The Desert Eagle a gas operated semi automatic pistol known specifically for chambering the .50 Action Express, the largest and most powerful cartridge of any magazine fed pistol. Designed by Magnuis Research and first produced in 1983 by Israel Military Industries, the Desert Eagle is most famous for its prolific appearances in numerous iconic movies such as The Matrix, Red Heat, Demolition Man and Snatch, largely due to Magnum Research actively lobbying prop houses during the 1990s. The Airsoft Desert Eagle is one of the most popular airsoft pistols around, the fully licensed Cybergun Airsoft Desert Eagle L6 .50AE GBB is the newest and certainly most impressive model being made of desert eagle airsoft full metal and with a massive kick, there is also the classic Tokyo Marui Airsoft Desert Eagle.50AE GBB, that offers a milder shooting experience, however if you want to go all out with a desert eagle airsoft gun with something utterly eye catching and are a fan of Deadpool then you cannot go wrong with the Cybergun 'DeadPool Painted Version' Airsoft Desert Eagle L6 .50AE GBB as well as desert eagle gold airsoft varieties of the Cybergun desert eagle airsoft gun.

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If you’re looking for some serious firepower, semi-automatic Desert Eagle airsoft guns deliver. Though you won’t get the full force of the real-steel Desert Eagle in the BB gun variant, CO2 cartridge-powered and gas blowback models certainly give you a taste. 

Multiple companies produce Desert Eagle airsoft guns in various fits and finishes so you can easily customize this powerhouse to your heart’s delight. 

What Is a Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun?

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix, Red Heat, Demolition Man, or Snatch, you’re already familiar with the sheer firepower and presence of a semi-auto Desert Eagle pistol (although “hand cannon” seems more fitting). Magnum Research, the company behind this brute of a handgun, first produced the Desert Eagle in conjunction with Israel Military Industries in 1983. 

Real-steel, full-metal variants of the Desert Eagle platform come chambered in .50 Action Express (AE), one of the largest and most powerful ammo cartridges of any magazine-fed pistol. 

Magnum Research also lobbied movie prop houses during the 1990s to build hype for their product. That’s one of the reasons the Desert Eagle appeared in so many movies — not to mention the fact that it certainly makes a statement worthy of a big-screen action hero. These days, you can find an airsoft Desert Eagle on almost any field. 

How To Choose a Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun

Like many other iconic airsoft pistols (such as Glock), the Desert Eagle takes on many forms depending on the brand you choose. Variants include electric blowback (EBB), gas blowback (GBB), and CO2-powered models. 

Themed Desert Eagles, such as the Tokyo Marui Biohazard Resident Evil RE:2 Lightning Hawk .50AE Magnaport Custom (Limited Edition) and Cybergun 'DeadPool Painted Version' Desert Eagle L6 .50AE GBB Airsoft Pistol (by WE), help you bring your favorite characters to life. 

In many cases, players often choose to carry a CO2 or gas blowback airsoft pistol as a backup weapon, specifically if they’re running a sniper rifle. However, you can pair the Desert Eagle with an AEG or any other airsoft rifle if you want to run a pistol up close in combat. Desert Eagles can also make a great fall-back option for players who run airsoft shotguns as their primary weapon.

How To Upgrade a Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun

Due to the Desert Eagle’s popularity, spare parts like nozzles, holsters, buckings, and hop-ups aren’t hard to find. 

Below are just a few of the many upgradeable parts you can purchase for your Desert Eagle airsoft pistol:

Similar to the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa pistol platform, the Desert Eagle airsoft pistol benefits from a wide range of aftermarket parts that make personalization easier than ever. 

Popular Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun Models

With so many Desert Eagles to choose from, the options can feel overwhelming. 

Here are a few of our favorite Desert Eagle airsoft guns we recommend: 

RedWolf carries a number of Desert Eagle airsoft guns and accessories. Check out our wide selection to build the Desert Eagle of your dreams.