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CO2 Airsoft Guns

CO2 Airsoft guns are powered by a removable CO2 cartridge, sometimes referred to as CO2 powerlet, that is commonly available in most sporting goods stores. CO2 offers higher pressure than airsoft green gas, making CO2 airsoft guns generally more powerful and more stable in cold weather. You might wonder how do CO2 guns work? The CO2 cartridge is inserted into the magazine and when the trigger is pulled, a hammer strikes open a valve briefly on the magazine and the CO2 is funneled up into the barrel to shoot out a BB.

Popular Airsoft pistols include the Colt 1911 CO2 pistol, different variants of the 1911 airsoft CO2 pistol, and Airsoft CO2 Glock pistols. If you need more firepower, consider a full auto CO2 airsoft rifle. If you’re looking to play secret agent or assassin, browse our selection of CO2 Airsoft Pistol with silencer. For strong recoil, check out the Airsoft Desert Eagle CO2, while high power can be found in Airsoft CO2 Dan Wesson Revolvers. For pure madness, look no further than the MP40 airsoft CO2 smg. Collectors looking for highly realistic replicas can consider an all steel Airsoft Nighthawk CO2 pistol.

What is a CO2 Airsoft Gun?

CO2 Airsoft guns are powered by removable CO2 cartridges . They typically shoot semi-auto or full-auto and are usually higher powered than green gas airsoft guns. The CO2 cartridge is usually inserted into a removable magazine, and a screw at the bottom of the magazine pushes the cartridge until it is pierced by a thin nozzle pin. The CO2 gas is used to shoot the BB out of the gun, and cycle the slide in gas blowback pistols, or the bolt in gas blowback rifles.

Pros and Cons of CO2 Guns?

High pressure can deliver more power   More expensive than green gas
More stable in colder temperatures   Cannot top up partially depleted cartridges
CO2 cartridges are widely available   High pressure can be dangerous for young players
Easy to swap in and out of guns   Mishandling can cause serious injury


CO2 Vs Green Gas Guns: Is One Better Than The Other?

CO2 is much better for cold weather use due to its higher pressure. CO2 also provides more stable FPS performance, and each cartridge can be sufficient to shoot over 50 - 100 rounds. But CO2 cartridges can be expensive compared to green gas, which is more affordable when you calculate the cost on a per round basis. Green gas guns can also be topped up by refilling the magazines on the fly at any time, providing the capability to be always fully loaded up. However, green gas is much harder to find and is mostly available at speciality airsoft outlets while CO2 cartridges can be found in many retail stores. Green gas is also highly flammable and dangerous to store in hot places, whereas CO2 is inert.

Please read our blog about CO2 Vs Green Gas Guns for a more detailed explanation.

Are CO2 Guns More Expensive or Less Expensive Than Other Airsoft Guns?

CO2 airsoft pistols are typically around the same price as green gas airsoft pistols. Most CO2 airsoft pistols are made from diecast metal and are very affordable, and have the same general construction as a gas airsoft pistol. The exception is a small offering of extremely high-end collector grade airsoft pistols made from steel that make use of CO2 to power their extremely realistic and heavy components.

CO2 airsoft rifles are often more expensive than electric airsoft rifles and spring powered rifles. The reason is they are commonly lower production models that result in higher manufacturing costs. Their higher precision assembly also adds to the cost.

Useful CO2 Airsoft Guns Resources

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Best CO2 Pistols: