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KWA Kriss Vector GBB

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Probably one of the most iconic and incredible gas blowback SMGs ever made in Airsoft, the Airsoft KRISS VECTOR GBB SMG was only available for a short time before it was discontinued due to a legal dispute between KRISS and the factory. As it stands, this exact same model, which replicates the same innovative cycling technology as the real Vector, will never be made again. Full-size removable gas magazine, impressive cycling speed, and recoil impulse, with all the behavior of the real gun.

This item is an ultra-rare collectible that is deeply sought after. It is a brand new item.

The KWA Kriss Vector is certainly one of the most highly anticipated airsoft guns on the market and it's easy to see why. It has a very unique design, it's compact and a very cool 2 shot burst mode that no other airsoft gun has implemented. Sure you would have seen a 3 shot burst mode, but not 2!

The externals are completely made out of Polymer, including the folding stock, with a metal front and rear sight and the two 49Rd magazines that it comes with. The internals are also metal so it's able to run on Top / Green Gas so you don't have to worry about it breaking at all.

The front and rear sights as well as the vertical grip are able to be removed so you can include any other sight or grip you wish to. You can remove the flash hider to reveal a 14mm CCW thread for any suppressors you wish to add on to make it look even more "Badass" than it is already. Right underneath the front sight is a housing for a flashlight of which you'd have to buy separately.

One of the most unique features of the Kriss Vector, the airsoft and the real steel version, is the chamber check system. If you pull the charging handle back 90 degrees, you can see the bolt open just a little bit, revealing the inside of the chamber just to see if there are any BBs inside. This is a great safety feature!

Shooting it feels amazing has every shot is crisp even in burst and full auto mode. There is hardly any recoil, much like it's real steel counterpart, making it very easy to keep a steady aim on your target without losing it.
Originating ArmoryKRISS
Replica TypeSMG
Capacity (rds)49
Power (fps)360
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeBurst / Semi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)2.69
Length (mm)615.0
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Zile Zhu

Legendary GBB

Disclaimer: I didn't buy mines from redwolf directly I got this gun off from someone else that bought it off redwolf via ebay. It still has all the warranties and even the little "genuine" KWA circle tag(similar to TM's tags). This SMG GBB is legendary and it's one of the most realistic Gen 1 Kriss Vector replicas ever. This thing is also one of the more louder GBBs, especially according to some redditors, and it's likely due to the shape's ejection port. The two-shot burst is an amazing experience, the trigger is very responsive, and the hammer inside is tacticle. Magazines for this is still being sold and circulated around even after the discontinuation of GBB vector, however, it'll still cost around 60 to 70 bucks a piece. There are also upgrades for the KWA Kriss Vectors, albiet, the internal upgrades are very rare to find, some of the more external upgrades, like an extended magazine release, are readily available and can be used interchangeably with its Krytac AEG counter-part. One thing to keep in mind is that the stock, while made of metal, makes contact with the body of the gun that's made of polymer. While the polymer of the gun is strong, there are occasions where players have broken the piece that allows for the stock to snap into place(unfolded position), leading to a wobbly experience. One could replace the stock with an AR stock if need be. Anyhow, the gun is very rare because it's discontinued, most circulations of this are second-hand, and the originals are very expensive but honestly, a price not too high for the most avid of Airsoft Collectors if they really want something really special. When on the airsoft fields, the KWA Kriss Vector will most certainly turn heads and make envy.

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