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Airsoft grenade launcher

Ever been in an airsoft game when someone shoots at you with one massive spray of BB’s, we are not talking about a stream of BB’s from a gun. More like a tsunami of BB’s coming your way and nowhere to escape! Well, my friend, that is from a gas airsoft grenade launcher which is used mainly for clearing out rooms. But there are some that shoot out large foam or rubber heads so be warned!

These types of guns are used mainly for clearing our rooms or a bunch of unsuspecting people in a skirmish game. So don’t think about using it for long-range combat because by the time the BB’s reach your opposition they’ll be on the floor rolling. It is more of a crowd control weapon so please do keep that in mind if you do want to get a grenade launcher.

What is an airsoft grenade launcher?

This monster of a weapon known as a grenade launcher. In reality, it’s a weapon that fires specially designed large caliber projectiles, often with smoke, gas, or even explosive warheads. But this is airsoft, so the only thing coming out of that grenade launcher are screams of your victims and BB’s! The type that’s the most common is portable, shoulder-fired weapons as there are no bigger ones in airsoft. 

Grenade launchers come in the form of attachments mounted to a rifle or standalone weapon which is either single-shot or repeating. To encounter someone using this especially in CQB is a force to reckon with, as it’s impossible to escape what’s coming for you.

What’s known as a grenade shell is where all the action happens every time the grenade launcher is fired. It is a shell with many holes at the front which holds as much as 200 BB’s! To prime this bad boy, all you need to do is load it up with gas at the end of the shell and pop it into a grenade launcher. We have a wide selection of grenade launchers and shells for your needs so be sure to check our store.

What to look for in an Airsoft grenade launcher?

It really depends on what you want, did you want a single-shot or repeating grenade launcher. There are two types of grenade launchers in airsoft which are either standalone or attached. Both have their pros and cons as having a standalone is compact and easy to use compared to an attachment. That being said using an attachment is safer as you’ll always be carrying your primary firearm to protect yourself until the moment you need the big guns. Though if you want a repeating shot grenade launcher it’ll always be a standalone weapon due to its design. 

How does an Airsoft grenade launcher work?

They work in a similar way to how gas magazines work except it’s not elongated and thin. An airsoft grenade consists of three areas to understand, a gas reservoir, the BB chambers, and finally valve.

Gas Reservoir

It’s a small space within the shell or grenade that holds the pressurized gas. To charge the grenade up it’s usually done via the fill valve. The grenade is filled with gas in the same way that you would fill a gas pistol or rifle mag. When charging the grenade with gas, make sure you are wearing eye protection, even if the chambers are empty. You never know what kind of things could damage your eyes if accidentally discharged.

BB Chambers

At the front end of the shell or grenade, instead of one BB in the chamber, there can be 20 BBs. But instead of a single chamber, there’s about 10 – an army of  200 BBs ready to cause chaos. Towards the end of the barrels, there’s an O-ring that holds the BBs in place and causes them to spread, much like a hop-up when fired causing a wider spread of BBs.


At the back of the shell, there’s a large push button that actuates an internal valve. The internal valve opens the gas reservoir and directs pressurized air to the BB chambers. This pressure forces BBs out of the chambers and out towards the enemy in a loud bang! All of the gas within the reservoir is used to propel the BBs. Unlike pistol and rifle gas chambers, which only use a small portion, you need to refill the reservoir (and BB chambers) before next use.

Though in theory, you can use them without a grenade launcher as all you need to activate the shell or grenade is pushing the pressure button at the back. But we don’t recommend you do this, so stay safe and we hope you guys have fun out there.