Proper airsoft gun maintenance can significantly increase their longevity

We at RedWolf have been selling all kinds of airsoft guns since 1998. Though they may just be toys, they still serve as a marking tool for the user on the airsoft field. Like any sporting equipment, airsoft guns actually require regular maintenance for them to perform well. There is a saying "Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you". So today in this blog post, we will go through some airsoft gun maintenance tips and processes on the most popular airsoft platforms: GBBs and AEGs.

Common Airsoft Gun Maintenance Steps You Need To Know

Though there are several platforms of airsoft guns to choose from, they all have some parts that overlap: inner barrel, hop-up chamber, and hop-up rubber. The first step of airsoft gun maintenance is to clean the inner barrel. To do so, you will need some tissues, a cleaning rod, and some wiping alcohol.

Basic cleaning tools for inner barrel: cleaning rod and tissue!

Step 1:

Wrap tissue around cleaning rod. Ensure the tissue is wrapped tightly and it is thick enough for the tissue to wipe the inner walls of the inner barrel, but not so thick that it doesn't fit in.

Wrap the tissue to ensure it is thick enough to wipe the inner wall of the inner barrel, but not too thick so it doesn't fit in!

Step 2:

Wet the tissue wrap with some wiping alcohol and insert the cleaning rod into the airsoft gun's inner barrel. Run the cleaning rod up and down the inner barrel once. Repeat steps 1-2 again with a new piece of tissue if necessary. Sometimes the inner barrel can be really dirty that it requires several wipes for it to be clean. While cleaning, avoid letting the wiping alcohol tough the hop-up rubber in the airsoft gun, the alcohol could dehydrate the hop-up rubber and cause it to harden.

Wet Tissue With Wiping Alcohol
Run the cleaning rod up and down the inner barrel

Step 3:

When there is no longer any visible dirt after you clean the inner barrel in step 2; wrap a new piece of tissue onto the cleaning rod and run it one last time. This process is to clean and dry up all the remaining alcohol inside the inner barrel.

When you see no more visible dirt. You are done!

AEG Airsoft Gun Maintenance Steps You Need To Know

For AEG, the biggest challenge is conducting regular maintenance to the gearbox. Though there are many different versions, the maintenance process is more or less the same. Disassemble and reassembling a gearbox can be tricky; if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, be sure to bring it over to a reputable airsoft tech to do it for you.

Step 1:

Carefully disassemble the AEG to take out the gearbox and motor. Some AEGs may not have a gearbox. If so, just completely remove all the internal parts. Be sure to remember how to reassemble them back, label the parts if you have to.

Carefully disassemble your AEG

Step 2:

A greasy AEG internal that requires airsoft gun maintenance.
A greasy AEG internal that require some maintenance

Degrease all the moving parts. The gears can be soaked in cleaners like acetone, or other degrease solution, or you can just use a piece of tissue and some wiping alcohol to clean all the internal parts. Be aware that some plastic/ rubber parts may not react well to the cleaning solutions, so be sure to choose one that can move oil/ grease without dissolving plastic or rubber.

Soak parts in a cleaning solution and can use a toothbrush to help remove large pieces of grease

Step 3:

Be sure to clean the gears thoroughly afterwards
When gears are all done, it is ready for reinstalling!

Dry up all the parts and reapply a thin layer of grease/ lubricant to all moving parts. In this part you will need to be careful, you will need to apply just the right amount of grease; not too much, not too little. Too little lubrication will have no effect and could speed up wear and tear. Too much grease could gunk up the gearbox, excess grease might block some of the electronics causing potential malfunction.

Be sure to either clean your hands or wear gloves. Apply a thin layer of grease on each gear
What properly greased gears should look like

Step 4:

Check for motor brush to see if it is depleted

While everything is disassembled, take a minute to check the motor's condition. Unless it is a brushless motor, you will want to see if the carbon brush is depleted or not. Brushed motors have carbon brushes on them and will slowly deplete when used. If the carbon brush is almost depleted, it is a good idea to replace it with a new motor (be sure to get one with the same RPM unless you are upgrading it). Also, check the pinion gear on the motor to see if there are any microfractures/cracks on it.

Check motor pinon gear for micro-fracture or crack

Step 5:

Time to put everything back!

