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Gas Airsoft Sniper

Gas airsoft sniper rifles are designed for those seeking long-range engagements, accuracy, and high power. At Redwolf Airsoft you can find the biggest selection of bolt action precision rifles, semi-automatic DMR's, heavy-duty anti-material rifles, ultra-modern sniper rifles, classic WWII rifles, and much more. Similar to other Airsoft guns, they can be powered by gas, spring, or electricity. 

A lot of new Airsofters are usually very excited about Airsoft sniper rifles and their role as a sniper. But what's the sad truth? Airsoft sniping is challenging and not as glorious as the sniping you see in video games or movies. You’ll need sufficient training and learn what to expect from Airsoft sniping to get the most out of it. For those who enjoy shooting from long distances, it is very rewarding and feels great to be able to pick your enemies from 60 meters or more without knowing what hit them. It is not too difficult to grasp once you have a deeper understanding of how the sniper roles work. Just don’t expect to win any CQB games using a sniper rifle!

Snipers shoot targets that are far away. Because the BB has to travel a very long distance, the sniper has to be very careful when taking aim. There are three main things that have an effect on the accuracy of the shot. You must plan ahead for these things.

  • The target may be moving, such as walking or running. You must think about where the target will be when the BB reaches it. A still target may suddenly move.

  • Force of gravity affects the BB, so that it will drop towards the ground. If the target is close, the effect of gravity does not have a big effect on accuracy. If it’s further, then the sniper must judge how high to shoot, to make up for the distance that the BB will fall as it flies.

  • Wind also affects the way in which a BB will travel and can blow it away from the target. A sniper must think about the direction that the wind is blowing and the strength of the wind. You might need to shoot to the left or the right of the target, to make up for the wind.

What to Look for in a Gas Airsoft Sniper?

When deciding what to use as your first gas airsoft sniper rifle you have to consider gas efficiency, how realistic it is, and options for adding tactical accessories. As with all gas airsoft guns, it’ll require maintenance and upgrading if you want the best performance possible. Upgrading it allows you to shoot further which is what you want as a sniper, so means making sure that sniper rifle has after-market parts too. 

One thing most average joe would forget on the sniper rifle is a scope. The scope is another important accessory to add for a sniper as it allows one to see enemies from a distance compared to just using iron sights. 

What are Some of the Best Gas Airsoft Snipers?

After much testing and experience, we consider the best gas airsoft sniper rifle is the KJ Works 10/22. The mags that come with it are super gas efficient and perform very well straight out of the box without modifications. There are a plethora of aftermarket parts for this sniper rifle which makes it very easy to upgrade, further increasing its potential range and performance. What we like about this 10/22 is how lightweight it is and the four-way accessory rail which allows us to add more accessories for our needs. To learn more about the KJ Works 10/22 click here:

Difference Between Electric and Gas Airsoft Snipers?

Electric sniper rifles have more follow up shots and more rounds per magazine compared to the gas variant. Also, electric airsoft sniper rifles are very cost-effective because their power source is rechargeable batteries. Using gas can be expensive over time as you’ll need to make an additional purchase of green gas when you’re out. But one thing gas airsoft snipers have that electric doesn’t are realism and ability to be taken down as the real steel counterpart. Being able to take down a gas gun is very important for some avid collectors out there as some countries don’t permit citizens to purchase firearms.

How Far Do Gas Airsoft Snipers Shoot?

As much as 60 meters or more, it depends on how the user modifies their sniper rifle. But there are also factors to consider if you want an extended range. Things like the wind, cold temperatures, hop up and inner barrel all affect the range. We hope this gives you an insight into how sniper rifles work and what to consider when making your first purchase of a gas airsoft sniper rifle.