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co2 Airsoft Pistols

Co2 Airsoft pistols come in all shapes and sizes from the Glock 43 to hand cannons such as the desert eagles. They work in a very similar way to its gas counterpart except they utilize the power of co2 instead of green gas. Though there are electric airsoft pistols as well, the majority of the airsofters prefer having gas or co2 airsoft pistols as their preferred sidearms. The technology for pistol is already at a very reliable stage, reliable, realistic, and easy to manipulate. With such realism, it adds to so much more to the gameplay experience and the mechanical trigger design provides instant trigger response compared with electric airsoft guns. 

What to Look for in a co2 Airsoft Pistol?

The big question when it comes to all airsofters. Do you seek realism with your airsoft pistol? Or do you wish to use it as a support/ stealth weapon when your main rifle is not applicable in the given situation (i.e. your sniper rifle)? 

co2 Airsoft pistols are preferred by most airsofters as it is one of the most realistic airsoft guns in the market. The slide cycles with every shot fired, therefore it must be manipulated like a real gun for it to function properly. Not only bb’s will come flying out but also leaving a sense of satisfaction of how it feels. But with that being said, there are also co2 airsoft pistols that do not have any blowback at all such as revolvers.

None blowback pistols feel similar to a toy as they don’t provide any blowback action at all. However, since there are very few moving parts it is highly efficient in gas consumption and is very quiet. Therefore non-blowback airsoft pistols are quite popular for snipers that wish to tag another airsofter without getting spotted. 

Other than blowback vs. non-blowback, another thing to keep an eye out for is aftermarket/ repair parts availability. Some parts within the airsoft pistol will wear out over time, so eventually, they need to be replaced. At Redwolf we have you covered, as we have a plethora of after-market parts available incase your co2 airsoft pistol ever does kick the bucket.

What are Some of the Best co2 Airsoft Pistols?

There is a huge range of options when it comes to co2 airsoft pistols, so it is impossible to find the one specific model that will cater to every user/ airsofter. For those looking for something realistic yet can perform exceptionally well with plenty of aftermarket parts look no further. We introduce you to the ASG Shadow 2 co2 version. This beast kicks like a mule and gives a great sense of satisfaction with every shot fired. But if you don’t want any blowback at all, fear not we have not forgotten about you guys that are into that too. The best none blowback has got to be the Umarex Glock 19 co2 fixed slide edition. Not only it looks awesome, yet easy to handle it also has amazing co2 efficiency! To find out more about these great products click the link for more.

ASG Shadow 2:

Umarex Glock 19:

Are co2 Airsoft Pistols Good?

They can be very good if they suit the user’s needs and requirements, as there is no such thing as the perfect co2 airsoft pistol. In general, they perform very well similar to its gas counterpart but they are not cost-effective at all. Co2 capsules are expensive and can be fickle to install as it can be dangerous if done incorrectly! What we love is how hard it can kick compared to the green gas counterpart, thus making it feel super realistic.

How Does a co2 Airsoft Pistol Work?

A co2 airsoft pistol is almost the same as its green gas counterpart, except that co2 is stored in a pressurized capsule in a mag or pistol grip. Whenever you squeeze that trigger, the knocker in the mag will hit the valve on the gas reservoir, causing it to release pressurized gas into the co2 gun. That co2 will start to push the BB out of the chamber to cause it to fire, then any remaining co2 will cause the pistol's slide to move backward. Thus the airsoft gun can load the second round for a follow-up shot, similar to how to real steel functions. Because it uses pressurized co2 as a power source, it can be used in cold temperatures but it’ll still drop fast due to high pressure regardless of what environment it’s in. So when it’s shot too fast, a cool-down effect might occur resulting in a significant fps drop.