An Airsoft shotgun can easily hit targets from close to mid-range by shooting 2 to 6 BBs at once. Airsoft shotguns are fun because many operate like real shotguns. Some operate on ejecting shells while others use removeable magazines. Airsoft shotguns come in different forms, including pump action shotguns, sawed off shotguns, lever action shotguns, double barrel shotguns, break action shotguns, and even full auto shotguns. Choose from brands like Tokyo Marui, APS, KTW, Farsan, Maruzen, and more.

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Airsoft shotgun replicas translate the real-steel version across platforms to the airsoft field. An airsoft shotgun shoots anywhere from two to six BBs at a time when you pull the trigger, depending on which model you pick. 

In some cases, airsoft shotguns can eject the shells like the real thing. There’s seemingly no end to the different styles of airsoft shotguns available from several big-name brands you’re probably already familiar with. 

What Is an Airsoft Shotgun?

An airsoft shotgun mimics the action and shooting experience of a real shotgun. It can easily hit targets from close to mid-range, so it’s ideal for close-quarter battle (CQB) scenarios, like clearing rooms, providing cover, and impressing your opponents as you lay down fire. If you want to shoot multiple BBs at once within a short distance, the airsoft shotgun is your platform of choice. 

When you’re looking at the many airsoft shotguns RedWolf stocks, you’ll notice that most will either be shell-ejecting or have a removable magazine. Shell-ejecting airsoft shotguns replicate the real thing, but they require you to retrieve those shells if you reload on the airsoft field. Reloading the shotgun means filling these shells with BBs. 

Shotguns are slower to fire than your average airsoft pistol, airsoft submachine gun (SMG), or airsoft rifle. However, they’re often chosen for the experience they offer, similar to gas blowback (GBB) airsoft pistols and rifles. Play a game or two with an airsoft shotgun, and you’ll quickly understand. 

Airsoft shotguns are much different than your typical airsoft sniper rifle, HPA rifle, or airsoft pistol (like the Tokyo Marui Double Eagle Spring Airsoft Pistol). Rather than mounting flashlights, red dots, or scopes on the Picatinny rails, it’s more about achieving a spray pattern that targets center mass. Although some airsoft shotguns offer adjustability and tuning (like with the hop-ups), the focus isn’t necessarily on getting a higher FPS.

What Are the Main Types of Airsoft Shotguns?

Airsoft shotguns come in several different types and brands. Popular brands include Tokyo Marui, CYMA, APS, KTW, AGM, EMG, Farsan, Elite Force, and Maruzen. You can choose from lever-action, double-barrel, pump-action, sawed-off, break-action, and full-auto airsoft shotguns. Spring-powered, electric, and compressed gas-powered airsoft shotguns exist as well, but we’ll cover those in a minute. 

Most airsoft shotguns run a pistol grip, but lever-action shotguns replicate that characteristic forward-and-back sweeping motion. Nothing is as intimidating as an old-fashioned double-barrel shotgun. Pump-action shotguns give you that audible click-clack experience. If you’re going for a historical look or just like the feel of a compact shotgun, sawed-off variants fit the bill. 

How Does an Airsoft Shotgun Work?

Airsoft shotguns can be used as a primary or secondary weapon. If you want to use your airsoft shotgun as a primary weapon, finding a model with a high-capacity magazine can help you stay in the game longer without having to reload as quickly. If you plan on reloading during the game, removable magazines can help speed up the process. A pair of sling mounts can also help if you play longer games and don’t want to heft the shotgun the entire time. 

Players choosing to bring their airsoft shotgun on the field as a secondary weapon must consider how they’ll stow it until it’s time for deployment. Finding a small and compact model can help you easily carry the shotgun in your backpack or on the back of your tactical vest. As a secondary weapon, you won’t necessarily need to load your pouches with additional ammo. 

