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Electric Airsoft Pistols

The general term of electric airsoft pistol is airsoft electric pistol, AEP for short is essentially a miniaturized AEG and is probably the most cost-effective airsoft pistol platform. Though most people prefer an assault rifle style AEG, certain role players would prefer an AEP over a gas one just for the sake of more consistent power output, but in return, AEP lacks in realism and the satisfying impulse that most airsoft experience when they are using a gas-powered airsoft pistol. If you are looking for an airsoft pistol that has great performance and realism is not a concern, consider getting an AEP. If you plan to look for an airsoft pistol to build proper shooting habits or dry firing, then AEP may not suit your needs.

What to Look for in an Electric Airsoft Pistol?

When looking to purchase an electric airsoft pistol, one of the things we must pay attention to is battery acceptance. Certain AEP will take proprietary shaped Li-Po batteries, making it hard to swap out in a pinch, not to mention it is close to impossible to find a place to recharge the said battery when the player is in the field. However, there are some AEPs that just take standard batteries such as AA sized ones, which can easily be found in a supermarket or convenience store. Players just need to bring some spare batteries in their kit and they are all set.

Another thing to look out for is whether the pistol has a picatinny rail at the bottom of the pistol for lights or accessories. Having the extra weight may not sound ideal on such a lightweight airsoft pistol, but having the option will allow a better gameplay experience such as having a light to check dark corners if enemies are hiding. 

What are Some of the Best Electric Airsoft Pistols?

There are a plethora of AEPs that airsofts can choose from on our online store. Out of all the ones you can choose from, we do recommend for beginning AEP users to look into the hi-capa line. As they have all the basic features, with a relatively high ammo capacity for prolonged gameplay. Certain models can even shoot full-auto, if the game site allows, you practically have a miniature SMG as your sidearm.


Why You Should Use an Electric Airsoft Pistol

Though AEP is not as realistic and nowhere near as satisfying as shooting a gas pistol, AEP is relatively consistent. It will perform well under all kinds of weather conditions as long as the battery is charged. And since 1 charged battery should last you almost a full day, the user will end up needing to carry less equipment to the game (extra bottles of gas for gas-powered airsoft pistol). Furthermore, AEPs are generally made with plastic, making it one of the lightest sidearm to carry. For airsofters that plan to run around all day, having an AEP as sidearm may not be a bad idea. Do note that plastic slides and frames are more prone to breakage so be sure to take that into account when purchasing one.