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APS Striker Street Sweeper Airsoft Shotgun (12-MK3 'CO2 Cartridge Charging Version')

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  • Based on the Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12 "Street Sweeper" Combat Shotgun
  • Co2 Powered
  • Compatible with APS CAM870 Co2 MK1 & MK3 Smart Cartridge Shell
  • Compatible with Aftermarket Gas Shotgun Shells like PPS & Showguns
  • Compact Top Folding Stock
  • Ergonomic Finger Grooves on Grip and Foregrip
  • The Steel-constructed Rotating Cylinder and Barrel Contribute to the Authentic Heft of the Shotgun
  • Robust and Lightweight Polymer Frame

The Armsel Striker (A.K.A. Striker-12 & Street Sweeper)

Prepare for an exhilarating experience as an iconic gun from movies and video games comes to life in the world of Airsoft! After years of development, APS Conception has successfully recreated the Striker-12 combat and riot control shotgun, also known as the "Street Sweeper", as an Airsoft revolver shotgun that uses their devastating MK3 CAM870 cartridge shells to power the action! The Striker-12 shotgun was originally designed in 1981, featuring a revolving cylinder and the ability to fire 12-gauge rounds. However, due to its "supposed" destructive capabilities, the real firearm is classified as a destructive device under the National Firearms Act in the United States. As a result, it is heavily regulated, with stringent restrictions on ownership and transfer.

Fortunately, APS has taken the essence of the Striker-12 and transformed it into a formidable Airsoft shotgun replica. The APS Striker-12 Airsoft shotgun, built upon the well-known APS CAM870 MK3 Smart Cartridge system, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the unique design and functionality of the weapon in Airsoft skirmishes and CQB battles! The CAM870 Cartridge system, known for its realism, enables the APS Striker-12 to replicate the loading and shooting process of the real shotgun. With the use of Co2 shells filled with 6mm Airsoft BBs, players can enjoy the immersive experience of ejecting spent shells and reloading with fresh ones, just like in the movies and games. The Airsoft gun features a polymer-constructed frame that is both durable and lightweight, steel-constructed cylinder housing, barrel assembly, shell ejector, and folding stock, as well as ergonomic grips and controls. The APS Striker-12 can take up to 12 shells in the cylinder, giving you insurmountable firepower until you run dry, though be warned! The reloading process does take some time as you have to eject and reload one shell at a time, so be sure to make all your shots count! The Striker-12 is compact when folded and features 2 sling mounting points, one on the barrel and the other on the stock.

Overall, the Striker-12, though not efficient, feels great in the hand and even greater when unleashing a 12-round barrage of BBs and will definitely make your opponents think twice about messing with you in an Airsoft skirmish! Of course, that is until you have to reload.

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  • APS CAM870 MK1 & MK3 Smart Cartridge Shells


  • x1 APS Striker Street Sweeper Airsoft Shotgun (12-MK3 'CO2 Cartridge Charging Version')
Replica TypeSHOTGUN
Capacity (rds)12
Power (fps)270
Power SourceCO2
Shooting ModeSemi Auto
Net Weight (kg)2.51
Length (mm)740.0
Content Included

APS Striker Street Sweeper Airsoft Shotgun (12-MK3 'CO2 Cartridge Charging Version')

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