Airsoft guns come in numerous shapes and sizes suited for a variety of purposes and roles often defined by their power. High power airsoft guns allow for the bb to travel further as there is more initial energy to push the bb out of the barrel of the gun making them ideal for long range shooting.  There are many airsoft guns that can deliver eye watering power, but there are many factors to consider when shopping for a powerful airsoft gun.

While it is natural for players to look for the most powerful airsoft gun they can find in hopes of gaining a competitive edge, power isn’t the only thing that makes an airsoft gun good on the field. Accuracy is essential for hitting your intended targets, something that massive power alone cannot guarantee. Furthermore, rate of fire (ROF) is also very important for follow-up shots and on AEG rifles in particular, a higher power level may come at the cost of slower trigger response and a lower rate of fire. More importantly, a good hop up is absolutely vital to maintaining backspin on the bb so that the power can be properly utilized for greater range.  A high-power gun without a hop up will always perform worse than a lower power gun with a hopup, as a BB fired without hop will not fly very far upon leaving the gun. Thus this list picks the best guns in each category to ensure they do a great job of balancing all of these factors. Simply listing a gun with high FPS but not much else would be a disservice to our readers.

It is essential to note that before you purchase or upgrade a gun with very high power, you should be aware of local power regulations.  Many countries have power limits on airsoft guns and will classify them as real unlicensed firearms if the limit is exceeded which could be treated as a criminal offence and punishable by lengthy jail time.  So make sure you stay within legal limits at all times.  If you plan to play at airsoft fields or officially organized games, you should also be aware that many sites have power limits well below any legal limit to keep the sport safe and enjoyable for everyone, nobody wants to be shot in the face by a 500 FPS gun at point blank range and suffer injuries. So be considerate and know that even if you have the most powerful airsoft gun in the world, you may not be allowed to use it in most games, after all airsoft is supposed to be a fun recreational activity and not one where you are supposed to hurt or injure others. When playing with friends, make sure you are using a reasonable amount of power and shooting them from a safe distance to avoid injuring or hurting them, else you may end up losing your friends and banned from your local airsoft site.

What Makes Some Airsoft Guns More Powerful Than Others?

The definition of most powerful airsoft gun can be divided into either (a) guns that have the highest FPS out the box, or (b) guns with the greatest upgrade potential to become very powerful airsoft guns.  Factors like barrel length can significantly affect power output as a longer barrel gives more time for the expanding gas or air to push the bb to higher velocities.  In the case of spring powered guns or electric guns, cylinder volume can be a factor too; a rifle could have a relatively weak spring and lower FPS out of the box, but a large volume cylinder could mean it can be upgraded to much greater power levels.  Gas and CO2 guns also tend to deliver high power with ease, although the actual performance will depend on the specific gas that is used, temperature variations, and time between shots – all of which can significantly affect power output and the performance of the gun.  We consider all these aspects as we present to you our top picks for the most powerful airsoft guns.

Most Powerful Airsoft Pistols

Pistols are not usually the first thing that comes into mind when thinking about the most powerful airsoft gun,  The relatively small size of a handgun offers limited barrel length, spring or gas capacity, which limits power output compared to longer guns. However, there are plenty of CO2 and NBB pistols that can offer a competitive FPS for long range shooting.  Two kinds of pistols do especially well in this area, and they are either CO2 powered, or green gas non-blowback pistols.


FPS: 370

Solid and dependable with the looks to match, the RWA Nighthawk Custom series CO2 pistols not only shoots at a powerful 370 FPS 0.2g BB's but has one of the most realistic felt recoil of any pistol in the industry. Performance is stable and effective even in cold weather and there's an accessory rail system for attaching flashlights and lasers to gain you that tactical advantage.  Watch the RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops Pistol review.

Nighthawk Custom pistols are the choice of experts who know that they can only depend on the best. This officially licensed model replicates a real single stack 1911 with the same dimensions, functional features, field stripping, and shooting mechanics as the real thing, giving you solid performance at an affordable price.


