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Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas Airsoft guns are powered by compressed gas. Several variants of gas are available and listed in order of pressure from lowest to highest, they are HFC134a, Green Gas, Red Gas, and Black Gas. Some Japanese guns can only handle the lower pressure HFC134a gas, but higher pressure green gas airsoft guns are by far the most common in the world. Gas airsoft guns are also classified into non-blowback (NBB) and gas blowback pistols (GBB), and gas blowback rifles (GBBR). NBBs do not have visible moving parts, while GBB pistols have slides that cycle automatically on each trigger pull, mimicking the actions of a real pistol. Instead of a cycling slide, GBBRs have a bolt that moves back and forth like a real rifle. This cycling action creates both a visual and sensory experience of a real gun.

Most popular gas pistols include Airsoft Glock pistols, 1911 Airsoft Pistols and the Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistols. VFC is a leading brand for excellent gas pistols and rifles, while GHK is viewed as the king of gas blowback rifles. Tokyo Marui is recognized as the best for pistols and rifles, and is most famous for their Tokyo Marui Hi Capa series and Tokyo Marui M4 gas blowback rifles for solid performance and a huge parts market for modifications and upgrades.

What is a Gas Airsoft Gun?

Gas Airsoft guns are powered by compressed gas that is charged into the gun’s magazine or gas reservoir. They typically shoot semi-auto or full-auto and can be either non-blowback (NBB) or gas blowback (GBB). GBBs are by far the more popular variant because they are more fun to shoot. Gas blowback pistols have slides that will cycle back and forth automatically on each trigger pull, whereas on a gas blowback rifle, the bolt will do the same. The purpose is to create the visual and physical sensation of shooting a real gun. On pistols that have heavy slides or rifles that have heavy bolts, the recoil sensation can be quite pronounced, especially if the gas gun can accept higher pressure gasses. Gas guns can also be very loud, and screwing on a suppressor to the end of the barrel can indeed make them more quiet for stealth mode. For more information, read our blog on What is Green Gas Airsoft.

Pros and Cons of Gas Guns?

Very realistic operation and shooting action   Airsoft gas is harder to find and usually only available at Airsoft stores
Gas airsoft guns have more character and offer a more memorable shooting experience compared to other types of airsoft guns   Performs poorly in cold weather compared to CO2, electric guns or spring guns
Cheaper running costs than CO2   With the exception of HFC134a gas, airsoft gas is flammable so should be handled with care
Can top up a partially full gas reservoir easily   Refilling properly can require some practice


Gas Guns Vs Electric Guns: Is One Better Than The Other?

We often get asked “Is a gas or electric airsoft gun better?”. Gas airsoft guns and electric airsoft guns have very different benefits. Which one is better depends on what you intend to use them for. Electric guns use a battery that drives a motor, which then works through a ratio gearbox to compress a stiff spring that generates air compression to shoot a BB. That means they are very stable and can run all day with very little change in power levels and accuracy. Their design lends well to higher capacity magazines that require less reloading. This makes them perfect for long game days where you just need something reliable that can keep shooting for as long as you hold down the trigger. But you need to plan ahead to charge batteries, which means it’s harder to play on a whim unless you keep your batteries always charged. The shooting experience on most electric guns is also a little underwhelming compared to gas guns, although some electric guns such as the Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock series simulates recoil electronically.

Gas guns use compressed gas to push the BB out, but gas is inherently sensitive to temperature changes and each gun can only store a limited amount of gas before you need to refill it. You can carry spare magazines, but gas magazines can be quite heavy. You cannot hold down the trigger on a gas gun for more than 5-10 rounds before you feel a drop in power and a slowdown in cycling time. This is due to gas cool down effects so you need to be mindful with your shots when playing with gas guns. The upside is they are a lot of fun to shoot and feel much more like a real gun than electric guns. Gas guns are perfect for people who want something more realistic.

Are Gas Guns More or Less Expensive Than Other Airsoft Guns?

Gas pistols are generally quite affordable and make great beginner guns. Some gas guns cost less than USD 100 while higher quality gas pistols can cost up to USD 200. Electric pistols come in two forms; Electric Blowback Pistols (EBB) and Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP). EBBs run on AA batteries and are designed for junior shooters and can cost less than USD 50, while AEPs are more advanced and deliver better performance. Entry level electric rifles will cost up to USD 200, but better quality ones can cost more. Gas airsoft rifles generally cost more than electric guns, often in the USD 400 - USD 500 range or more. Having said that, gas rifles are much more realistic in build and function compared to electric rifles. Running costs of electric guns is lower since you need to spend more on batteries initially, but recharging them is quite cheap. Gas guns however require you to purchase airsoft gas, much like buying petrol for a car, and this can add up over time.

Gas guns are also more expensive than spring airsoft guns, which are the cheapest to operate. Keep in mind there are many kinds of gas guns like gas airsoft sniper and gas airsoft shotguns which can cost a lot more.

Collectors can consider some extremely high end gas pistols made from steel, such as from RWA.

Useful Gas Guns Resources

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10 Best Gas Airsoft Guns: