An airsoft sniper rifle is a highly realistic replica of a real sniper rifle.  Airsoft sniper rifles are designed to shoot further and with greater accuracy than airsoft rifles or pistols, allowing the shooter to stay behind the front lines and take out opponents from a distance.  Sniper rifles are available as bolt action airsoft sniper rifles or semi-auto sniper rifles.  We carry many of the best airsoft sniper rifles inculding Tokyo Marui VSR-10, Amoeba Striker, Silverback Airsoft sniper, Novritsch sniper rifles, PSG-1 Airsoft snipers, and the Barrett 50 Cal Airsoft gun.

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An airsoft sniper rifle supports players who prefer the sniper role during gameplay. Many sniper rifles prioritize accuracy, reach, and speed. Players have several airsoft sniper rifle platforms to choose from, including brands like Tokyo Marui, Silverback, Novritsch, and ARES. 

What Is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Airsoft sniper rifles represent highly realistic replicas of real sniper rifles, right down to the full metal receivers. Designed to shoot further and with greater accuracy than airsoft pistols or rifles, these airsoft guns are typically available in either bolt-action or semi-automatic. The bolt cycling method mostly depends on the replica’s accuracy in mirroring the real-steel version. 

You’ll find most airsoft sniper rifles well behind the front lines. Complete with longer barrels to stabilize the BB in flight, airsoft sniper rifles have the reach to take out opponents from a distance. Airsoft sniper rifles are also more accurate at long range than other airsoft pistols or rifles. Some of the most powerful airsoft sniper rifles can reach 330 feet (100 meters) or more.

In many ways, airsoft sniper rifles (especially airsoft bolt-action sniper rifles) can be more fun to shoot than an airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG), airsoft shotgun, or grenade launcher. However, many airsoft sniper rifles require a scope & bipod to complete the package. You can find airsoft sniper rifles from almost any manufacturer, from ASG, Double Eagle, and AGM to Action Army, Double Bell, Lancer Tactical, and CYMA.

What Are the Main Types of Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

Three main types of airsoft sniper rifles exist: spring, gas, and electric. Let’s take a closer look at their differences: 


This type of airsoft sniper rifle is one of the more popular, although spring-powered airsoft rifles require you to manually cock the mechanism before each shot (and some can be hard to cock). Many spring airsoft sniper rifles are bolt-action. 

Cocking the bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle charges the system by compressing a spring. Releasing the trigger lets that pressure go, propelling the BB at your opponents. A spring sniper rifle is less prone to temperature fluctuations than a gas airsoft sniper rifle. 


Compressed gas powers green gas and CO2 airsoft sniper rifles. Gas sniper rifles fluctuate as the temperature changes, but CO2 gas-powered rifles remain stable. 

Whichever gas you choose, you typically fill a gas reservoir in the gun (either in the magazine or in the stock) and then release it with each pull of the trigger. The resulting gas charge propels the BBs down range. 


A battery provides the power necessary for an electric airsoft sniper rifle. You're ready to hit the field once you remove the batteries from the charger and plug them in. Electric airsoft sniper rifles have the advantage over spring-powered rifles because the gearbox cocks the gun for you every time. 

Before you decide which airsoft sniper rifle you want to invest in, consider these different types and which best fits your playing style. 

Do you prefer airsoft gas sniper rifles or a bolt-action spring-powered rifle? Don’t forget to account for the cost of purchasing green gas or CO2 or charging your lipo battery if you choose an electric sniper rifle. 

How To Choose an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Your airsoft sniper rifle’s accuracy depends on the brand and model you purchase, along with the quality of ammo you shoot. The best sniper rifles depend also on your budget and skill. Like any other airsoft platform, you can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $1,000 or more. 

As tempting as it might be to get an airsoft sniper rifle on the cheap, you’re probably going to wish you had saved up just a bit more to get the gun you were really hoping for. While there are affordable models out there, the performance will be sorely lacking. In that case, you’re better off purchasing an entry-level gas blowback (GBB) pistol like the Tokyo Marui MK23 instead. 

If you have some room to work in, entry-level airsoft sniper rifles include the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. This accurate and affordable airsoft sniper rifle benefits from the Tokyo Marui touch and commands a reasonable aftermarket lineup. The ARES Amoeba Striker is another great entry-level airsoft sniper rifle with decent performance out of the box but fewer upgrades than the Tokyo Marui. 

Spend a bit more, and you could unlock some of the more popular airsoft sniper rifles, including the following: 

CO2-powered and high-pressure air (HPA) airsoft sniper rifles tend to make the most power because they maintain the highest pressures (higher pressure gas for CO2 and a regulator for HPA). If you choose one of these types of airsoft sniper rifles, match the performance with a long precision inner barrel to make the most of what the platform offers. 

How To Adjust Your Airsoft Sniper Rifle’s Hop-Up

Adjusting the hop-up on your airsoft sniper rifle (or any airsoft rifle, for that matter) can help your rifle shoot straighter and farther. The hop-up adjustment lever or dial is located in a different spot, depending on the airsoft sniper rifle you choose. Some have only a hex nut adjustable via a hex key or wrench. 

Here are the basic steps involved in adjusting your airsoft sniper rifle’s hop-up: 

  1. Find a large area where you can shoot the maximum distance of your airsoft sniper rifle. If you plan on tuning your hop-up outside, ensure you have no wind to account for in directing your ammo’s flight. 
  2. Set up a paper target and place your airsoft sniper rifle in a resting position. Minimize any human error that could taint your results. If you want to add a bipod for more stability, now’s a good time to deploy it. 
  3. Shoot a few BBs to see where you’re hitting on the paper. See if you can watch the BB in flight to see if it’s curving up or down or flying straight. The idea is to get your ammo to fly straight or in a slightly upward motion to reach your opponents. 
  4. Adjust your hop-up in small increments and notice how the BBs are reacting as you fire them down range. Increasing the hop-up will turn the BB upward, creating a swooping upward curve. Decreasing it has the same effect, just downward. Eventually, you want to end up adjusting your hop-up until you get that slight curve upward. 

Adjusting your rifle hop-up requires patience, so spend some time with your rifle to learn where the hop-up best performs. Remember, once you get your hop-up set, keep using the same brand and weight BBs you tuned with. If you change either one of these variables, you’re in for more tuning. 

How To Upgrade an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft sniper rifle upgrades include a tight-bore inner barrel and an upgraded hop-up unit, nozzle, and bucking. 

Most stock airsoft sniper rifles accurately shoot anywhere between 100 to 140 feet, but installing high-performance parts like the Maple Leaf Hop-Up Rubber can help boost your airsoft rifle to reach out to 330 feet or more. Attaching a suppressor can help keep your airsoft sniper rifle quiet, and a red dot can help you acquire your targets.

Airsoft Sniper

When it comes to the term “sniper”, we often associate it with a military marksman who shoots their enemy from a distance in concealment by surprise. They are often equipped with a high-precision rifle and high-magnification optics. When it comes to airsoft, concealment isn’t always an option. Since our ammo of choice is set to 6mm BB, our effective distance can be quite limited too. That is why we consider the post of being an Airsoft Sniper to be an advanced position and recommend it against beginning airsofters. If you just start playing airsoft, be sure to check all the airsoft gun options before deciding on the airsoft sniper role.

What Is Airsoft Sniper

The role of airsoft sniper is quite similar to a military sniper, a marksman that takes out enemy at long distance. However being an airsoft sniper is a little due to physics (the maximum capability for a BB to shoot accurately and far). Since airsoft sniper rifles can only shoot about 10 - 20 meters further than an airsoft assault rifle, the airsoft sniper will need to be a lot closer to the enemy than real snipers.

Real snipers often engage their targets from 300 to 1000 meters, but airsoft sniper’s maximum range is about 70 to 80 meters. Given the limited range, the sniper is a lot easier to spot, hence some of the gear like the ghillie suit is less effective. Another major difference is real snipers get to plan and prepare their attacks ahead of time, and possibly camp in a location prior to the attack; whereas airsoft snipers begin the battle the same time as the opposing team, so they have to rush to a vantage point.

What To Look For In An Airsoft Sniper?

Given that airsoft snipers range is limited, they will need to be constantly moving to engage their enemies. To do so, contrary to real snipers, they need to be a lot more agile. Hence, airsoft snipers should optimize their loadout to be as lightweight as possible. Their sniper rifle should be well tuned and maintained to have a very stable, accurate and long trajectory.

For an accurate rifle, a robust and powerful scope is needed. With the limited range of an airsoft sniper rifle, we recommend 4-6x power scope is sufficient. Since the sniper rifle is meant to reach a longer distance than normal AEGs, we also recommend the rifle be paired with heavy weight BBs (0.3g or above).

How Does An Airsoft Sniper Work?

Majority of the airsoft snipers are bolt action rifles, which requires the user to manually cock the spring and piston back before firing. Typically, we call this type of system Springers. Springers are simple and robust, it will work no matter what kind of weather condition, but it is slow if the user would like to have a follow-up shot. It is a great system for sniper roles, but ineffective against a large squad of enemies. To learn more about how Springers work, read our blog: How Do Airsoft Guns Work? Everything You Need to Know to learn more.

