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Electric Airsoft Snipers


When it comes to sniper rifles, what comes to most people’s mind is the bolt action kind with a large scope and bipod attached to it. Though they are still being used to this day, there are actually ones that can shoot in semi-auto and have the ergonomics of a standard AR, which we call a Designated Marksman Rifle or DMR for short. For real firearms, sniper rifles are usually single shot, bolt action with extended-range performance compared to a DMR. However, due to the characteristics of a BB, there isn’t a huge difference in terms of performance between an airsoft DMR and a sniper rifle.


Given how stable and mature the spring-powered bolt action sniper rifle is, very little to no airsoft manufacturers will spend time to develop an electric version of a bolt action sniper rifle. Hence manufacturers took the standardized Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) in AR form and modified it to an Electric Airsoft Sniper with similar basic mechanisms. 


Electric airsoft snipers are basically the DMR of the airsoft world, they have a longer barrel than the standard AR AEGs, and have much better ergonomics and modularity than a standard bolt action sniper rifle. For airsofter that are looking for a semi-automatic rifle that is more precise and accurate than a standard AEG, wants a quicker follow-up shot and better ergonomics, then electric airsoft snipers are probably your preferred option.


What to Look for in an Electric Airsoft Sniper?


Depending on the users’ requirements, a lot of factors come into play when deciding which electric airsoft sniper to purchase. For a starter, we would suggest the user pick a rifle with the outlook that appeals to you. Once you chose the outlook/ shape of the rifle, next to consider is whether the rifle has a good hop-up chamber, a decent inner barrel length, and battery space as well as plug type.


A good hop-up chamber and a good inner barrel will provide a good backspin for the BB once it exits the inner barrel, so the trajectory can be far and consistent. Having good battery space will allow a wider variety of battery types to power the rifle, but given this is meant to be a sniper rifle, the rounds it needs to fire should be a lot less than a normal AEG, hence less battery consumption and less likely to need a bigger battery.


What are Some of the Best Electric Airsoft Snipers?


Though there are many options to choose from, one of the best electric airsoft sniper rifles is the PSG-1 by Tokyo Marui. It has one of the longest inner barrels among other rifles, it is one of the first AEG that pre-cocks before fire for great trigger response, and it is the first-ever electric blowback sniper rifle in the market.


This airsoft sniper rifle already comes with a scope, great trigger response, and have great FPS consistency. Even to this day, there is not an electric airsoft sniper rifle that can outperform this model out of the box.


Why You Should Use an Electric Airsoft Sniper


Though the mechanical design is quite similar to a normal AEG, the biggest advantage of using an electric airsoft sniper is its ability to have a follow-up shot. Standard bolt action sniper rifles will require the sniper to manually charge the bolt for his next shot. If the sniper misses the first shot or encountered a large group of enemies, a bolt action rifle may not be a very effective weapon. It is then an electric airsoft sniper rifle will shine. So if you aren’t very confident with your shots and wish to have a quicker follow-up shot, then the electric airsoft sniper rifle is the one you should go for. 


How Far Do Electric Airsoft Snipers Shoot?


The effective range of an electric airsoft sniper rifle varies since there is a lot of factors that come into play: hop up, inner barrel length, inner barrel diameter, air volume, etc. Though they are more or less just like a standard AEG, if we use the PSG-1 as a standard/ reference, the effective range for an electric airsoft sniper rifle is about 70+ meters.