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King Arms M79 Sawed Off Grenade Launcher

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  • Sawed Off Version of the M79 Airsoft Grenade Launcher
  • CNC Aluminum Barrel & Real Wood Construction
  • Break Open Operating System
  • Rotatable Winter Trigger Guard
  • Able to Fire a Variety of 40mm Airsoft Grenades

The M79 grenade launcher, even if you don't know the official name of this legendary grenade launcher, you have probably heard of at least one of its nicknames given to it by United States G.I.s and other operators that have used it. Names such as the "Thumper", "Bloop Tube", "Blooper", "Can Cannon" and "Wombat Gun" which the Australians stationed in Vietnam fondly named it. Designed as a result of the United States Army's Project Niblick, the idea of having a platform that could fire explosive projectiles more accurately than using rifles grenades, or firing from the World War II era Bazooka while being more portable than a mortar unit while having a simple manual of arms. Enter the M79, designed and produced by Springfield Armory, the M79 utilizes the break-open action launcher that was reliable and easy to use making it quite popular among American troops in Vietnam who dubbed it "The Platoon Leader's Artillery". By the end of the Vietnam War due to the creation of under-barrel launchers such as the Colt XM148 and M203 grenade launchers, the M79 was slowly removed from front-line duties. However, the M79 was still seen in recent years as US Navy SEALs and US Army Special Forces found it to be more accurate than the shorter M203 (350m versus 150m effective range) and used it in Operation Iraqi Freedom for uses such as clearing IEDs.

The King Arms M79 Sawed Off Grenade Launcher is a faithful replica of sawed off version of the famous "Bloop Tube". This is actually historically accurate as US and Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam War were known to cutting down the barrel and stock of the M79 grenade launcher making it more compact so they could carry more items during patrols such as their rifles. Using CNC aluminum to construct its barrel and having real wood construction, this could be the closest to the real steel grenade launcher one could get. This airsoft grenade launcher is just like the real thing utilizes a break-open operating system, allowing users to easily load and unload the M79 airsoft grenade launcher. The airsoft launcher also has other realistic features, such as a rotatable winter trigger guard for use when operating with thick winter gloves on. The breakopen latch and the safety are located in the same place as the real deal. Being of such compact size, one could easily use this as a secondary weapon that could leash out a lot of hate faster than a regular airsoft pistol!

This M79 sawed off airsoft grenade launcher takes a wide variety of standard 40mm airsoft grenades or moscrat rounds. which means you could fire rounds such as the Airsoft Innovation's 40 or Master Mike, BB shower rounds from APS or Madbull, as well as tag and smoke rounds (depending on your local requirements).

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  • Variety of 40mm Airsoft Grenades / Moscarts


  • x1 King Arms M79 Sawed Off Grenade Launcher
BrandKing Arms
Originating ArmorySPRINGFIELD
Power (fps)0
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Net Weight (kg)1.08
Length (mm)0.0
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King Arms M79 Sawed Off Grenade Launcher

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