Airsoft Sniper

An airsoft sniper rifle is a highly realistic replica of a real sniper rifle.  Airsoft sniper rifles are designed to shoot further and with greater accuracy than airsoft rifles or pistols, allowing the shooter to stay behind the front lines and take out opponents from a distance.  Sniper rifles are available as bolt action airsoft sniper rifles or semi-auto sniper rifles.  We carry many of the best airsoft sniper rifles inculding Tokyo Marui VSR-10, Amoeba Striker, Silverback Airsoft sniper, Novritsch sniper rifles, PSG-1 Airsoft snipers, and the Barrett 50 Cal Airsoft gun.

What is an Airsoft Sniper?

An airsoft sniper is a very realistic replica that mimics the look and functionality of a real sniper rifle.  Designed for recreational purposes, airsoft snipers generally shoot more accurately and longer range than regular airsoft pistols and rifles.  Airsoft rifles are designed for long range engagement and their long barrels make them suited for high power upgrades to achieve effective ranges of up to 100 meters (330 feet) or beyond.

There are 3 main types of airsoft sniper rifles which we will explain below.

‧ Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles
The most popular category of airsoft snipers are powered by spring.  These rifles require that you manually cock the rifle before each shot.  Most are bolt action sniper rifles where you rotate and pull back a cocking lever to compress an internal spring.  The spring is held in a compressed position by a trigger sear, and once you pull the trigger, the spring is released and used to compress air in a piston that generates power to shoot the BB out of the gun.

Spring sniper rifles have the benefit of working consistently under all weather conditions and are less susceptible to temperate changes, unlike gas sniper rifles.  The simplicity of a spring sniper rifle’s design and the fewer moving parts means that they can be very accurate and generally require very little maintainance.

The downside of a spring sniper rifle is you need to cock it for each shot.  On high power spring airsoft sniper rifles, the cocking motion can also be very stiff and require that the shooter is strong enough to pull back the cocking lever.

‧ Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifles
Gas sniper rifles are powered by pressurized airsoft gas that is charged into a gas reservoir inside the gun, usually in the magazine or some part of the stock.  The benefits of gas sniper rifles is that they are much easier and quicker to cock.  Gas sniper rifles can also be upgraded to very high power levels compared to spring snipers.  The downside of gas sniper rifles is they are sensitive to low temperatures and may not operate too well in very cold weather.

‧ Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifles
Electric sniper rifles are powered by a battery and motor that can compress a spring mechanically.  This means that you simply have to pull the trigger without needing to manually cock the gun.

How much does a good airsoft sniper cost?

The best airsoft sniper rifle for you will ultimately depend on your budget and your skill level.  Airsoft sniper rifles are available in a range of prices, starting at below USD 200 for entry level rifles that have decent performance but cannot really be considered precision long range shooters.  Sniper rifles in this price range would require upgrading to get them to become much more superior than regular rifles.  Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifles are the best ones to start at a reasonable price, and you can upgrade them over time as you have the budget.  The ARES Amoeba Striker sniper rifles offer a lot of hardware for the price and shoot with decent performance, but offer less upgrade potential as the Tokyo Marui VSR-10.

If you can spend a little more and afford something in the USD 300 range, you should consider the Silverback TAC41P, the Novritsch SSG10 A1 airsoft sniper, or the SSG24 airsoft sniper.  Both of these offer far superior performance than the sniper rifles that cost below USD 200 and they truly reflect the performance of a sniper as compared to regular airsoft rifles.  Or consider the ARES Remington MS338 rifles which look fantastic.  Push into the USD 400 range and get the beefy Modify MOD24 with fantastic performance.  Modify is the OEM manufacturer for some of Novritsch’s own sniper rifles, and Modify Airsoft took that knowledge and infused it into their own MOD 24 sniper rifle.

As you move into the USD 500 - 600 range, you have access to some of the top-of-the-line airsoft snipers from Sliverback in their SRS Airsoft sniper rifles, Novritsch, and Archwick.

If you are on a very tight budget like less than USD 100, we recommend you do not get tempted to get an airsoft sniper rifle on the cheap because the performance will be very poor and you will not really be able to snipe at all.  Cheap airsoft sniper rifles may look like a sniper rifle but be completely lacking in performance.  In that case, you will be better off buying an entry level gas pistol instead to truly enjoy airsoft.  The Tokyo Marui MK23 is a frequent choice of people who want to snipe, despite it being a pistol. But its superior range and consistent hop-up makes it perform like a sniper.  If you really want a sniper rifle, then at the minimum, go for an ARES AMOEBA Striker or a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 mentioned above.

How accurate are airsoft sniper rifles?

How accurate airsoft sniper rifles are depends on the brand and also model.  For an affordable price, nobody beats Tokyo Marui’s VSR-10 sniper rifles when it comes to nailing targets consistently in tight groupings.  If you want something more precision at long distances, then consider the Silverback sniper rifles, Novritsch sniper rifles, Modify Sniper rifles that we have mentioned above.  These are really the big three when it comes to high performance airsoft sniper rifles.  Accuracy also depends on the quality of the BBs you use in the sniper rifle.  The most accurate ones tend to be bolt action airsoft sniper rifles.  Electric powered semi-auto sniper rifles have a bit too much vibration that he affect accuracy.  Read our article : A guide to Accuracy and Range.

