Electric Airsoft Shotguns

Electric airsoft shotguns are known for their ability to launch barrages of 3 round bursts downrange with a single pull of the trigger. This fearsome weapon is deadly in close-quarters engagements, most airsoft shotguns are breechloading and can be single-barreled, double-barreled, or in the form of combination guns.


Similar to a rifle, shotguns come in a range of different action types, which as known single-shot and repeating. For those that are non-repeating designs, over-and-under break-action shotguns are by far the most common type. Although revolving shotguns did exist at one point, most modern repeating shotguns are either pump-action or semi-automatic, and some are also fully automatic, lever-action, or bolt-action to a lesser extent.


The common characteristics that make a shotgun unique center on the requirements of firing a shot. These features are the features typical of a shotgun shell, namely a relatively short, wide cartridge, with straight walls, and operating at relatively low pressure. But since this is airsoft let’s not worry about that. Ammunition for shotguns in the states is known as shotgun shells, shotshells, or just shells. Though if you’re from the United Kingdom you may know it as the cartridge. 


These shotguns can 3 rounds of BB in full auto or a single 3 round bursts but this all depends on the brand and model. They typically feed on a magazine which usually can hold up to 300 rounds. Though the range on these shotguns is short, they still remain very effective at CQB. Imagine, breaching into a room with a full-auto shotgun that can shoot 3 rounds at a time with a high rate of fire!


What to Look for in an Electric Airsoft Shotgun?

Electric shotguns bring an interesting dynamic to Airsoft as it’s rather challenging to replicate the functionality and shooting style of Shotguns as replicas. There are not many electric shotguns out there, but with that being said they are super fun to shoot!


These shotguns usually come with a magazine as they work very similar to an AEG, but with a shorter inner barrel and the ability to shoot 3 rounds at once with three inner barrels. Don’t expect to find any that are shell ejecting or pump-action styles as electric airsoft shotguns do not support this function.


What are Some of the Best Electric Airsoft Shotguns?

Being able to shoot three BB’s at a time, hold a huge drum magazine capable of 3000 BB’s and three independent adjustable hop-up, the Tokyo Marui AA12 can do it all. Is it possible to have too much fun? This fearsome monster of a gun has to be the best electric airsoft shotgun as it delivered a fun shooting experience. It can be used for most situations but just don’t try using it as a long-range rifle! 

Click here to learn more about the Tokyo Marui AA12: https://tinyurl.com/yylrdafy


Why You Should Use an Electric Airsoft Shotgun

If you are looking for something that’s easy to shoot, cost-effective, and doesn’t require much maintenance then look no further. Compared to a gas airsoft shotgun, there’s no need to worry about it jamming, loading shells, or gas leaks! An electric airsoft shotgun is very similar to an AEG but with a shorter barrel and the ability to shoot three rounds at a time. What we like about electric airsoft shotguns is that it’s not loaded like a typical shotgun with shells. This makes it very easy to manipulate and suitable for anyone that wants to get into shotguns, as you don’t need to pump it for every shot.


How Far Do Electric Airsoft Shotguns Shoot?

As electric airsoft shotguns feature an inner barrel compared to its gas counterpart you can expect a bit more distance with it. From our testing, electric airsoft shotguns can shoot distances of 30 meters or more depending on the environment. This of course can be extended if you make modifications to the inner barrel, but keep in mind this is a shotgun. It is designed for CQB, so if you want range then use a rifle! 


Electric Shotgun


Airsoft electric shotguns are powered by a rechargeable battery and can shoot 3 BBs per trigger pull at 30 BBs per second in full auto mode.  Electric shotguns are more complex versions of the AEG rifle, and are used when overwhelming firepower is needed to clear a room or a group of opponents.  Tokyo Marui is the only brand to make electric shotguns, with the AA-12 and the SGR 12 as the only options in airsoft.

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How do electric airsoft shotguns work?

Mechanically, electric shotguns are very simiilar to regular AEG rifles, expect they possess more complex gearbox designs and sufficient air volume to drive 3 individual barrels using 3 separate cylinders.  Tokyo Marui’s design is nothing short of a mechanical feat.  Electric shotguns also have a gearbox and run on ratioed gears with main springs that drive a piston into a cylinder for air compression.

Is an electric shotgun better than a spring airsoft shotgun?

Electric airsoft shotguns offer a major competitive advantage.  Because they are electric, they are inherently able to shoot in full auto.  Tokyo Marui’s electric shotguns can shoot 3 BBs each time and up to 30 BBs per second, meaning a rate of fire of 10 blasts per second.  That is enough to send your opponents running for cover.  That is significant more firepower than a hand pumped spring shotgun that you may be lucky to get off one blast per second.  If you have the budget and need serious room clearing firepower, the electric shotgun wins over the spring shotgun anyday.  If you get an electric shotgun, then be sure to get the 3000 round drum magazine since you will be using up your BBs very quickly. 

How much do electric shotguns cost?

Electric shotguns are very expensive because they are very complicated internally, with multiple barrels with individual hop up adjustments that allow it to fire multiple BBs at once.  Because of this, they run in the hundreds of US dollars, and can also be costly to repair.  Thankfully, Tokyo Marui is famous for their reliability and build quality so if you take good care of these shotguns, they should last a long time without any problems.  The Tokyo Marui AA-12 airsoft AEG shotgun is a bit more affordable, while the Tokyo Marui SGR 12 automatic electric airsoft shotgun is a fancier version that costs a bit more.

How to upgrade an electric shotgun?

Unfortunately due to the limited offering by Tokyo Marui and a lack of aftermarket upgrade parts, there is nothing you can do to upgrade an electric airsoft gun.  Expert gunsmiths might be tempted to increase the spring rates inside the gearbox but this would also risk other component failure due to the added stress.  For these reasons, we do not recommend modifying or upgrading the Tokyo Marui Electric shotguns at all.  They are very effective in their factory form and were never meant to be long range shooters.  Being hit by 3 to 6 BBs simultaneously in their factory power is already going to hurt and be noticed.