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What is an Electric Airsoft Gun?

Electric airsoft guns (AEG) were invented by Tokyo Marui Corporation in Japan, and rely on electric power to generate compressed air for shooting BBs. AEG guns are powered by rechargeable batteries that are usually stored inside the gun’s stock or handguard. The soul of an AEG is the gearbox, which uses a series of gears of contrasting ratios to compress a stiff spring. The spring is connected to a piston and when it reaches full compression, it is allowed to release. The expanding spring pushes the piston into a cylinder, and in the same way that a syringe is quickly compressed, high pressure air is created and used to propel a BB out of the gun. This cycle begins all over again for the next shot.

Popular models include the Airsoft M4, Airsoft AK47, Airsoft MP5,SIG MPX Airsoft AEG, HK MP7 Airsoft AEG, Airsoft P90 AEG, Kriss Vector Airsoft, and the award winning ASG Scorpion Evo. Leading brands for electric airsoft guns include Tokyo Marui AEGs, Krytac Airsoft, LCT Airsoft, G&G Airsoft, Umarex Airsoft, ICS Airsoft, Cyma Airsoft, VFC Airsoft, and G&P Airsoft.

For more information, read our blog https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/blog/what-is-aeg-airsoft.

Pros and Cons of Electric Guns

Consistent power and accuracy in prolonged full-auto shooting   Batteries require charging in advance to play
Lots of upgrade and modification potential   Shooting experience not as realistic as gas airsoft guns
Large magazine capacity   Lithium Polymer batteries need to be handled with care
Lower running costs compared to gas guns   Mechanical wear and tear on gears and pistons requires careful maintenance


How Long Do Electric Gun Batteries Last?

When buying airsoft gun batteries, you should consider the lifespan of the battery as well as how much power it can store between recharges. Both of these factors depend on the battery’s quality, rated capacity (mAh, known as milliamp per hour), and how well you take care of them. Batteries are not designed to last forever, and each battery is capable of only a finite number of charges. Cheaper batteries may only be charged 10-15 times before they start to degrade, while good quality batteries may be recharged many times that.

Your playing style makes a big difference to how long you can play between charges. Constantly shooting in semi-auto mode, or playing with a high power AEG with a stiff spring will drain your battery much more quickly. For the average player, expect several thousand rounds of play between battery recharges.

If you play regularly, resist the urge to just buy the cheapest battery. It may cost you more in the long run when you need to keep replacing them. Lithium Ion airsoft batteries are longer lasting and safer than Lithium Polymer airsoft batteries, and can be charged 200-300 times before you start to notice a decline in their charge-holding abilities.

For more information, read our blog https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/blog/how-long-do-airsoft-batteries-last.

Are Electric Guns More or Less Expensive Than Other Airsoft Guns?

Electric airsoft guns are the most popular kind, and come in many styles and price ranges. Electric rifles can range from USD 100 to USD 400 on average, which is slightly cheaper than comparable gas airsoft rifles. Electric pistols come in two forms; Electric Blowback Pistols (EBB) and Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP). EBBs run on AA batteries and are designed for junior shooters and can cost less than USD 50, while AEPs are more advanced and deliver better performance. EBBs are the cheapest semi auto pistols that money can buy and are cheaper than gas pistols, but AEPs cost around the same as some of the entry level gas pistols.

Electric machine guns, electric snipers and electric shotguns cost more than other airsoft guns. Spring airsoft guns cost less than electric guns, making them a perfect way for beginners to get into airsoft.

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