  • Powerful
  • Full metal with mock detachable metal suppressor
  • Affordable
  • Plenty of holster choices


  • Shoots a bit hot to play indoor skirmishes
  • Not many external upgrades


FPS: 420

Based on the Mauser Schnellfeuer 712 Broomhandle, the KWC M712 CO2 airsoft pistol has one of the highest power levels of all pistols on this list shooting at a whopping 420 FPS. In addition to its great power, it is capable of shooting in semi and full auto with a speed and kick that will shock you to your very core.  Watch our KWC M712 CO2 GBB review.

Made of full metal, this gun is extremely heavy to hold at a hefty 1.4Kg (or over 3 pounds), and feels very realistic just like the real gun. It is authentically built with all metal including the elevation adjustable leaf sight, trigger, hammer, full-size removable 22 round magazines, safety, and magazine release making this an absolute quality purchase. While this unique masterpiece will make you very recognizable on the field, we do not recommend you skirmish with it indoors.


  • Huge power at both semi and full auto
  • Metal slide and body
  • Affordable
  • Realistic World War 2 weapon


  • Style may not be for everyone
  • No external upgrades
  • Limited holster choices


FPS: 400

Firing at a beefy 400 FPS, the fixed slide Umarex Glock 19X is a compact CO2 powered NBB designed with gas efficiency in mind. Being fixed slide and co2 powered it has a higher FPS which allows it to work exceptionally well in colder or "adverse" climates. The Umarex Glock 19X NBB is also fully licensed and has the same dimensions as the real thing. Do note that due to this pistol being a fixed slide pistol, the trigger fires in "double-action" meaning each trigger pull involves cocking the hammer and striking the release valve resulting in a longer trigger pull compared to typical gas blowback guns.


  • Solid construction
  • Fully licensed with correct markings
  • Shoots very accurately
  • Very good gas efficiency
  • Higher power ideal for colder climates


  • Non blowback slide reduces realism
  • Mushy double action trigger
  • FPS high for indoor play

Most Powerful Airsoft Rifle

In terms of airsoft rifles it comes as no surprise that designated marksman rifles and battle rifles are the ones that made our list. It is also important to note that the most powerful of these are gas blowback rifles.  Many GBBRs actually work better with heavier BBs beyond the standard 0.2g BB that FPS is measured by.  So while the FPS number on a gun can seem humble at first glance, using a heavier 0.25g or 0.3g BB can actually increase the overall power and energy of the gun.  This concept is known as joule creep.  Quite simply put, a heavier BB will take more pressure to create inertia to move out of the barrel, which by nature creates more compression of gas behind the BB and creates greater power. Thus in some guns, using a heavier BB may actually deliver an increase in power simply because the heavier BB can maximize the compression and potential of the airsoft rifle.  This will be especially pronounced in guns with longer inner barrels.  Some of these guns are so powerful that a 0.2g BB will simply leave the barrel to soon before it has reached maximum velocity.  So don’t be fooled by what seems to be a relatively low FPS number.  There may be more behind that story.


FPS: 420

Shooting at an powerful 420 FPS out the box with excellent accuracy to match, the VFC SR-25 is a solid performer modeled on its real life counterpart that was a staple of the Global War on Terror.  The renowned SR-25 was born from years of combat experience and one of the ultimate refinements of the legendary AR-10 platform, perfect for the open mountainous terrain like Afghanistan.  While this SR25 airsoft rifle is impressive in power, it is even more impressive how much recoil it generates.  The gun is very loud when fired, reminding the shooter who powerful the gun is.

This GBBR by VFC is a faithful replication of said rifle and features all the correct markings and an excellent quality full metal construction. As a gun that sports a good amount of heft, VFC has taking several steps to ensure this gun is also as light as possible with parts such as their lightweight outer barrel.   Watch the VFC KAC SR25 Gas Blowback Rifle review.


