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VFC M110 SASS GBB Airsoft Rifle - TAN (KAC Licensed)

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  • Fully Licensed from Knight's Armament Company
  • High Quality FDE Finish
  • Adjustable Butt Pad
  • Gas Block Hop Up Adjustment System
  • Exceptionally Strong Recoil
  • Compatible with VFC SR25 Series GBBR Magazines

This product is only compatible with gas designed specifically for Airsoft guns. Do not use lighter fluid or butane gas, as that will cause permanent damage.


During the United States War on Terror after the September 11th attacks, the U.S. Army realized they needed a weapon system that could be accurate at longer engagement distances, maneuverable for close urban combat, and carried a round more powerful than that of the traditional 5.56mm that was being used. Coupled with the increased need for snipers, the American military opened up a bidding contract for their SASS or Semi Auto Sniper System program. Among the many companies that entered in 2004, it was KAC (Knights Armament Company) in Titusville, Flordia that won the bid in 2005.

The winning weapon system, as we see here, is a modified version of the SR25 or MK11 MOD0 that was currently being used by the Navy SEAL teams. Being chambered in 7.62x51 NATO or .308 the gun packed a punch and being based off of the same AR10 platform as the SR25, it was familiar to soldiers within all branches of the military who were trained on its cousin, the AR15 (M4/M16).

The airsoft version is a faithful replica manufactured by VFC and is fully licensed which means it sports all the correct dimensions and markings. For being such a hefty looking gun, its surprisingly light for its size. The finish is a rich FDE color which feels smooth to the touch. Each control surface is much larger than traditional AR15 based guns making it easy to reach and blends in well with the overall larger size of this rifle.

Anyone shooting this gun will immediately be drawn to how satisfying the recoil is. The gas system pushes the heavy bolt back incredibly strong, making the recoil impulse easily one of the strongest you will fell on an airsft gun. Each successive trigger pull sends the bolt back, chambering another round and the feeling of the force slamming into your shoulder makes it feel like you are not shooting an airsoft gun but rather a low recoil firearm!

Internally the gun employs the same system as the VFC SR25 ECC though it kicks harder. Most importantly, the M110 features the same mock gas block hop up adjuster as well, making the adjustment of the hop up much easier to do on the fly simply with an allen key, no longer needing to break apart the rifle. Adding to the shootability, the rifle has an adjustable butt pad for better length of pull.

Magazine Compatibility:

  • VFC SR25 Series GBBR Magazines


  • x1 VFC KAC Licensed M110 SASS GBBR - TAN
  • x1 M110 Gas Magazine
  • x1 Loader
  • x1 User Manual
Originating ArmoryKNIGHTS ARMAMENT
Replica TypeRIFLE
Capacity (rds)20
Power (fps)400
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.84
Length (mm)1040.0
Content Included


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Holy Heck

I've had some of the best gbb airsoft guns namely the kwa vector, the kmp9, the kwa AGK, Vfc m40A5, vfc fnx45, . . ., and some bad, yet fun gbbs, like the WE AK pmc, and a WE 1911. BUT HOLY FRICK they do NOT even come CLOSE to this thing!!! The VFC m110 is the hardest kicking airsoft gun I have ever shot! It's probably the hardest kicking one EVER! It also works great in the cold 2-3 mags on one fill in 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors. Pros: -Solid build construction -Hardest Kick to of any GBBR -decent gas efficiency -Shoots hard -Looks amazing -Most fun I've had playing with this -surprisingly lightweight -Everyone in the playing US wants to know what it is -internals are steel reinforced everywhere Cons: -Range could be better -Mags only hold ~ 25 bbs and cost $50 USD -suppressor comes separate and is expensive -expensive [RedWolf] Thank you for such an extensive review! Glad you love the gun. Unfortunately, you are correct, GBBR magazines are generally expensive. Which is why we try our best to let people know when they invest in GBBR, be sure to put the number of magazines into consideration too. The mags are actually the ones that are constantly overlooked.


Great base gun - Needs more info

The reason I gave it a 4 star is that its missing info. Im mainly focused on inner barrel length. this is because out of the box the gun doesn't have tight enough groupings so you will want to buy a new inner barrel. For someone who doesn't know how to completely disassemble the gun, you will need an in depth materials list. Pros: Nice kick - not enough to totally throw off your aim but enough to give you that satisfaction Full metal Body - This is nice as my gun has survived a few drops from me leaving it unsupervised and falling over. luckily my gun has only suffered scratches and obscurities in the paint from drops Weight - this could be a con if you arent strong enough to carry it. I found it as a pro as the weight gives more stability when in prone. You will be in prone a lot when using this gun for milsim as a DMR. Free Orange Tip Replacement - You don't get the suppressor or a bipod when buying the gun but they do give you a steel birdcage. I liked this as I wont have a Orange tip at milsim :D (make sure you have a blaze orange barrel sock and place rifle in a bag or case for traveling in the US. Don't point guns at anyone you arent playing with. Be smart) Nice Railing - The railing is overall nice and easy to hold Neutrals: Cooling - Rapid fire, you will barely be able to get through a full mag. When placing strategic shots you will see a drop in temperature in the mag. when im shooting I will just hold the mag to try and heat it up. This is a neutral because all GBBs have this Spare Mag Price - I bought some from JK army as they were the only ones with them in stock. I bought 2 for $50/per and you need extras if you are playing games with this. Each mag hold 20 rounds max. Mags could be cheaper. Cons: Missing Info - most guns sold to you will have a manual with a list of pieces in the gun. This does not have that, You will have to take apart the gun to find Specs on pieces. Fragile Receiver - I've already taken chips and shavings out of the receiver with this just by cycling the bolt or putting the mags in. be carful when inserting mags. A little shake - In the video they say it has no wobble. This is true but the spring in the stock shakes a bit. Its quiet but its there. Firing pin and Fire selector - You cant place the gun in safe when the firing pin isn't ready to fire. I've used real firearms and this was a shock to me as real arms will go into safe with or without the firing pin being ready to fire. If you have used nerf guns you will understand leaving a blaster loaded, the spring will lose power over time. Overall its a wonderful gun to have and fire. Buying a sling for it is hard to find but you can find them. I love this gun for a first GBBR and I love playing with it. It also looks AMAZING when taking pictures or cosplaying. (i don't know if you want to spend 500+ on a cosplay gun but you do you)

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