G&P Skull Frog Type Quick Lock QD M203 Grenade Launcher (XS) (Black)

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G&P Skull Frog Type M203 Grenade Launcher series and this is the EXTRA SHORT version and will fit perfectly on your M4s, comes with skull frog logo
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G&P grenade launchers set the bench mark for quality and style for Airsoft; while not as remarkably stylish, they establish the milspec core of standard launchers by which all other launchers are compared. Based on the original American M203 40mm type launcher, G&P offers countless variants for their launchers as much as they do for their M4s.

A combination of metal and polymer makes the design robust in its simplicity; the locking catch on the left side releases the housing to slide forwards. When fully forward, an Airsoft 40mm Moscart shell (not included) can be inserted, the housing is then slid back till in the rearward locked position. Pulling the trigger pushes the knocker forward onto the grenade valve which fires is down the large smooth bore barrel.

This launcher sports Skull Frog markings; this is an accessory rail attach type launcher which does so by use of its two attachment brackets. The safety switch is immediately in front of the trigger and works both as mechanical safety as well as a physical trigger block. The Tan finish is a proper powder coating allowing it to hold up much better than a paint layer.

Most Airsoft Moscart shells are not true grenades but are instead so called Shower shells which function more like large shotgun shells. As such, Airsoft grenade launchers are not the long range power multipliers they are in real life but are instead better described as one-shot-macro-shotguns for use at short range. Whether clearing a trench or rooms, the Airsoft shower shell is only one shot and short range but offers tremendous spread.

length: 25.5cm

Other more specialized shells are available as well so be sure to check our website for those as well.

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