Loading and reloading your airsoft shotgun depends on whether it has a magazine or uses shotgun shells. Magazines can be internal or removable. Reloading them requires either filling up the magazines as you would with any other airsoft gun or dumping BBs straight into the internal magazine until it’s full. 

Shotshells offer the most realistic experience for airsoft players with an airsoft shotgun. Many of these shells are loaded and chambered, similar to a real shotgun. After you run out of ammunition, you eject the shells like you would with a real-steel shotgun. You can also install a shell catcher pouch near the ejection port to catch the shells as they eject.

How To Choose an Airsoft Shotgun

When selecting an airsoft shotgun, decide what you’re looking for based on your gameplay style. What system do you want to run based on your budget and preferences? In a nutshell, how many BBs do you want to throw down range each time you pull the trigger? 

If you have a realistic loadout or just enjoy the historical look of shotguns, a shell-ejecting model should help you feel at home. Longer barrels are better if you play outside or want a slightly longer reach. However, indoor play favors compact shotguns that can easily make it around corners and through doorways, like the classic sawed-off and more modern variants.

Spring, electric, and gas airsoft shotguns exist. Spring airsoft shotguns are among the most affordable, with several available models to choose from. Running a spring shotgun can slow you down a bit because you have to manually cock the spring back every time. 

One advantage spring airsoft rifles have over gas and electric is that they tend to work in all kinds of weather. Really, as long as you can consistently cock the spring back, the temperature shouldn’t affect performance much. However, gas-powered airsoft spring shotguns don’t fare well in colder temperatures. 

Gas airsoft shotguns use either green gas or CO2, like the Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Airsoft Shotgun or the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS GBB Airsoft Shotgun. Gas and electric airsoft shotguns are more expensive, but they both can shoot semi-auto and full-auto for faster shooting. 

Electric shotguns rely on a gearbox like airsoft AEGs but lack some of the finer characteristics that make true airsoft replicas a favorite among enthusiasts. However, gas shotguns do provide the blowback some players desire. 

Popular Airsoft Shotgun Models

Remington 870 variants have quickly made a name for themselves among the most popular airsoft shotguns. Many are instantly recognizable due to their appearance in movies and come in several variants, from classic to tactical. In the airsoft world, the APS Shell-Ejecting CAM 870 Shotgun MKIII Magnum Airsoft Marker replicates that iconic real-wood look, while the VFC FABARM STF 12 Compact 11-inch Gas Airsoft Shotgun leans more toward the tactical side of things. 

The Tokyo Marui M3 Super 90 Spring Airsoft Shotgun, Maruzen CA870 Airsoft Spring Shotgun (Full Stock Version), and the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Spring Airsoft Shotgun (Stockless Version) are also favorites among players who want that iconic look but prefer a spring-powered shotgun. And let’s not forget the Tokyo Marui AA12 AEG Airsoft Shotgun, which is a beast in its own right. Indeed, the AA12 has been dubbed the “king of shotguns,” at least in the airsoft world. 

If you’re curious about which airsoft shotgun to buy, our ultimate guide to the best airsoft shotguns is a great place to start. You can also check out our blog to learn how far airsoft guns can shoot and more. When it comes to airsoft, nobody comes close to RedWolf’s selection of airsoft pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns, submachine guns, and more.


An Airsoft shotgun can easily hit targets from close to mid-range by shooting 2 to 6 BBs at once. Airsoft shotguns are fun because many operate like real shotguns. Some operate on ejecting shells while others use removeable magazines. Airsoft shotguns come in different forms, including pump action shotguns, sawed off shotguns, lever action shotguns, double barrel shotguns, break action shotguns, and even full auto shotguns. Choose from brands like Tokyo Marui, APS, KTW, Farsan, Maruzen, and more.


Airsoft shotguns are designed to mimic the action and shooting experience of a real shotgun. They usually shoot multiple BBs at once, which makes it easier to hit targets. Airsoft shotguns are not designed to shoot far but are designed to deliver a spread of BBs over a short distance. That’s why they are mostly used in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) situations.

