example, registered airmail or regular airmail orders to US customers go through the national postal service in the US, namely USPS.  That means the tracking number we provide will be traceable on the USPS website.  Do keep in mind that there is potentially some delay before you can start tracing packages on your national postal service website.  It sometimes takes a day or two for the information to be transferred from the Hong Kong postal service to the US Postal service.

How to cancel an order on RedWolf Airsoft?

We ship within 24 hours of you checking out an order on our website.  If you wish to successfully cancel an order, you must be able to infrom us before your package leaves our warehouse.  The best way to reach us quickly for order cancellation is by LIVE CHAT using the chat bubble on the lower right of our website, or use Facebook Messenger.  You should also follow up with an email to and ensure you clearly and correctly state your order number.  If we catch it in time, your order can be cancelled and refunded.

If you do not cancel your order in time, and it ships out from our warehouse, then there is nothing we can do to stop it as it makes its way to you.  If you chose Express, then it may reach you within 5-10 days.  If you chose Economy or SureShip, it can take 10-25 days.  Once you receive your order, you will then need to return it.  However, there is a 15% restocking fee for returns and you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.  You will also not be refunded the shipping cost to you, since we will have paid that to the shipping company already and it would be non-refundable.

So think carefully before placing your order, since the window of opportunity to cancel is only 24 hours.

What will RedWolf Customer Care do if I receive a faulty or malfunctioning product?

Don’t panic!  We’ve got your covered.  First, read the manual to make sure you are using the product correctly.  If it still doesn’t look right, our customer service team will attempt to help you resolve the problem by email.  If the product proves to be defective as shipped or from the manufacturer, we will replace it for you.  For details, please see our TERMS OF PURCHASE.

Can you order original parts for me?

Yes we can order most factory parts.  Look into the manual of your gun and find the EXACT part number and email us with the part clearly indicated on the parts diagram. We will then request our purchasing department to start looking for them.  Some parts for older Airsoft guns may be harder to find, so consider after-market upgrade parts instead.

What is the RedWolf Airsoft return and exchange policy?

We accept returns for store credit exchanges or a cash refund.  Store credit exchanges allow you to return an unwanted product and get the full amount of your purchase to buy something else, provided that the item is in brand new unused condition.  If you would like to return the item for a cash refund, there is a 20% restocking fee. In both cases, the items must be returned in brand new condition with all manuals and accessories included.   For more details, see our TERMS OF PURCHASE.   The time limit for returns is 14 days after receiving your order.

Does RedWolf Airsoft supply airsoft wholesale?

Yes, we have a very established wholesale division RWA Group, and we supply leading shops around the world.  RWA Group is a multi-brand wholesale company distributing the biggest leading brands in Airsoft, including Tokyo Marui, Krytac, Umarex, Cybergun, Strike industries, Ronin Tactics, Acetech, VFC, GHK, G&G, ICS, LCT, Cyma, and much more.  RWA Group also manufactures a full line of products under an exclusive worldwide license from Battle Arms Development, Agency Arms, Nighthawk Custom, Fortis, SPS, Samson Manufacturing, LoneWolf Distributors, and Rail Scales.  We only supply registered businesses.  If you are interested to set up a wholesale account, please contact us here.

Should I reuse BBs?

 Don't reuse BB's unless you want to wreck your gun very quickly. Used BBs may contain cracks and deformations that may ruin your gun and result in total loss. We carry only the best quality airsoft BBs.