What is the best airsoft sniper rifle?

The best airsoft sniper rifle title falls on the big three brands, starting with Tokyo Marui VSR-10 as the best affordable airsoft sniper rifle, Silverback SRS A2 as the best overall in terms of build quality and performance, and the Novritsch SSG10 A1 as the most popular thanks to being seen in Youtube videos more than any other rifle.  Modify MOD24 gets an honorable mention because they incorporate most of the technology from Novritsch rifles.

How to adjust hop up on airsoft sniper?

If you do not know what an airsoft hop-up is, read our article on What Is An Airsoft Hop-Up And Why You Need It.  Hop-up is extremely important for airsoft sniper rifles to shoot far and straight.  

The hop-up adjustment lever or dial is located in a different location on every sniper rifle. Some require more work and only provide a hex nut, which you can only adjust using a hex key or wrench.  Adjusting hop-up takes a lot of patience and you need to find a large area where you can shoot the maximum distance of your airsoft sniper rifle.  If you are doing this outdoors, then make sure you choose a place with no wind so that the BB’s flight is not affected by external factors.  You need to set a paper target up, and then set up your rifle in a rested position to reduce human error.  Adding a bipod will also aid in this process.  Also keep in mind that once you have dialed-in the hop-up for a particular brand and weight of BB, you will have to keep using that same brand and weight of BB going forward.  If you change brands or weight, you may need to adjust the hop-up again.

As you increase hop-up on your sniper rifle, you are essentially increasing back-spin on the BB to counter gravitational effects that pull the BB downward during flight.  Take successive shots at your target and see if the BB is dipping early.  If it is, keep increasing the hop-up to add more backspin.  You should see that the BB flies farther and father.  However, there is a limit on how far you can tune the hop-up.  Once you start seeing that your BBs are starting to rake upward well beyond the original flightpath of your BB, that probably means you have added too much backspin on the BB and it is therefore flying upward.  The objective of tuning your hop-up is to provide just enough backspin to counter the gravitational force so that the BB flies in a straight line for as far as possible.

Keep in mind that when you lubricate your hop-up with silicone spray as part of your regular maintenance, it will change the grip on the hop-up bucking and therefore will affect the behavior of your hop-up.  Just keep shooting and the silicone fluid will eventually dry up slightly and allow the hop-up bucking to return to its normal behavior.

Some sniper rifles have aftermarket hop-up units to enhance the consistency and accuracy of your rifle.  Once your hop-up is dialed-in, make sure you that your rifle scope is also adjusted to match where you are shooting.  Read our article on How To Adjust A Rifle Scope in Airsoft.

What is the most powerful airsoft sniper rifle?

Everyone who starts out with snipers in airsoft ask the question “What is the most powerful airsoft sniper rifle in the world?”.  There is no definitive answer since manufacturers release different specifications on each of their rifles for different markets based on government power regulations.  In general, CO2 airsoft sniper rifles or HPA airsoft snipers will create the highest power due to their high pressure.  When matched with a long precision inner barrel, these types of sniper rifles can create eye-watering power that can get quite dangerous when shooting friends at close range.  Airsoft co2 sniper rifles are listed together with our gas airsoft rifles.  Many of our airsoft rifles are capable of very high power with the right components, but due to regulations of our home city and also many other countries that we ship to, we sell airsoft sniper rifles that max out at 2 joules of power (466fps on a 0.2g BB).  Most fields in the world will only allow airsoft sniper rifles that max out at 500fps of power anyways.  And while everyone wants an 800 fps airsoft sniper rifle, the reality is that such a high power sniper rifle becomes unusable in an airsoft game.

How to make your airsoft sniper more accurate?

Airsoft snipers can be upgraded to make them more accurate than when they came from the factory.  Key factors to increasing accuracy include the quality and the tightness of the inner barrel, the hop-up unit and hop-up bucking, and whether the inner barrel has the proper bushings to keep it from vibrating and wobbling during shots.  An airsoft sniper upgrade can greatly enhance the performance of your rifle and also adds to the joy of ownership.

You can also get airsoft sniper kits like EdGI Custom Works to upgrade the power and / or accuracy of airsoft snipers. 

How far can an airsoft sniper rifle shoot?

That really depends on the power and hop-up performance of your airsoft sniper rifle.  Stock rifles can shoot 30 - 40 meters (100 - 140 feet) with good accuracy, with a maximum effective range of about 50 meters to hit a man-sized target.  High performance sniper rifles or upgraded snipers can acheive greater distances up to 70 or 80 meters, with some even topping 100 meters (330 feet).