  • Powerful, with heavier BBs performing even better
  • Massive recoil and loud
  • Full licensed by Knight's Armament Company (KAC)
  • Full metal construction


  • Expensive
  • Limited availability

Cybergun FN SCAR-H GBBR (by VFC)

FPS: 390

The FN SCAR is one of the most recognizable battle rifles in existence, and the Cybergun FN SCAR-H gas airsoft rifle is a fantastic mid range DMR with a decent stock shooting power of 390 FPS making this a perfect replica of the rifle we all know and love. In addition to its realistic and detailed construction, this rifle also offers a blowback action for a strong recoil impulse, excellent range, accuracy and fully ambidextrous controls.  Watch the Cybergun FN SCAR-H gas blowback rifle review.


  • Powerful
  • Full-Metal Construction
  • Strong Recoil Impulse
  • Ambidextrous Controls


  • One of the Heaviest DMRs on our List
  • Only Holds 24 Rounds in its Magazine


FPS: 400

Shooting at an impressive 400+ FPS out the box, the Ares L1A1 SLR is notable for being the only electric gun on this list, likely due to its extremely long inner barrel alongside its solid internals pushing the fps beyond what you would expect from an electric gun. This former standard British Army infantry rifle is a credible addition to any collection with a strong following amongst those who know its historical significance. As the only production airsoft replica of this rifle on the market, the ARES L1A1 offers a unique package with excellent performance in a timeless design.  Read the ARES L1A1 SLR rifle review.


  • High power
  • Good build quality
  • This is the only available option for the SLR in airsoft


  • Very long
  • Not the most ergonomic rifle
  • Not many options for upgrades

Most Powerful Airsoft Sniper

Of all discussions on strong airsoft guns, sniper rifles likely occupy the highest proportion of such debates and rightfully so.  After all, as rifles who’s entire purpose is built around long range accuracy, power is an essential equation to consider here. Almost all dedicated airsoft snipers are spring powered as they offer unparalleled power consistency compared to gas rifles that suffer from joule creep, fluctuating gas pressures as well as cooldowns, all of which affect fps and will require constant adjustment of the hopup to maintain accuracy.  Another reason is that gas snipers simply do not perform well in colder climates.

However, while spring airsoft snipers are more consistent, the constant pulling of a powerful bolt can be very tiring for the shooter over time as a strong FPS also needs a stiffer spring. The strength of a spring isn’t all that matters, a larger volume cylinder can compress more air than a smaller one even if it is paired with a stronger spring, further narrowing the pool of most powerful airsoft snipers.


FPS: 380

While it only shoots a stock power of 380 FPS, the Silverback Tac41P boasts an impressive cylinder capacity that gives it one of the highest power potentials for any sniper in the industry giving it a far greater power potential than most airsoft snipers.   That means that much higher power numbers are easily achievable.

Silverback's Tact41P sniper also boasts a lot of great features at an affordable price. Based on their own design and not a replica of a real gun, Silverback was able to do all the things required to make a sniper rifle that was good for airsoft without being limited by real gun aesthetics. Serious snipers who care about performance should give the Tac41P a good hard look.  Watch our Silverback TAC41P sniper rifle review.


  • Same performance but more affordable than its sibling the SRS
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Very high-power upgrade potential
  • Well thought-out design with versatile features


  • Upgrades mostly limited to Silverback’s library of parts
  • Not patterned after any real steel rifle


FPS: 360

As the winner of the Popular Airsoft Players Choice Awards 2021 for Best Airsoft Sniper, the Silverback SRS A2 certainly lives up to the accolades. Featuring a monolithic receiver made from aeronautical grade aluminum, the A2 is 25% lighter than the previous models with the handguard using numerous M-LOK slots and QD points for the fast attachment of accessories and slings as well as modular attachment points for bipods, tripods, cheek rests and a 14mm CCW thread on the barrel.

While the stock fps sits at only 360 FPS, the SRS is a class leader when it comes to air displacement. The cylinder holds up to 41cc of air, this allows for a significantly greater upgrade potential for power than most sniper rifles. Combine this with its buttery smooth action, its 6.05 tight bore inner barrel and adjustable trigger box, the SRS A2 is a marksman's dream rifle. To ensure the most flexibility, the SRS A2s come standard with a fast hop-up adjusting system that is compatible with standard AEG hop-up buckings. Watch our Silverback SRS A2 sniper rifle review.