Only use the best quality BBs in your airsoft gun.  Skirmish grade quality BBs are usually white in color.Only use the best quality BBs in your airsoft gun.  Skirmish grade quality BBs are usually white in color.
Good quality BBs are perfectly round with a smooth surface and no cracks or deformations
Airsoft FAQ
Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Airsoft is designed for players to shoot at each other in simulated combat, so they are not designed to injure.  But they can hurt from a little to a lot depending on the power of the Airsoft gun, and how close you get shot from.  The best way to describe how it feels to get hit by an airsoft gun is to imagine getting stung by a stretched rubber band that is released at point-blank range to your arm.  The pain is skin-deep and is more like a sting, although some higher-power guns may leave a bruise, and even break skin if shot from close range.  Airsoft guns are sometimes confused with Airguns or BB Guns.  These guns shoot 4.5mm, or .177 Caliber metal BBs or diablo pellets, which are not intended for shooting at players.  Read more about Airsoft Guns Vs BB Guns.  If you are familiar with Paintball, then read about Airsoft Vs Paintball.  Airsoft Guns are toys that are not designed to injure.  Similar to paintball or other shooting sports, we recommend players use appropriate protective equipment including an airsoft goggle, airsoft mask, airsoft helmet, airsoft vest, airsoft gloves, and clothing that covers your extremities from being hit directly by BBs.  Read more on Do Airsoft Guns Hurt.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a thrilling pastime enjoyed by people all over the world.  Airsoft uses replica guns that fire 6mm plastic BBs and are designed for recreational shooting, survival games, military simulation, reenactments, or just plain old collecting.  Airsoft Guns are available in a wide range of styles and models, including airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, airsoft revolvers, airsoft sniper, airsoft shotguns, airsoft grenade launchers, and airsoft machineguns.  Many airsoft guns can shoot a combination of full-auto, semi-auto, and burst modes.  Many popular models from the actual gun world are represented in airsoft, including Glock, Sig Sauer, H&K, Colt, Kalashnikov, Smith & Wesson, FN, and many more.  Airsoft also encompasses a wide variety of airsoft gear and airsoft accessories including airsoft grenades, airsoft masks, airsoft goggles, airsoft suppressors, and much more.   For you as the player, equipment might include a tactical vest, helmet, pistol holster, magazine pouches, and much more.  All these help to simulate real-life combat in a way that is as realistic as possible while still being completely safe. If you're new to airsoft, read our article that explains what is airsoft or what is an airsoft gun.

What Age is Appropriate for Airsoft?

Airsoft is enjoyed by people of all ages, with a range of Airsoft guns that cater to different roles and player abilities.   Twelve  years old is usually the minimum age to play at airsoft fields, but children can start earlier with proper adult supervision, or if they can understand and adhere to muzzle discipline and avoid pointing an airsoft gun at anybody without their consent.  Many younger players graduate from playing Nerf once they can handle more range and accuracy.  Airsoft is quite safe when played properly with the correct protective equipment, most importantly for the eyes.  A full face mask is recommended to protect against chipping teeth should a BB inadvertently hit someone in the mouth.  Read more about How old to play airsoft: a guide for parents and kids.

I’m Interested in Airsoft, but how to start Airsoft?

Congratulations on discovering Airsoft, a lifelong hobby and pastime you can enjoy.  If you’re interested in airsoft, read about what to wear for airsoft, airsoft equipment, recommended airsoft loadout, and the airsoft rules and games.  If you can meet other like-minded players or get your friends to start, learn how to start an airsoft team and challenging yourselves to different airsoft game types.  Or take a trip back in time and read about the history of airsoft.  We recommend you explore our library of resources in our airsoft blogs, where you will learn how airsoft guns work, are airsoft guns accurate, how far can airsoft guns shoot, and what is airsoft plinking.

If you are ready to get your first airsoft gun, then some good places to start reading include how much does airsoft cost, or browse our list of Best Airsoft Guns, Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners, What Is an AEG: A Guide to Electric Airsoft Guns, and What Is An Airsoft Hop-Up And Why You Need It.  Don’t forget to watch our vast library of airsoft videos on RedWolf TV, voted best Video Podcast and Youtube Channel by the publicly voted Player’s Choice Awards.

If you’re starting out on a budget, then check out our airsoft deals.  Or find the airsoft gun you want by gun model, where you can find popular styles like an airsoft Glock pistol, 1911 airsoft pistol, airsoft Desert Eagle pistol, airsoft AR 15 rifle, and airsoft AK47 rifle.

Since 1998, we are the biggest airsoft online store in the world and ship to the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and more.  So start your journey right here and we'll do our best to guide you along as you discover the world of Airsoft.