Airsoft shotguns can be classified broadly into single action and automatic action shotguns. For single action designs, the pump action design is the most common and many airsoft shotguns are based on the Remington 870 . There is also the lever action shotgun that requires you rack the lever each time you shoot, which is popularized in modern times by the Terminator 2 Shotgun. Another classic type is the double barreled shotgun made by Farsan . For practical effectiveness in an airsoft game, players might opt for a semi auto or full auto shotgun that shoots more quickly.

Some Airsoft shotguns are magazine loaded for simplicity, or shell loaded for realism where a BB is inserted into a shotgun shell, which in turn is loaded into the gun. The shotgun shells are then ejected after each shot for a realistic visual experience. Obviously, a shotgun is much slower to shoot than a rifle or pistol, but players choose shotguns for the sheer fun factor.


Airsoft shotguns are for close range shooting and can be used as a primary or secondary weapon. Before the game, you need to learn how to load an airsoft shotgun. That depends on whether the shotgun uses a magazine or individual shells. Some airsoft shotguns have internal magazines where you pour the BBs inside, while others have removeable magazines that allow you to reload in the middle of the game quickly.

Shotguns that use shells offer the most realism because they are loaded and chambered just like a real shotgun. The visual appeal of ejecting a shell can however become a burden in games because you need to pick them up afterwards. One way to solve this problem is to strap a shell catcher pouch next to the ejection port on your airsoft shotgun to collect the ejecting shells.

If you plan to use an airsoft shotgun as a primary weapon, choose something with a high round capacity and can shoot fast. Make sure the airsoft shotgun has sling mounts so that you can carry it around. You also need to be able to reload the shotgun on the fly so a magazine fed shotgun might be the best choice. However if you plan to use an airsoft shotgun as a secondary backup weapon, choose something small and compact that you can stick in your backpack or on the back of your tactical vest. As a backup weapon, you won’t need as much capacity or many reloads, so just get something as compact as possible for when you need to shoot a spread pattern at close range.


When shopping for an Airsoft shotgun, you need to make two decisions. First is the style of shotgun you want based on your playing style, followed by the power system which best suits your budget and needs. You also need to decide how many BBs you need the shotgun to shoot each time you pull the trigger.

If you often play indoors in tight spaces, opt for a shorter and compact shotgun. There are classic style sawed off shotguns and more modern styles designed in compact form factor. If you play outdoors or require longer range and power, choose one with a longer barrel. If realism is important, choose shell ejecting airsoft shotguns that replicate the loading and chambering actions as a real shotgun.

Depending on your play environment, choose between spring powered, gas powered or electric powered airsoft shotguns. Spring shotguns are more affordable and work consistently in any weather but are slow because you need to cock the gun manually each time. Gas and electric powered airsoft shotguns are more expensive but more powerful and capable of shooting semi-auto or full auto for faster shooting. The downside of gas airsoft shotguns is they do not work well in cold weather. As for electric airsoft shotguns, the tradeoff is that the electric motors and gears do not promise a very realistic shooting experience.


The most popular type of shotgun is the Remington 870 shotgun. Popularized by movies, they are instantly recognizable and come in many variations; from classic to modern tactical style. The M1100 shotgun is the semi auto big brother to the M870, and is available as a gas powered semi automatic shell ejecting model for great realism.

The SPAS 12 shotgun is also very popular and these are spring action models that function reliably in all weather conditions. Another popular spring powered model is the Benelli M3, available in both a stockless and full stock configuration.

The FABARM STF12 is modern and handsome shotgun that comes in either an affordable spring powered version or a high performing gas version. But the king of shotgun is undoubtedly the full auto AA12 shotgun which features a magazine fed design and can shoot 30BBs per second. Or opt for it’s sibling the SGR-12 shotgun which shares the same mechanical design.


If you’re in the market for an Airsoft shotgun, don’t forget to read our blog articles for additional information.