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Airsoft Rifle Magazine

Airsoft rifle magazines come in various styles and types depending on the model of the airsoft replica. Usually, airsoft rifle magazines can carry more rounds than pistol magazines due to their larger size. 

What Airsoft Guns Use an Airsoft Rifle Magazine?

Any airsoft gun classified as a rifle will use airsoft rifle style magazines, which are usually the longer replicas. Airsoft guns such as the M4, AK, bullpup, and sniper rifles all use airsoft rifle magazines.

Airsoft Magazine Types?

The gas variant usually carries an average of 30 rounds, whereas an AEG can carry 100 to 300 rounds. With an AEG there are two different versions of airsoft magazines, known as a low cap (low capacity) or high cap (high capacity).

Are Airsoft Rifle Magazines Universal?

Airsoft rifle magazines are not universal and will not fit all airsoft rifle replicas, but certain styles and brands can be used together. For example, in the M4 AEG style, most magazines from M4 AEG can fit with most brands. But if you try using a GBBR magazine in an AEG it will not work!

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