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RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon CO2 Airsoft Pistol - CNC Steel Limited Edition

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  • Industry-acclaimed most realistic Airsoft pistol ever (see testimonials below)
  • Fully Licensed by Nighthawk Custom
  • Full CNC Steel Construction
  • Weighs the same as the real steel
  • 1:1 Replica
  • Extremely Realistic Operation
  • 90% Tokyo Marui compatible with enhancements for CO2 power
  • Impressively Strong Recoil Impulse

The RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition 1911 pistol is by far and above the finest airsoft 1911 available. Being a fully licensed pistol, RWA took inspiration from the production philosophy of Nighthawk Custom's "One Gun One Gunsmith" mantra which translated into one technician painstakingly ensuring each pistol is up to a standard worthy of the Nighthawk Custom stamp.

Being crafted from high-quality CNC steel, nothing can quite prepare you for what you will experience when picking up the pistol. The weight is distributed evenly throughout the gun and the moment you pick it up you almost forget that it is an airsoft pistol you are holding. The angles of this 1911 are faithfully recreated and for gun enthusiasts, the pistol has no visible "airsoft" aspects to it that will distract from your experience.

"This thing is the MOST realistic and the most amazing Airsoft 1911 I've ever had a chance to handle. This doesn't feel like an airsoft 1911, it feels a lot closer to my [real] Springfield 1911" - Airsoft GI Daniel

Aesthetically the GRP (Global Response Pistol) is a modern 1911 and features an extended beaver tail on the grip safety, discreet front and rear slide serrations, and three dot front and rear sights. These bespoke features give the classic look of the 1911 a sleek "facelift" without taking away the essence of what people love about this platform. The addition of a "recon" rail allows for the mounting of lights and lasers.? It is the inclusion of this rail that gives the GRP the "Recon" designation, like other 1911s in the Nighthawk Custom's line such as the Warhawk "Recon" and Heinie Signature "Recon".

The pistol is powered by Co2 as the added gas pressure is needed to cycle the steel slide and the added tension of the recoil spring makes the shoot experience of the pistol something pleasantly unexpected. The strong recoil can rival that of some .22lr pistols as the mass of the slide travels back and forth cycling through each BB. The pistol is also compatible with green gas using the Tokyo Marui 1911 magazines. If you are thinking about using this method, use the long magazines as they hold more gas volume for better recoil. The long Tokyo Marui 1911 magazine also enables the proper cycling of the slide. Due to its mass, the slide generally requires higher pressure to fully achieve its desired effect, thus Co2 is still recommended.

"Basically you pay RWA to build you a custom 1911 that not too many other people have and this exactly what Nighthawk Custom does in real life." - Popular Airsoft Product Review

"After reviewing the GRP it will be difficult to review any other GBB handgun and I don't even look at my TM 1911 the same way, I might file for divorce from it." - Popular Airsoft Product Review (Read Full Review Here)

As a shooting gun, the pistol is extremely "shootable". Nighthawk Custom pistols have seen service around the world from military personnel to competition shooters. This pedigree of high-quality production, precision crafting, and deadly accuracy translates into a pistol that is both beautiful to look at and deadly to shoot. The same can be said about its airsoft counterpart. The tight tolerances between the slide, frame, and outer barrel make for a solid package when delivering BBs downrange in a highly accurate manner. The significant reduction in wobble makes sure that with each trigger pull the BB is consistently shot out of the gun with minor variation ensuring the best possible grouping. Capping this off with a soft breaking and cleaning resetting trigger makes this airsoft variant of the Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon highly desirable and undoubtedly worth the premium price that it carries.

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  • Weight: 1,186g
  • Length: 225mm
  • Magazine Compatibility
    • KJ 1911 CO2 Magazine with thick bumper
    • KJ 1911 CO2 Magazine with low-profile bumper
    • Marui 1911 single stack magazines (green gas)
  • Shooting Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Material: CNC Steel
  • Finish: Black Anodizing
  • Power Source: Co2 / Green Gas
  • FPS: Approx. 340FPS


  • x1 RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition
  • x1 Co2 Magazine
  • x1 Certificate of Authenticity

About Nighthawk Custom:

Nighthawk Custom is an American firearms company based in Berryville, Arkansas, USA, and was founded in 2003 by experienced gunsmiths who left Wilson Combat to focus exclusively on ultra-high precision custom pistols. Nighthawk Custom specializes in military, law enforcement, civilian, and competition pistols. The company has a long-standing partnership with Richard Heinie, a respected figure in the M1911 community, in developing premium 1911 pistols. Nighthawk Custom also works with Chris Costa to create a tactical line of pistols. Learn more about Nighthawk Custom at www.nighthawkcustom.com

Buffer Removal Tutorial:

Originating ArmoryNIGHTHAWK CUSTOM
Replica TypePISTOL
Capacity (rds)26
Power (fps)340
Power SourceCO2
Shooting ModeSemi Auto
Net Weight (kg)1.19
Length (mm)225.0
Content Included

RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon CO2 Airsoft Pistol - CNC Steel Limited Edition

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Teddy P


I've shot a lot of real guns in my life and airsoft has always fallen short of the real shooting experience. I was looking for a realistic airsoft pistol for training and some friends recommended this one. I borrowed one from another friend and man I'm speechless how far along airsoft has come. This gun feels so real and the recoil is really strong. The entire gun is made of steel so it feels legit to hold. The slide action is heavy, though not quite as heavy as my real 1911. It shoots great and operates flawlessly. The beautiful box is a nice touch. This gun is amazing if you can afford it.


Feels incredibly real

I watched all the youtube reviews about this gun and it seems like everyone who got it loves it, so I went for it and was not disappointed. This pistol feels like no other airsoft gun I have ever held. Frankly it feels like a real gun so I'm surprised that the mail service didn't seize it or something because on holding it, I sure can't feel the difference. The slide tension is also extremely stiff and the hammer drop sounds real. Lots of great attention to detail. And the box is amazing. Extremely happy.

Kristian Orre


I have got to say that the weight and feel is unrivaled. Shooting the gun is a totally awesome experience and feels closer to real life than any GBB gun I have ever fired. The finish looks good. But….as I understand the internals are built on Tokyo Marui and can't understand why this system is praised more than royalty...On this gun it is absolutely horrid. The issue is that I can't tighten the rear sight because then the slide will barely move. Come on..? The screw that tightens the rear sight presses against the blowback-housing thus pushing it down on the frame and in turn resulting in a stuck slide. So the only choice is to have the rear sight be loose and flappy. And THAT is not acceptable on a 1300-dollar gun. However the gun functions as it should and is really well made and would be near perfection if the rear sight was attached properly to the slide. [RedWolf] Hi. We are so sorry to hear about your experience. In theory, what you said is true. However, all the GRP that we ship out have made sure that the rear sight is tight before shipping out.


There was an out-barrel flaw, but they sent me a new one. Very good, good performance. [RedWolf] Thank you for your review. We are sorry about your experience, but we are glad it is all fixed now! Hope you enjoy the product!

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