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Electric Airsoft Pistols

The general term of electric airsoft pistol is airsoft electric pistol, AEP for short is essentially a miniaturized AEG and is probably the most cost-effective airsoft pistol platform. Though most people prefer an assault rifle style AEG, certain role players would prefer an AEP over a gas one just for the sake of more consistent power output, but in return, AEP lacks in realism and the satisfying impulse that most airsoft experience when they are using a gas-powered airsoft pistol. If you are looking for an airsoft pistol that has great performance and realism is not a concern, consider getting an AEP. If you plan to look for an airsoft pistol to build proper shooting habits or dry firing, then AEP may not suit your needs.

What to Look for in an Electric Airsoft Pistol?

When looking to purchase an electric airsoft pistol, one of the things we must pay attention to is battery acceptance. Certain AEP will take proprietary shaped Li-Po batteries, making it hard to swap out in a pinch, not to mention it is close to impossible to find a place to recharge the said battery when the player is in the field. However, there are some AEPs that just take standard batteries such as AA sized ones, which can easily be found in a supermarket or convenience store. Players just need to bring some spare batteries in their kit and they are all set.

Another thing to look out for is whether the pistol has a picatinny rail at the bottom of the pistol for lights or accessories. Having the extra weight may not sound ideal on such a lightweight airsoft pistol, but having the option will allow a better gameplay experience such as having a light to check dark corners if enemies are hiding. 

What are Some of the Best Electric Airsoft Pistols?

There are a plethora of AEPs that airsofts can choose from on our online store. Out of all the ones you can choose from, we do recommend for beginning AEP users to look into the hi-capa line. As they have all the basic features, with a relatively high ammo capacity for prolonged gameplay. Certain models can even shoot full-auto, if the game site allows, you practically have a miniature SMG as your sidearm.


Why You Should Use an Electric Airsoft Pistol

Though AEP is not as realistic and nowhere near as satisfying as shooting a gas pistol, AEP is relatively consistent. It will perform well under all kinds of weather conditions as long as the battery is charged. And since 1 charged battery should last you almost a full day, the user will end up needing to carry less equipment to the game (extra bottles of gas for gas-powered airsoft pistol). Furthermore, AEPs are generally made with plastic, making it one of the lightest sidearm to carry. For airsofters that plan to run around all day, having an AEP as sidearm may not be a bad idea. Do note that plastic slides and frames are more prone to breakage so be sure to take that into account when purchasing one. 

Electric Airsoft Pistol

These are battery powered airsoft pistols that can shoot in semi or full auto.  Electric powered airsoft pistols come in two different types: Electric Blowback airsoft pistol (EBB) which are designed for beginners delivering appoximately 150fps using 0.12g BBs, or 90fps using 0.2g BBs, while Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP) shoot with more power for skrimishing at 180fps using 0.2g BBs.  EBB pistols have simulated blowback, while AEP pistols have fixed slides.  Use our shopping filters to find the electric airsoft pistol you need.

How do Electric Airsoft Pistols Work?

Electric airsoft pistols run on batteries that power a motor.  As you pull the trigger, the motor turns a series of gears that compresses a main spring.  Once the main spring is full compressed and released, it pushes a piston into a cylinder, which creates pressurized air.  This air is routed into the barrel where a BB is sitting ready to be pushed out of the barrel of the gun.  In semi-auto mode, the action stops here.  In full-auto mode, everything described above is repeated again until the trigger is released.

There are two types of electric airsoft pistols, and the cheaper version is called the Electric Blowback Pistol, or EBB.  These are in essence full polymer automated spring pistols, which run on 4 x AAA batteries that drives a low power motor.  The main spring is of very modest power and these EBB pistols are unable to shoot heavy BBs.  The slide moves back slightly during firing but there is no felt recoil at all, and the motion is simply for visual appeal.  EBB pistols are less powerful that spring pistols, because the mostly plastic internal mechanism of EBBs cannot drive a stiff spring.  But EBB pistols offer a fun shooting semi-auto or full auto experience for those just getting into airsoft.  The magazines are stick type because most of the real-estate inside the grip is taken up by the 4 x AAA alkaline batteries.

