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CO2 Airsoft Rifle

CO2 Airsoft Rifles are highly realistic BB guns that are powered by 12g CO2 cartridges that shoot 6mm plastic BBs.  CO2 Airsoft Rifles are designed for military simulations and wargames, and are training.  Full auto CO2 airsoft rifles raise the fun quotient to another level, and they are available in many different models.  We carry a combination of the best CO2 airsoft rifle and also cheap CO2 Airsoft Rifles for budget minded buyers.

What is a CO2 Airsoft Rifle

CO2 Airsoft rifles are powered by CO2 gas that is supplied through a CO2 cartridge that is loaded into the gun’s magazine, grip, or some other part of the gun.  Not to be confused with CO2 Air rifles which shoot 4.5mm BBs or diablo pellets, CO2 Airsoft Rifles are designed for gaming use.  CO2 Airsoft Rifles typically shoot semi-auto or full-auto and can be either non-blowback (NBB) or blowback.  The blowback versions are by far the more popular variant because they are more fun to shoot.  CO2 blowback rifles have a bolt that will cycle back and forth rapidly as the gun shoots.  The purpose is to create the visual and physical sensation of shooting a real gun.  On rifles with heavier bolts, the recoil sensation can be quite pronounced.  A lot of classic and WW2 rifles are also available with CO2.  CO2 rifles can also be very loud, and screwing on a suppressor to the end of the barrel can indeed make them more quiet for stealth mode.

Are CO2 Rifle Better Than Other Platform Types?

CO2 rifles offer an alternative to Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles, which use airsoft greengas instead of CO2.  Some gas blowback rifles can also use CO2 magazines, allowing the user to select between the two power sources based on ambient temperature conditions.  CO2 is higher pressured than green gas, and therefore works better in lower temperatures.   CO2 rifles have the potential to be much higher power than green gas powered blowback rifles.  The essential design and working concept of a CO2 airsoft rifle is identical to a green gas airsoft rifle, although certain components are reinforced to handle the higher pressure of CO2.

One of the most convenient features of the CO2 platform is how to refill a CO2 air rifle.  Instead of fussing with airsoft green gas cannisters and charging valves, refilling is as easy as unscewing a CO2 cartridge, popping it out and replacing it with a new one.  Some gas blowback rifles can also handle CO2 but only in gas form and not liquid form.  CO2 cartridges store the CO2 in liquid form so each cartridge can power many shots.  If you have a regular gas rifle, you can use a CO2 charger to charge CO2 from a 12g CO2 cartridge directly into a gas magazine.  This is not as efficient as powering the gun directly from a CO2 cartridge, but it does work.

CO2 rifles and green gas blowback rifles are both very engaging to shoot and offer a more satisfying experience than an electric airsoft rifle or a spring powered airsoft rifle.  But if pure power is what you are looking for, then HPA Airsoft Rifles are the best choice.

What is the Most Powerful CO2 Rifle?

The high pressure of CO2 cartridges means that CO2 airsoft rifles can be very powerful, especially in non blowback versions.  CO2 blowback rifles will generally be less powerful than their non-blowback counterparts because some of the CO2 has to be used to cycle the bolt backwards and creating recoil.  Many classic rifles are available in CO2 and Gun Heaven is most famous for making high powered CO2 rifles.  Umarex Winchester Legends Cowboy M1894 rifles are also famous for being high powered when the high powered shells are used with the rifle.

What is the Best CO2 Rifle

The number of choices for CO2 airsoft rifles is smaller than gas airsoft rifles, but GHK M4 rifles are highly regarded because they are dual-system and can use both airsoft greengas and CO2 as well, making them very popular.  G&G CO2 airsoft rifles are also very popular for their good build quality and high power.

How to Tune a CO2 Rifle

Tuning a CO2 airsoft rifle is no different than tuning any other airsoft gun, and it mostly comes down to the hop-up to ensure that the BBs travel in a straight trajectory.  Most importantly you should make every attempt to keep your Airsoft gun clean and well maintained.  Read our article on How to do Airsoft Gun Maintenance.