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Electric Airsoft SMGs

Electric airsoft SMG (Submachine gun) is an automatic gun that uses smaller magazines, with less firepower than a machine gun, hence the prefix sub. You may wonder why would you want something smaller with less firepower than a machine gun? 


During World War I was when the submachine guns were developed, which were used as assault weapons for raiding trenches. The first submachine gun was invented in 1918 by John Thompson, that gun is known as the Thompson M1921. Nowadays less and less SMG is being used as they are replaced by modern rifles that have a similar rate of fire, lightweight, and long-distance shooting. SMG is a very powerful gun in a CQB situation, as the high fire rate and small light frame make it deadly. In reality, SMG is still being used by SWAT teams or military special forces as it’s easier to manipulate a pistol caliber size gun and less likely to penetrate. Of course in airsoft, this doesn’t matter as that won’t happen.


As the years go by the SMG has evolved into something known as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). These were designed to use high caliber rifle rounds for higher penetration, and very popular in airsoft as they look very badass. Imagine running around a CQB game duel wielding an MP7 just like Snake eyes from G.I Joe, your fellow teammates will be jelly! 


Electric airsoft SMG is one of the cost-effective ways of obtaining the power of an automatic airsoft rifle. They are your best option for speed and power in an airsoft game, if you’re under a tight budget then you could consider this as an option. Whilst most assault rifles are widely used by airsofters, SMG is still popular due to how easy it is to handle in CQB games. But do consider the role you are playing and the type of game, as bringing an SMG to a milsim or outdoor game can leave you seriously disadvantaged.


Most electric airsoft SMG is powered by NiMh or Lipo batteries which adds to their cost-effectiveness. They can also be customized with accessory rails, suppressors, and red dot sights to further enhance your weapon capability.  At Redwolf Airsoft we have a huge selection of electric airsoft SMG that is affordable for anyone who is looking for an awesome gun to skirmish with.


What to Look for in an Electric Airsoft SMG?

Aesthetics. Many SMG look so cool who wouldn’t want one in their gun collection. But do keep in mind these types of guns are used mainly in CQB scenarios, so don’t expect to ping your opposition from 60 meters away. Though they may lack blowback since it is essentially an AEG in a smaller form, it is able to carry a high round capacity per mag.


What are Some of the Best Electric Airsoft SMGs?

Since there is such a wide variety of electric airsoft SMG on the market we will make a few mentions here that deserve to be known as the best in its league. Probably the coolest looking gun to exist is the Krtac Kriss Vector, I mean seriously just look at how awesome it is. It is a highly modular gun as everything can be customized for your needs such as the buttstock, rail, foregrips, and sights. The MOSFET in this gun makes it fun to shoot all day long. Click here for more: https://tinyurl.com/y3qo8mod


The ASG Scorpion turned the heads of many as it was known for its superior accuracy straight out of the box with no fine-tuning or customization. Not only that, but it was also very easy to replace parts, fine-tune, and handles like a dream as the petite frame is constructed from polymer. What we like about this is that it can also be changed into a rifle for long-range shooting and an adjustable ECU. Click here for more: https://tinyurl.com/y5rxog4c


For those that are looking for something tiny, yet fun, then the G&G ARP 9 will be your thing. What surprised us the most was its rate of fire, with its 18,000rpm motor this monster can really fire laser beams. In reality, this AR was designed for 9mm ammunition due to the costs of 5.56 calibre ammunition, however in airsoft, who cares! Click here for more: https://tinyurl.com/y3sgkeqd


Why You Should Use an Electric Airsoft SMG

Electric airsoft SMG is much more affordable compared to its gas-powered counterpart which can cost two to three times more. It’s also very cost-effective because all you need are rechargeable batteries and easier to maintain as there are not too many moving parts. Though it may not as realistic as the gas blowback counterpart it does provide you security so you can feel like you having a good time with it in a game.