A more advanced type of electric airsoft pistol is the Automatic Electric Pistol, or AEP.  This is essentially an attempt to shoehorn a AEG rifle’s internals into the small footprint of a pistol.  AEP pistols have an internal gearset driven by a higher power motor than in EBBs.  The pistol also houses a small rechargeable battery stored inside the slide.  Operating in much the same way as an EBB but with significantly more power. AEP pistols can generate FPS ratings that make them more useful in the field.

If you choose an EBB, make sure to use 0.12g BBs that is recommended for greater durability of the pistol.

Are Electric Airsoft Pistols Good?

Electric pistols are an alternative to the much more popular gas airsoft pistol.  Electric pistols might be good for people who have no access to green gas or CO2, or simply want a pistol that runs on battery power, which is cheaper and more reliable to run.  An electric airsoft pistol is a pragmatic choice and while they do the job, they do not particular shoot far nor get your adrenaline running.  However they make an excellent for younger shooters just starting out in airsoft.  It is a safer option compared to gas or CO2 pistols.

Popular electric powered airsoft pistols are mostly AEP airsoft guns.  Tokyo Marui AEP guns are the most relialble and popular compared to all other brands, although admitted few other manufacturers make AEPs.  If you’re looking for an AEP, consider the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa AEP or the Tokyo Marui Beretta M9 AEP.  Unfortunately many people ask but Tokyo Marui does not make the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle AEP.  Instead, they offer a black or nicklet plated version of the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle EBB.  Tokyo Marui Electric Airsoft Glock pistols are only available in Japan and not for sale elsewhere.  Some customers also ask about the Tokyo Marui MAC 10 AEP, but it’s actually a Tokyo Marui MAC 10 EBB and its listed in our Electric Powered SMG section since its not a pistol.  Most of the guns listed in the Electric Powered SMG section are AEGs with full size gearboxes to generate significantly more power.

What is the Best Electric Airsoft Pistol?

If you are only getting an EBB pistol for indoor plinking, then all electric airsoft handguns perform pretty much the same.  If you want something that shoots a little hard and can be used for real skrimishing or in games, then opt for one of Tokyo Marui’s AEP pistols.  They all perform pretty much the same, so ultimately which one is best depends on your taste.

Can You Upgrade an Airsoft Electric Pistol?

EBB pistols cannot be upgraded at all, while there are very limited parts available for modifying AEP pistols.  However the limited space and the laws of physics means that it is extremely difficult to upgrade an AEP pistol to generate any significant gains.  Any minor gains in power will require a lot of work, and a big tradeoff in durability.  We do not recommend modifying or upgrading any electric airsoft pistol, except maybe to put a precision inner barrel into an AEP for small FPS gains.  Unfortunately the 400FPS electric airsoft pistol is a myth and does not exist.  If you wish to upgrade and modify your guns for more power, then consider getting a gas blowback airsoft pistol instead.

How Does an Electric Airsoft Pistol Compare to a Gas Airsoft Pistol?

Electric airsoft pistols are purely functional with very limited engagement when it comes to the shooting experience.  EBB pistols are for beginners and should not be considered for more serious players, while AEP pistols may have an edge over gas pistols if you live in a very cold climate.  Gas pistols only operate well in warm weather, and do not perform consistently when fired rapidly in semi, burst or full auto mode.  If you need to shoot your pistol frequently in rapid succession, and in cold weather nonetheless, then an AEP electric pistol might make more sense than a gas airsoft pistol.

But for pure fun factor, gas airsoft pistols blow electric airsoft pistols away with their much higher power, more realistic action, and each gas pistol has a much more distinct character that makes them interesting to collect.  Compare the fact that when using a 0.2g BB, an EBB shoots at 90fps, while an AEP shoots at 180fps.  An average gas pistol will shoot over 300fps.  So it wouldn’t really be fair to compare an electric pistol against a gas pistol, since they are operating at completely different levels.

If you have the budget, we recommend getting a gas blowback airsoft pistol over an electric airsoft pistol.