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co2 Airsoft Shotgun

Known for their ability to launch waves upon waves of rounds down range with a single pull of the trigger, this weapon is known as a gas airsoft shotgun. Deadly in close-quarters engagements, most airsoft shotguns are breechloading and can be single-barreled, double-barreled, or in the form of combination guns.


Shotguns are a unique type of class in airsoft weaponry, as they don’t function the same as an AEG (automatic electric gun) or GBBR (gas blowback rifle). With the appearance of real-life shotguns, not all of them will function the same or be powered by the same mechanism.


Similar to a rifle, shotguns come in a range of different action types, which as known single-shot and repeating. For those that are non-repeating designs, over-and-under break-action shotguns are by far the most common type. Although revolving shotguns did exist at one point, most modern repeating shotguns are either pump-action or semi-automatic, and some are also fully automatic, lever-action, or bolt-action to a lesser extent.


The common characteristics that make a shotgun unique center on the requirements of firing a shot. These features are the features typical of a shotgun shell, namely a relatively short, wide cartridge, with straight walls, and operating at relatively low pressure. But since this is airsoft let’s not worry about that. Ammunition for shotguns in the states is known as shotgun shells, shotshells, or just shells. Though if you’re from the United Kingdom you may know it as the cartridge. 


But obviously, a pump-action shotty is way slower to shoot than an SMG, rifle, or pistol but people pick shotguns for its super fun factor! Though the range on these shotguns is short, they still remain very effective at CQB.


What to Look for in a co2 Airsoft Shotgun?

Shotguns bring an interesting dynamic to Airsoft as it’s rather challenging to try and replicate the functionality and shooting style of Shotguns as replicas. So what type of co2 airsoft shotguns are there? Well, there is only one type of co2 airsoft shotguns out there, which is shell ejecting.


Shell ejecting shotguns are by far the most realistic as not only are they propelled by co2 but use shells containing the bbs. The majority of these shotgun types have co2 loaded in the shells. Reloading shells is a feature and chore, but if you’re into shotguns then it’ll be an exhilarating experience. These shotguns are the most realistic and really are the closest thing you can get to the real shotgun. 


What are Some of the Best co2 Airsoft Shotguns?

Hands down to what we consider is the best co2 airsoft shotgun has to be the Dominator International DM870 Shotgun Full Steel version. This beast has the best of both worlds, amazing performance straight out the box, and can be disassembled just like the real steel counterpart. What we really like about this shotgun is that the fact you can pump load it with one arm just like how they do it in the movies without breaking it! 

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Dominator International DM870 Shotgun Full Steel Version:


Are co2 Airsoft Shotguns Popular?

In short, yes they are still very popular today! Due to the fact they are very realistic, how easy it is to manipulate, and a good satisfaction to reload and shoot. Some people even use it for training or prepare for competitive shooting!


How Does a co2 Airsoft Shotgun Work?

The ones we offer at Redwolf will function similarly to how a real shotgun fire, and come in a variety of prices suitable for everyone. These shotguns can 3 rounds of BB at once, multiple rounds, or a single round but this all depends on the brand and model. They typically feed on a magazine that looks like a shotgun shell which is filled with co2.


To load these shells with co2 you’ll need a co2 loader, the co2 capsule is placed into the loader. Careful with co2 as it can be dangerous if handled incorrectly! Once loaded all you need to do is charge the shells for a few seconds, place some bb’s inside, apply the cap onto the shell, then your good to go. Every time you pull that trigger it strikes the end of that shell which leaves a barrage of bb’s coming out and a smile on your face.