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  1. Green Gas vs Co2

    Green Gas vs Co2
    There are a number of ongoing debates within the airsoft community. Perhaps the most lively of these debates, though, is the debate regarding green gas vs Co2. Each of these airsoft propellants presents its own unique set of pros and cons, and there are certainly arguments to be made for using both Co2 and green gas. However, ultimately, the type...
  2. What is Speedsoft

    What is Speedsoft
    One of the best things about the sport of airsoft is the fact there are a wide variety of exciting game modes to choose from. For those who've grown weary of milsim and are looking for something fresh and new, Speedsoft is one great option that is quickly gaining popularity in the airsoft community. Speedsoft is a fast-paced, competition-oriented game mode...
  3. Best Tokyo Marui Guns of 2021

    Best Tokyo Marui Guns of 2021
    Tokyo Marui started out as a Japanese toy manufacturer before eventually moving into the airsoft space. In 1992, Tokyo Marui revolutionized the airsoft market by introducing the first airsoft guns in the world to be powered by an electric motor.  Before this innovation, all airsoft guns had to be cocked manually before each shot, or be attached to a huge external gas...
  4. Best Spring Airsoft Pistols of 2021

    Best Spring Airsoft Pistols of 2021
    Spring pistols are often forgotten these days among the more exciting GBB pistols . However they still have a lot to offer to the airsoft world . They can offer a more affordable entry into the hobby , act as great placeholders for collectors and also give gamers a reliable , simple sidearm that is far less affected by weather...
  5. 8 Best Airsoft Masks for 2021

    8 Best Airsoft Masks for 2021
    Much like other action sports, it is important to consider personal protection when we play airsoft. What part of our body needs better protection when we play than our eyes and face? As we run around shooting BBs, there will always be a potential risk of injury (because sometimes airsoft can hurt) whether directly or indirectly every time we pull...
  6. How Old To Play Airsoft: A Guide for Parents and Kids

    How Old To Play Airsoft: A Guide for Parents and Kids
    If you’re a concerned parent of a prospective airsoft player or teen looking to get into airsoft, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the legality, age limits, and safety of airsoft. What is Airsoft A game of competitive team shooting, where players eliminate opposing teams by hitting them out of play with spherical plastic (BB) projectiles. These are fired by...
  7. Best Airsoft BBs

    Best Airsoft BBs
    How Do We Find The Best Airsoft BBs? In airsoft, the most common projectile that we use is a type of plastic pellets called "BBs" (pronounced "bee-bees"). The term BB is actually short for "Ball Bearing", but rather than metal airsoft BBs are typically made out of plastic. Most BBs measure 6mm in diameter for airsoft, with the occasional ones...
  8. Best Airsoft Gas

    Best Airsoft Gas
    Gas airsoft guns run on special propellants which are mixed with silicone oil. It makes shooting airsoft guns realistic compare to spring guns. The most common type of propellants is green gas, Co2, and 134A which are all gases. In the rest of this article, we will go into details about each of the gasses and give our expert opinion...
  9. Starting an Airsoft Team: Roles and Requirements

    Starting an Airsoft Team: Roles and Requirements
    Airsoft is a sport that can be enjoyed in many different ways. From building and collecting airsoft guns to racing on the competition circuit, there are so many different ways to "play" airsoft. However, at its core, airsoft is best enjoyed as a team. There is a certain sense of enjoyment when you are rolling through a field with your...
  10. Airsoft Rules and Etiquette

    Airsoft Rules and Etiquette
    Like so many things in life, airsoft has rules! Contrary to popular belief, we don't go out and randomly shoot our friends. Actually, it's quite the opposite! Depending on the game modes and types of games we play, different rules will be in place. In the same vein, some rules are there for our enjoyment, while others are for safety...

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