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Spring airsoft sniper guns designate the type of airsoft gun and the role of the airsoft player. A spring airsoft gun uses a compressed spring to propel ammo toward the target, meaning you don’t need a charger, batteries, or green gas for a gas sniper (GBB). Players who play a sniper must engage their targets from a longer distance, similar to a real-life sniper. 

What Is a Spring Airsoft Sniper Gun?

A spring airsoft sniper gun relies on spring power to propel BBs down range. Most spring airsoft sniper guns are rifles with an optic (like red dot) or scope & bipod attached. If you’re new to airsofting and want to play the sniper role, spring airsoft sniper guns provide an affordable option that’s easy to learn. 

You can easily tell a spring-powered airsoft rifle (or spring pistols, such as the Tokyo Marui Double Eagle Spring Airsoft Pistol (High Grade) by the thump of the spring as it gets released. Airsoft “springers,” as they’re commonly referred to, retain this signature sound across most manufacturers. However, some brands work the internals to quiet the thump and give snipers a better chance of avoiding detection. 

Playing as a sniper requires stealth, accuracy, and the power to reach longer distances. Due to their spring tension power source, spring airsoft sniper rifles are capable of propelling BBs down range at the increased speed (feet per second, or FPS) necessary to reach their target. However, taking on the sniper role with a spring airsoft gun is often a catch-22. 

The design and function of a spring airsoft sniper gun (as we’ll cover in a moment) requires cocking the gun before each shot. Breaking from your sniping position to cock the gun every time can leave your position momentarily undefended. It also delays any return fire to keep your opponents at bay. 

At the same time, most airsoft sniper guns are spring-powered. It’s also common to carry a sidearm (such as an airsoft pistol) to account for the disadvantages of spring airsoft sniper rifles. In certain scenarios, these spring-powered airsoft guns can be useful in impromptu CQB, but they’re typically not the best. 

How Does a Spring Airsoft Sniper Gun Work? 

Spring-powered airsoft guns rely on the same technology that powers your standard Nerf gun. Cocking back a powerful spring builds the force necessary to propel BBs down range at high rates of speed. When released by the trigger, these springs shoot forward and contact a piston, which quickly compresses the air that propels the BB down the barrel. 

Consistently cycling the spring airsoft sniper gun with the same charging routine can help deliver reliable performance. Each time you cycle the gun, you return the spring to the same position, resulting in the same amount of air rushing down the barrel behind the BB. This consistency lends itself to the springer’s reputation for repeatability. 

The power of a spring airsoft sniper gun depends on the piston and spring housed within the airsoft rifle. While it may seem logical that a heavier spring would translate to more power — and it does — it’s a delicate balance between running a heavier spring to up the power and being able to cock the gun without straining a muscle. 

In addition, if your sniper platform isn’t necessarily of the best build quality, premature internal wear and tear can start to factor in. 

How To Choose a Spring Airsoft Sniper Gun

Many airsoft players pick a spring airsoft sniper gun based on which replicas best suit their playing style. Available platforms include everything from historical to futuristic, in colors that range from flat dark earth to black. Although you can easily find several airsoft bolt-action sniper rifles, semi-automatic models are also available.

If you’re loyal to a specific brand, Redwolf carries many popular platforms, including the following: 

  • APS
  • ARES
  • CYMA
  • EMG
  • Maple Leaf
  • Maruzen 
  • Modify
  • Novritsch
  • Silverback
  • Snow Wolf
  • Tanaka Works
  • Tokyo Marui

Price ranges vary between brands, so you can easily match the available models with your budget. If you’re just starting out, you can easily pick up a decent spring airsoft sniper rifle for a relatively affordable price. Players who enjoy the sniper role and want to increase their accuracy and reliability often move on to a slightly more expensive platform they can upgrade. 

How To Upgrade a Spring Airsoft Sniper Gun

Improving your spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle requires mechanical components instead of the supply lines and regulators associated with HPA airsoft guns or the electronic elements like the gearbox you’d find in an airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG). 

It’s better to change the hop-up first rather than the spring to get more power. Additional external upgrades include handguards, pistol grips, receivers, and selector plates.

Upgrading your spring airsoft sniper rifle can help improve accuracy and performance. Below are several upgrades to consider if you’re looking for a bit more out of your spring airsoft sniper gun:

Starting with an inner barrel upgrade can help increase your accuracy and establish a solid baseline for any additional upgrade parts. Switching out outer barrels, cylinders, and pistons can also help you perform better. Many dedicated snipers swap out trigger parts (if they’re not already upgraded from the factory) for a crisper, cleaner user experience. 

Popular Spring Airsoft Sniper Gun Models

Many of the most popular spring airsoft sniper platforms (including those listed below) replicate well-known real-steel guns. For example, the Snow Wolf BARRETT M82A1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Tan mirrors the Barrett M82A1, a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 50 BMG. 

Here are some of our favorite spring sniper rifles: 

With such a wide variety of spring air rifles to choose from, doing your research can help you whittle down your choices and pick the best option for your playing style. RedWolf carries several spring-powered airsoft sniper guns and a multitude of accessories to build the perfect sniper rifle for your next air gun game.