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Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion GBB SMG

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  • Lightweight Plastic Construction
  • Faithful Replica of the Famous vz. 61 Skorpion Machine Pistol
  • Select Fire Capable
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Snappy Recoil Impulse
  • Iconic Top Folding Metal Stock
  • 30 Round Capacity
  • Last Round Bolt Stop
Special Price $115.91 Regular Price $125.99
Save 8%

The vz. 61, commonly known as the Skorpion is a personal defense weapon, machine pistol or submachine gun, whatever you prefer to call it, we here just think it's pretty cool, and if you don't think so, well, this could change your mind. The vz. 61 machine pistol was designed by CZ in Czechoslovakia and adopted in 1961 (hence the name) by the Czechoslovak armed forces as a sidearm for officers, non-frontline soldiers such as drivers, soldiers who operate crew-served machinery, and so on. The Skorpion is slightly larger than a typical pistol but smaller than traditional submachine guns or rifles, allowing it still being able to do holstered on the hip, while still having the capabilities of a select fire small arm. This provides the user the compactness needed to fulfill their given roles but when needed, it can be immediately deployed as a submachine gun.

This Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion GBB SMG is a faithful replica of the famous or infamous (depending on where you are from) vz. 61 Skorpion machine pistol. This gas airsoft gun is made of plastics, this is due to Maruzen being a Japanese company and could not produce full metal airsoft pistols as per Japanese laws, but don't worry, all the internals, magazine, sights, barrel, and stock are made of metal. Speaking of the stock, the VZ61 is named Skorpion or Scorpion in English because of how the stock looks and deploys, it is a top folding design that really mimics a scorpion's poisonous tail.

Other than, looking the part of the vz.61, the Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion has select fire and has snappy recoil impulse when shooting it while also having a high rate of fire on full auto but at the same time being quite controllable, just like the real thing. The Maruzen VZ61 has a generous 30-round magazine capacity, allowing you to pull the trigger on full auto for around 2 and half seconds, we are not kidding, this thing shoots fast on full auto! The hop-up can be adjusted by felid stripping the gun and using the provided Allen key to adjust for more or less hop.

it should be noted that it is recommended to only use HFC134a or duster gas in this model as this airsoft machine pistol is made of plastic, and using green gas or any higher pressure gases may increase its wear and tear.

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Magazine Capacity:

  • 30 Rounds

Magazine Compatibility:

  • Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion Gas Magazines


  • x1 Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion GBB SMG
  • x1 30 Round Gas Magazine
  • x1 Allen Key for Hop-Up Adjustments
Originating ArmoryCZ
Replica TypeSMG
Capacity (rds)30
Power (fps)250
Power SourceHFC134A
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)1.06
Length (mm)520.0
Content Included

Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion GBB SMG

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