Reassemble everything back. Put all the internal parts back into the gearbox and assemble the AEG back to an airsoft gun. Afterward, plug in the battery fire a few rounds just to make sure it is running fine and smooth. After that, you are done!

Test a few rounds to see if it functions

Gas Airsoft Gun Maintenance Steps You Need To Know

Maintaining your GBBR

Step 1:

Field strip your gas blowback airsoft gun. You disassemble all the main moving parts like upper and lower receiver, bolt carrier group, charging handle and conduct a basic cleaning/ maintenance; but if you wish to do thorough maintenance, you should also fully disassemble the trigger mechanism, the loading nozzle in the bolt carrier, and the entire hop-up and barrel unit. The more detailed you disassemble the airsoft gun, the more in-depth the cleaning will be.

Field stripping your GBBR

Step 2:

Clean and check all moving parts

Clean or degrease all the internal parts except rubber or plastic parts like hop-up rubber or loading nozzle. After cleaning, check all moving parts to see if there are any cracks, fractures, or dents. If there are any, replace those parts.

Step 3:

All you need is a drop or 2!

Lubricate all moving parts with silicone oil, but avoid applying lubricant to hop-up rubber and other plastic parts.

Just a drop on the hinges only!

Step 4

Reassemble and you are done!

Reassemble the gas airsoft gun and you are done!

How To Care For The Gas In An Airsoft Gun

Just a quick 0.5 - 1 second charge on an empty mag!

Since gas airsoft guns are fully mechanical and have no electronics, it is best to ensure there is no rust in all moving parts of the gas airsoft guns. One of the key components that you'll want to regularly maintain is the gas magazines. To do so, just simply ensure there is a little bit of green gas within the magazine after each you. They don't need to be filled, but just a quick 0.5 - 1 second charge after it is emptied is sufficient. By doing so, you basically pressurized the magazine so it is air sealed from the environment, so moisture cannot get in, but you aren't over-pressuring it that causes the o-rings inside to deform. This will ensure the interior of the magazine to not rust and will prolong the longevity of the magazines.

How Often You Should Clean Your Airsoft Gun

How often should you clean your airsoft gun?

Unlike cleaning the inner barrel, a well-tuned AEG only requires gearbox maintenance after every 15-20 games or more. AEG is quite easy to maintain and you really only need to tend to the inner barrel. Whereas GBB should be maintained after 5-10 use. Especially if you played in a sandy and windy environment, or even played under the rain; then you should disassemble and clean the airsoft gun that evening after the event.

Why Airsoft Gun Maintenance Is Important

Why should you maintain your airsoft gun?

It is important to regularly maintain your airsoft gun so you know whenever you plan to use it on the field, it will be in tip-top condition. Though they are not sophisticated machines, airsoft guns, in general, are quite sensitive to debris and dirt. The cleanliness of the inner barrel can affect the trajectory, and the gearbox/ trigger mechanism's cleanliness could prevent potential breakage or misfire.

Storing Your Airsoft Gun Properly

Though cleaning airsoft guns could be tricky and a bit troublesome, storing them is totally different. Once everything is cleaned, simply store it somewhere that is dry and cool is fine. Airsoft guns can handle a decent amount of heat, but hot places are usually quite humid; which can cause metal parts to rust. Hence always keep your airsoft guns in a dry place.

If you prefer your airsoft guns to look nice and not have a worn/ fade look, avoid exposing them under direct sunlight for days/ weeks/ or even months. UV rays can cause the color of any material to fade.

Last but not least, avoid storing it in dusty places. Have dust accumulate in the inner barrel could affect the airsoft guns' trajectory and accuracy. Dust in a gearbox/ trigger group could gunk up the grease and cause it to jam. If you use your airsoft guns frequently, this shouldn't be something you need to be too worried about; but if you don't use them frequently, best to clean them before and after a game to ensure it is working properly.

Simplest solution: Get a rifle case and store it in there!

Final Remarks

In short, airsoft guns are your primary tools for your airsoft game. For it the game to be enjoyable, you will want your tools to be reliable. Hence it is best to regularly maintain your airsoft guns. As long as you take good care of them, they will take good care of you on the field. For more tools and airsoft gun maintenance products, click here or visit!