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The electric airsoft submachine gun (SMG) brings real-steel submachine guns to the airsoft world via an airsoft electric gun (AEG) platform. 

Similar to other electric airsoft guns, AEGSMGs require rechargeable lipo batteries to power the gearbox, which actuates the internals to fire BBs down range toward your enemy. Many players turn to electric airsoft SMGs in tactical roles that require superior CQB-style firepower and maneuverability. 

What Is an Electric Airsoft SMG?

Electric airsoft SMGs can be used as a backup weapon for players running a sniper rifle. Similar to a personal defense weapon (PDW), electric airsoft SMGs can also be designed to mimic many popular real-steel submachine guns, such as the H&K MP5 or MP7, FN P90, STEN, Thompson, UZI, or KRISS Vector. At the same time, electric airsoft SMGsare often smaller than your average AEG. 

Electric airsoft SMGs generally have short barrels that lend themselves to the compact platform. Although this can limit accuracy across long distances, players often switch out the barrels for a slightly longer — and further-reaching — barrel. Construction is usually a combination of full metal or plastic materials. 

Collapsing or folding stocksare common on most electric airsoft SMGs, which are also known for their high rate of fire. Players can choose between single-fire, semi-auto, and full-auto firing selection modes. 

Electric airsoft SMGsare the preferred choice for CQB due to their maneuverability, from clearing rooms to taking the fight to your enemy. In contrast to your typical Glock or Hi-Capa, electric airsoft SMGs tend to have more firepower within reach. 

However, you don’t have to have years of airsoft games under your belt to run an electric airsoft SMG. Instead, players who rely on these SMGs run the gamut from beginners to advanced operators. If you want to run a unique airsoft gun on the field, you can’t go wrong with an electric airsoft SMG.

How Does an Electric Airsoft SMG Work? 

An electric airsoft submachine gun operates using a lipo battery, battery charger, and internal gearbox. The gearbox compresses a spring as the motor pulls the piston back. Since you don’t need to cock the SMG before each shot, you can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger. 

Unlike CO2 cartridges and green gas, the electric power source delivers consistent performance regardless of playing conditions. Most electric airsoft SMGs strike a careful balance between power, precision, and size to offer players the most maneuverability on the field. In many ways, they resemble EBB airsoft pistols in how they operate.

How To Choose an Electric Airsoft SMG

Many new players gravitate toward electric airsoft SMGs because they’re affordable and easy to operate. With such a wide variety of platforms to choose from, you can easily customize your electric airsoft SMG build to fit your individual style of gameplay. Although they are typically a close-combat type of airsoft weapon, they can be used in several roles during play. 

For example, the Tokyo Marui P90 Airsoft AEG Rifle mirrors the FN P90’s signature curved look and makes for a great CQB platform. The integrated red-dot scope aids in target acquisition up close, while you can remove the metal flash hider to thread on a suppressor. Flashlights can easily be mounted on the side rails for night airsoft games. 

If you’re looking for more of a traditional-style electric airsoft SMG, check out the Snow Wolf Metal Bergmann MP-18 SMG Airsoft AEG - Real Wood (SW-021). A one-to-one replica of the first real-steel SMG used in combat, the stock on this beautiful AEG uses real wood. The outer barrel and sideways magazine sticking out of the Snow Wolf Bergmann MP-18 leave no doubt this is a tactical SMG ready for any high-stakes airsoft skirmish. 

How To Upgrade an Electric Airsoft SMG

Electric airsoft SMG replacement and upgrade parts are easy to find, especially at RedWolf Airsoft. You can choose from cosmetic upgrades in various colors and finishes, along with high-quality internal components that gain your electric airsoft SMG a few precious FPS. 

Here are just a few of the many upgrades available: 

RedWolf stocks many other spare parts, magazines, and accessories for electric airsoft SMGs. Individual platforms have their own aftermarket support, depending on their popularity. 

What Are Popular Electric Airsoft SMG Models?

The Tokyo Marui P90 Airsoft AEG Rifle and Snow Wolf Metal Bergmann MP-18 SMG Airsoft AEG - Real Wood (SW-021) we mentioned previously are a superb addition to any airsoft arsenal. Additional popular electric airsoft SMG models include the following: 

RedWolf Airsoft offers a wide selection of electric airsoft SMGs ready to hit the field and dominate your opponents. Deck out your favorite electric SMG just like in the movies, or invest in a realistic replica that’s sure to make a statement at your local airsoft field.