1. What is Speedsoft

    What is Speedsoft
    One of the best things about the sport of airsoft is the fact there are a wide variety of exciting game modes to choose from. For those who've grown weary of milsim and are looking for something fresh and new, Speedsoft is one great option that is quickly gaining popularity in the airsoft community. Speedsoft is a fast-paced, competition-oriented game mode...
  2. Best Tokyo Marui Guns of 2021

    Best Tokyo Marui Guns of 2021
    Tokyo Marui started out as a Japanese toy manufacturer before eventually moving into the airsoft space. In 1992, Tokyo Marui revolutionized the airsoft market by introducing the first airsoft guns in the world to be powered by an electric motor.  Before this innovation, all airsoft guns had to be cocked manually before each shot, or be attached to a huge external gas...
  3. Airsoft Guns vs. BB Guns: The Difference Explained

    Airsoft Guns vs. BB Guns: The Difference Explained
    Over the years, Redwolf Airsoft has prided ourselves in being a great source of information. In doing so, we have been able to educate many regarding the ins and outs of airsoft. Continuing in this vein, we have written many blogs about many topics about airsoft guns and in this blog, we will talk about the differences between "Airsoft Guns...
  4. How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

    How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?
    What are Airsoft Grenades? When we play airsoft, often we forget about the amazing arsenal we actually have access to. Sometimes we think that we are only limited to our airsoft guns but actually, there are so much more. With that said, airsoft grenades are useful tools and add value to any player's list of equipment. You can split airsoft...
  5. How to Win an Airsoft War!

    How to Win an Airsoft War!
    Ever heard of the phrase, 'teamwork makes the dream work'? That's right! How to win an airsoft war really comes down to that particular motto. But it's not that simple as there is a lot more to cover than just overly-used catchphrase. The Meme Team at Panther Airsoft. In this blog, we're going to cover the many different ways one...
  6. How To Be An Airsoft Sniper

    How To Be An Airsoft Sniper
    What To Do As A Sniper? The sniper role has had a long and storied history. From its humble beginnings of muskets and ball ammunition to present-day firearms, the role of sniper has evolved greatly. For those that might not know, the sniper is a shooter who specializes in long-range, precision shooting. An airsoft sniper can usually work alone or...

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