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ICS MGL Grenade Launcher (Crane Stock / Tan)

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One shot from this, and its all over.

This product is only compatible with gas designed specifically for Airsoft guns. Do not use lighter fluid or butane gas, as that will cause permanent damage.

The real steel Milkor MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a lightweight 40 mm semi-automatic, 6-shot grenade launcher developed and manufactured in South Africa by Milkor Ltd. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to fire a variety of rounds such as HE, HEAT, anti-riot baton, irritant, and pyrotechnic. The pre-loaded system means that it shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Milkor MGL

The MGL was demonstrated as a concept to the South African Defense Force (SADF) in 1981. After its introduction in 1983, the MGL was gradually adopted by the armed forces and law enforcement organizations of over 30 countries; it has since proven its effectiveness in harsh environments ranging from rain forests to deserts. The later Mk.I variant allowed it to take longer type shells, the current US military M-32 launcher thus capable also of using Hellhound (shaped charge), Drago (thermobaric) and Huntir (camera recon) shells as well.

Milkor MGL

The ICS model is very similar in design but most noticeably its extensive use of polymers means that it overcomes the biggest problem that plagued earlier model revolver launchers, the weight. At a little over 2kg, the ICS-190 is feather light and even when fully loaded with 6 shells your looking at about 3.5kg putting it on par with most normal primary weapons. With two quick detach sling mounts, a rear QD slot and a rail mounted QD slot bracket; slinging the weapon is as easy as a tactical M4.

Older models used top-break mechanisms which where a bit cumbersome but the ICS-180 emulates the real steel with its sideways swing-out chambers making it easier to handle. The weapon also has a thumb-level safety switch, a handy feature for a brutish device like this. It also employs an M4 type stock which makes the weapons length adjustable from 63 to 73cm. The stock also has an adjustable angle with 3 positions like the real steel, a feature mostly for show on the ICS version but outdoors it might prove useful for shooting at range or over barriers.

The spring mechanism winds up and deploys enough rotation for six rounds and then after the final one it locks in place and the trigger will not complete a full pull. When wound up, there is an external latch to release spring tension without firing. This is useful for releasing spring tension prior to packing it back up.

A full set of four rails on the front and a rail right on top, this weapon is equipped to take extensive accessories. Not that this weapon strictly needs it but you could easily add iron sights, a red dot sight, lasers, flashlights and grips. The weapon comes with a vertical grip as well, a quick detaching type.

As a 40mm grenade launching systems, of course this weapons performance is largely dependant on the shells used. If your looking for cheap and light then plastic shells will do but if your looking for high performance and more option then check out Madbulls 40mm shells. With a plethora of models for running HFC, Green, Red and even CO2 gas firing 6mm, 8mm, rubber slug or even foam rockets.

This weapon comes with no shells so be sure to pick some up if you have not already.
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Net Weight (kg)2.12
Length (mm)0.0
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