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Gas Airsoft SMGs

Gas airsoft SMG (Submachine gun) is an automatic gun that uses smaller magazines, with less firepower than a machine gun, hence the prefix sub. Considering how much tweaking is usually needed with gas guns, maintenance, and let’s not forget green gas, why would you want to use a gas airsoft SMG?


During World War I was when the submachine guns were developed, which were used as assault weapons for raiding trenches. The first submachine gun was invented in 1918 by John Thompson, that gun is known as the Thompson M1921. Nowadays less and less SMG is being used as they are replaced by modern rifles that have a similar rate of fire, lightweight, and long-distance shooting. SMG is a very powerful gun in a CQB situation, as the high fire rate and small light frame make it deadly. In reality, SMG is still being used by SWAT teams or military special forces as it’s easier to manipulate a pistol caliber size gun and less likely to penetrate. Of course in airsoft, this doesn’t matter as that won’t happen.


As the years go by the SMG has evolved into something known as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). These were designed to use high caliber rifle rounds for higher penetration, and very popular in airsoft as they look very badass. Imagine running around a CQB game duel wielding an MP7 just like Snake eyes from G.I Joe, your fellow teammates will be jelly!


Whilst most assault rifles are widely used by airsofters, SMG is still popular due to how easy it is to handle in CQB games. Not only that but gas airsoft SMG can be taken down just like its real steel counterpart and serve as a training weapon in preparation for real steel. The weight of these gas airsoft SMG is quite heavy which makes it feel more real. With every pull of the trigger, you can feel the bolt push back into the stock giving a sense of recoil similar of a firearm. This is what an electric airsoft SMG lacks, realism. So this makes gas airsoft SMG a perfect contender for milsim games, CQB, or skirmish games.


Gas airsoft SMG is powered by green gas, which makes it cost-effective on your BB’s as each magazine can only hold so many rounds compared to the electric variant. It can also be customized with accessory rails, suppressors, and red dot sights to further enhance your weapon capability.  At Redwolf Airsoft we have a huge selection of gas airsoft SMG that is affordable for anyone who is looking for an awesome gun to skirmish with.


What to Look for in a Gas Airsoft SMG?

Aesthetics. Many SMG look so cool who wouldn’t want one in their gun collection. But do keep in mind these types of guns are used mainly in CQB scenarios, so don’t expect to ping your opposition from 60 meters away. Most of the power source is fed into the magazine so every gas airsoft SMG has a different size mag capacity. We also have to consider how gas efficient it is and how much aftermarket parts does it support. No use in buying a gas airsoft SMG if there are no parts to fix or upgrade it with.


What are Some of the Best Gas Airsoft SMGs?

The UMAREX MP5A2 and CYBERGUN FN HERSTAL P90 are our top pick for both amateur and expert airsofters alike, as it is fully skirmish ready with superior accuracy and gas efficiency. The metal body of the MP5 and realistic gun mag provides a simulation of a real gun, perfect for practicing tactical manipulations. This list wouldn’t be complete without the UMAREX MP7 SMG GBBR V2, as this has been updated again which has amazing gas efficiency. What we like about these guns we listed is that they are 1:1 scale and fully licensed with the correct markings as you’d find on the real steel counterpart. To find out more about these products click the link below.







Difference Between Electric and Gas Airsoft SMGs?

The biggest difference between electric and gas airsoft guns is blowback. Gas-powered guns will kick the slide or bolt back giving a realistic feel of a firearm. That being said gas-powered guns are not very cost-effective mainly because you’ll always need to stock up on green gas compared to using a rechargeable battery pack. But gas-powered guns use less BB’s and forces the user to make sure every shot counts, compared to an electric gun that’s full auto with a 300 round magazine capacity. It’s all about the feel and romance with gas guns, as they give a sense of holding the real thing.


How Far Do Gas Airsoft SMGs Shoot?

Since the inner barrel is usually shorter than a GBBR (gas blowback rifle) you’d expect ranges similar to a gas pistol which is around 30 to 40 meters. Don’t expect anything crazy like 60 meters or more, if you want something like that then going for a rifle or sniper rifle is a better option. But there are ways to increase the range of your gas airsoft SMG by increasing the length of the inner barrel. Though by doing so be warned as your inner barrel may poke out the end of your actual barrel which may look a bit silly. So a remedy for this is usually to add a suppressor to hide that unsightly inner barrel. Keep in mind by extending the inner barrel you also increasing the power of the gun so be sure to check if it’s within legal limits!