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co2 Airsoft Guns

Co2 Airsoft guns come in all shapes and sizes from the Glock 19X to rifles such as the M1894. They work in a similar way to their gas counterpart except they utilize the power of co2 instead of green gas. The technology for co2 airsoft guns is at a reliable stage, reliable, realistic, and easy to manipulate. With such realism, it adds so much more to the gameplay experience and the mechanical trigger design provides instant trigger response compared with electric airsoft guns. 


CO2 airsoft guns are powered by compressed CO2 which can be stored in the magazine, buttstock, or pistol grip.  Blowback airsoft guns model has a moveable slide that shoots back with every shot, which adds both realism and recoil.  Non-blowback pistols do not have this function but are usually more efficient when it comes to their CO2 consumption.  When released, the expansion of the CO2 propels the BB and drives the blowback action on blowback models.


What to Look for in a co2 Airsoft Gun?

There are a plethora of co2 airsoft guns out there, which can be daunting to decide what to get. The most important thing to factor when deciding to buy a co2 airsoft gun is what type of platform do you want? Whether it be a pistol, rifle, SMG, shotgun, or sniper rifle you have to make a choice based on what game you’ll be playing in the near future. They also come in a variety of prices, a pistol would be the most affordable option compared to the other type of guns.


Pistols are very versatile, easy to modify, and can be used as a backup weapon. Anyone can take off the slide and replace it or even install a mag well with ease. Though not every weapon is perfect, don’t expect to outgun your enemy if they are wielding AEG rifles. They are a good weapon choice for fast-paced CQB games as its very easy to manipulate and accurate too.


If you’re looking for something that’s between a pistol and a rifle then an SMG could be something for you. They have the best of both platforms as it’s easier to handle due to their small frame and higher mag capacity similar to a rifle. Ergonomics could be an issue as the pistol grip of SMG is usually smaller than of a rifle or even a pistol. But that being said most SMG usually have a foregrip and can be further customized to be more tactical by adding flashlight, PEQ boxes, or even red dot sights.


Rifles are by far the most popular choice for many airsofters as they are highly modular. This means everything can be modified from the rail, receiver, buttstock, pistol grip, flash hider, and internals! The rail can support many attachments on it for all your tactical needs. It may not be as easy to manipulate as a pistol but you have way more rounds per clip and able to ping those targets hiding out 60 meters away. Rifles are the most versatile weapon of all as they can be adjusted to be used in all scenarios such as CQB, milsim, and skirmishes.


Shotguns are very similar to SMG but lack the rate of fire as they are usually slow, but what sets that apart is the ability to shoot out several BB’s at once instead of a single one. The reload might take some time to get used, but the best part is you don’t really need to be pinpoint accurate with your shots as the shotgun will usually spray clusters of BB each trigger pull. They are designed to be used in CQB, so don’t take one of these out for a skirmish if everyone is running around with an AEG rifle!


If you dont like being in the heat and want to be able to pick your targets off before they even notice you then consider using a sniper rifle. Sniper rifles are designed to shoot long distances and take out targets before they know it. The superior range it provides makes up for the slow rate of fire. It’s not as customizable as the other platforms as there arent many upgrade options available. Externally one could add a scope, bipod, trigger, or even buttstock, but no way near as many options as an M4 rifle. Most airsofters usually upgrade the inner barrel to something longer so the BB can reach out further.

What are Some of the Best co2 Airsoft Guns?

Since there are not too many options when it comes to co2 airsoft guns we recommend co2 pistols. Due to the fact, there just aren’t enough options available in other weapon types but with all that being said it depends on what you’re looking for too. The RWA Nighthawk Custom Recon 1911 is the best out of all the co2 guns we tested and worked with. Due to the fact it has many aftermarket parts, easy to manipulate, shoots extremely well out of the box, metal slide, and very affordable! But if you’re after something realistic check out the RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon CNC Steel Edition.

For more information about these products click the link below.

RWA Nighthawk Custom Recon 1911:

RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon CNC Steel edition:


Difference Between Airsoft and co2 Guns?

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Do co2 Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Do you fear getting hit by stray bb’s or even direct hits to the body or softer areas like your arm? Fear not as getting hit by a bb is not as bad as it seems, at most, it’ll seem like a flick from a finger. But that being said, everyone has different pain tolerances and not all co2 airsoft guns have the same power. If it’s within legal limits it is not that painful at all, but anything above legal could leave serious bruising. This also depends on how close you are being hit, of course, unexpected shots to the back a few meters away could hurt! That’s why wearing protective gear is so important in airsoft, especially eye protection.

Do co2 Airsoft Guns Work in Winter?

Due to the fact that co2 airsoft guns use pressurized co2 as a power source, it can be used in cold temperatures. But it’ll still lose pressure fast due to the high pressure regardless of what environment it’s in. So when it’s shot too fast, a cool-down effect might occur resulting in a significant fps drop.