In the United States, airsoft guns are not classified as firearms under federal law. However, each state has different rules and regulations regarding this toy. Moreover, there is some general practice that airsofters should be aware of. So in this blog, we will go through some of the most common laws and regulations that we've come across here at RedWolf Airsoft. Do note that this blog post is meant to be used as a reference and the law is subject to change in the future.

Airsoft Law 101

Airsoft 101. Laws and Regulations about Airsoft Guns!

General Federal Regulations

Often airsoft guns are manufactured to resemble real firearms; they are made for realistic skirmish games, firearms training, movie props, or even just regular target shooting. Here are some regulations under Federal Law that apply to all the states:

  • Purchaser must be 18 years old to purchase an airsoft gun
  • Never point an airsoft gun at anyone without their consent unless the person is taking part in an airsoft event
  • Airsoft guns must have a blaze orange tip (1/4 inch) on the barrel when sold or transported to differentiate them from real firearms.
  • Other than airsoft fields or private property, all airsoft guns must be stored in a bag or case during transportation

State-Specific Laws


  • Age Restrictions: It is illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase an airsoft gun.
  • Public Carry: It is illegal to display an airsoft gun in public places.
  • Markings: Airsoft guns must have clear or brightly colored markings.

New York

  • Public Carry: Carrying or brandishing an airsoft gun in public can lead to charges of menacing or other offenses.
  • Markings: Airsoft guns must have a blaze orange tip and be made of clear or bright-colored plastic.


  • Public Carry: Airsoft guns should not be brandished or displayed in public in a manner that could cause alarm.
  • Schools: Possession of airsoft guns on school property is typically prohibited.


  • Age Restrictions: It is unlawful for minors under 16 to own an airsoft gun unless they have parental permission.
  • Public Carry: Airsoft guns should not be openly carried in public places.


  • Public Carry: Similar to other states, airsoft guns should not be brandished in public.
  • Schools: Airsoft guns are not permitted on school grounds.


  • Chicago: Airsoft guns are illegal in the city of Chicago.
  • Elsewhere: Must have an orange tip and cannot be sold to minors.


  • Markings: Airsoft guns must have an orange tip.
  • Public Carry: Displaying or brandishing airsoft guns in public is prohibited.


  • Age Restrictions: Minors must have parental permission to purchase or possess airsoft guns.
  • Public Carry: Brandishing airsoft guns in public is not allowed.


Owning an airsoft gun is actually legal all across the United States, but from our research, we only notice 1 state where the law states that brandishing an airsoft gun is illegal and requires airsoft guns to be stored in a specific way:

New Jersey

  • Regulation: Airsoft guns are considered firearms under state law and require the same licenses and permits as real firearms.
  • Age Restrictions: Minors cannot purchase airsoft guns.


To purchase an airsoft gun, the buyer must be 18 years or above. In some states, it is illegal for children under the age of 14 to possess an airsoft gun without the supervision of an adult.

However, there isn't a law that specifies how old you need to be to play airsoft; but most airsoft fields will have a minimum age of 12 or more.

For kids under 18, there must be at least 1 guardian/ parent to accompany them.


Airsoft guns are NOT firearms!

Though each state has its own regulations and rules, airsoft guns aren't considered firearms under federal law in the United States. Michigan considers airsoft guns as replicas; whereas in New Jersey it is regulated as imitation firearms. Airsoft guns are generally sold in the US with an orange tip installed on the barrel to distinguish them from normal firearms since airsoft guns are usually quite realistic.

Final Thoughts

An example of RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol with an orange tip installed - Click for more Info

So to conclude:

  • Airsoft guns aren't illegal to own throughout all the states as long as they have an orange tip
  • It is good practice to keep the airsoft gun out of public view
  • When transporting airsoft guns, it is best to keep them in a gun back or a gun case
  • The customer must be 18-year-old or older to purchase an airsoft gun
  • Airsofters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when using an airsoft gun
  • Airsoft guns are never to be fired in public
One of the many ways to carry your airsoft guns for transportation

We hope you find this blog informative. Rest assured, we here at RedWolf Airsoft will always ensure the product is legal for you to own before we send the product over. If there is an issue with your order, our customer service team will e-mail you to let you know. So if you'd like to purchase with ease of mind, shop at our website at! Thanks for reading!