  • Fully licensed from Desert Tech
  • Solid construction and extremely modular design
  • High volume air cylinder for high power upgrade potential
  • Smooth bolt pull
  • Compatible with existing Silverback parts


  • Bullpup design for bolt action might not be for everyone's tastes

ASG Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle - Grey (by Modify)

FPS: 430

Small, light but packs a big 430 FPS punch; the ASG Steyr Scout is perfect for the sniper that doesn’t want to burden themselves with anything but the bare essentials. Known as the Schmidt Scout in Counter-Strike, the real life Steyr Scout is a legend in its own right as it's one of the first of its kind to be designed solely as a scout rifle. Much like the real rifle, the ASG Scout boasts many interesting features such as a lightweight body that is made from robust polymer, an integrated bipod, and great ergonomics.

Internally, the ASG Steyr Scout proves itself to be an incredible airsoft rifle, featuring much of the best upgrade parts from Modify. Being famed for their work with airsoft snipers, Modify powers this rifle by using an exceptionally large cylinder. The cylinder air volume of this airsoft sniper is 12% larger than their flagship MOD24 and features their silent cylinder head and airbrake.  Watch our ASG Steyr Scout Sniper rifle review.


  • High power
  • Fully licensed by Steyr
  • Excellent quality externals
  • Comfortable ergonomics


  • Expensive

Most Powerful Airsoft Shotgun

Shotguns are not usually something you would associate with high power in airsoft, the multiple BBs fired per shot usually dilute the amount of gas or air behind each pellet leading to much lower FPS compared to single shot guns, however there are exceptions to this rule.

APS Shell-Ejecting CAM 870

FPS: 330 (variable)

The APS CAM870 series of shotguns are one of the most fun and realistic pump-action shotguns available. As one of the pioneers of a practical shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun, APS stands apart for their dedication to realism with these CO2 powered shotguns. Being fully CO2 shotguns with the gas charged in each shell, their stock power can be far in excess of other airsoft shotguns with some models exceeding even 400fps in warmer conditions.  Watch the APS CAM870 shotgun review.


  • Very powerful
  • The most realistic airsoft shotgun period
  • Full metal construction
  • Realistic Bolt Carrier Assembly


  • High cost
  • Lengthy reload as each shell has to be manually re-gassed after shooting

Most Powerful Airsoft Revolver

Some of the most powerful airsoft guns are actually revolvers, because they are by nature NBBs with few moving parts allowing for 100% of the gas to be dedicated for propelling the BB out of the gun. What they lack in magazine capacity they make up for in ease of use, simplicity, reliability and raw power.


FPS: 390

Shooting at an impressive 390 fps, the Wingun 703 is a massive 8" CO2 revolver that can shoot in both single and double action. The gun faithfully replicates the full form and function of real revolvers using individual shells to house each of its six BBs it shoots.

Being a revolver the double action features a longer, heavier trigger pull but it can also work using single action by simply pulling the hammer down and pulling the much shorter traveled trigger, being CO2 also gives the 703 its high fps and shooting reliability, though you probably shouldn’t go into an indoor game with one.


  • Full metal construction
  • Clean double action


  • Limited round capacity


FPS: 330

Shooting at solid 390 fps, the Chiappa Rhino 60DS CO2 revolver is an extended version of the famous 50DS with an FPS boost to match.

The Chiappa Rhino has been a revolver that has been turning heads since it came on the scene. With its unique design which includes lowering the barrel of the pistol, the Rhino offers one of the most interesting shooting experiences shooting from the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top like most revolvers.

The airsoft version is a faithful replica of the real steel firearm and features a full metal frame, faux wood plastic grips, and corresponding markings. The ergonomics of this futuristic revolver is extremely similar to the real one and its finish is well done.


  • Fully licensed
  • Full metal construction
  • Numerous accessory rails


  • Limited round capacity
  • Divisive aesthetics