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King Arms GP30 Grenade Launcher

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Modeled after its Real Steel namesake, the GP-30 is a muzzle loading single shot grenade launcher.
Modeled after its Real Steel namesake, the GP-30 is a muzzle loading single shot grenade launcher; the real steel using the Russian 40mm, the King Arms making use of the GP-25 / AK style MOSCART grenade shell.

All metal with a polymer grip, the launcher is solid; replicating the real steels lack of a breach loading mechanism, this launcher sports simpler, more robust and more reliable function with less mechanism to go wrong. Though purposeless for Airsoft, the angled sight helps bring a little realism and coolness to what is otherwise effectively an Airsoft super shotgun.

Arclight would personally like to point out that at around 800g, with the smooth old school ergo grip, this unit could be used as a badass single shot grenade launcher pistol; looks awesome, handle great and muzzle loading makes it quick to reload.

Located over the launcher barrel, the mounting mechanism is designed to attach to the barrel of a AK series rifle. Lighter and more compact then an M203, experienced users will find that this launcher does not add the infamous bulk and weight to the rifle as much as the M203. The launcher comes bundled with the required mounting brackets.
BrandKing Arms
Power (fps)0
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Net Weight (kg)0.82
Length (mm)0.0
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Weak clamps, wobbly pistol grip.

For $170, I expect the clamps not to snap when sliding the launcher back onto the rifle. Hadn't even truly fielded it yet and was just making some adjustments. No replacement parts can be bought, either. You have to contact King Arms themselves and hope they have a set available, but considering how frequently this happens, I highly doubt it. Another problem I have is the wobbly pistol grip. Wish TAGinn still made their 40mm AK launchers.

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