There are a lot of different ways to have fun playing airsoft. While nothing is more exhilarating than a large-scale battle on a great airsoft field, there are plenty of more convenient and readily accessible ways to enjoy sending BBs downrange when going to the airsoft field isn't an option. One such popular airsoft pastime is plinking.

So what is plinking? Plinking - also known as plink shooting - is best defined as "backyard target practice". Shooting tin cans with an airsoft gun, for instance, would be one example of plinking. Ultimately, though, just about any type of target practice you do with your airsoft gun would fall under the category of plinking. In this article, we will further address the question of what is plinking in addition to covering why plinking is a worthwhile pastime and the best airsoft guns for plinking. 

With the question of what is plinking answered, let's take a look at why someone would want to spend time plinking. There are several reasons why plinking is an enjoyable and beneficial pastime for airsoft enthusiasts and novices alike. The first of these reasons is the fact that plinking can be a great form of practice. While it is true that nothing beats in-game experience when it comes to honing your airsoft skills, there is something to be said for familiarizing yourself with your airsoft gun. Plinking is a great way to become more comfortable with your airsoft gun and how it operates as well as a great way to improve your accuracy. 

There's also the fact that plinking is surprisingly enjoyable. Arranging makeshift targets in order to create your very own custom shooting range is a joy in and of itself. Hearing the satisfying "plink" of BBs bouncing off those targets when you make a good shot is even more enjoyable still. Whether you are looking to kill a little time or blow off some stress, plinking is a fun activity to consider. 

Perhaps the most alluring part of plinking, though, is the fact that it's so convenient and affordable. Almost anything can be used as an informal target for plinking, from empty cans to plastic jugs to rocks and bricks and beyond. Best of all, plinking with an airsoft gun, as opposed to a real steel firearm, means that you don't necessarily have to take safety reasons into account when choosing your targets and location. Firing a real firearm in an urban or even suburban area is never a good idea. With airsoft guns, though, you can enjoy plinking almost anywhere. Likewise, plinking with an airsoft gun enables you to choose just about whatever target you like. With a real firearm, you have to be careful of ricochets and need to avoid hard targets such as stone and metal targets. Shooting targets you don't actually want to destroy with a real firearm obviously won't work out so well either. With an airsoft gun, though, you can shoot just about anything you can get your hands on without worrying about damaging it or creating the potential for dangerous ricochets. 

Now that we've addressed the questions of what is plinking and why is plinking a worthwhile hobby, let's take a look at what you need to get started plinking. It's important to start by saying that the beauty of plinking is that it is entirely up to you when it comes to what your plinking session entails. When you're using an airsoft gun, just about anything imaginable can serve as a plinking target. How you arrange your targets in order to create your plinking range is likewise entirely your choice. 

With that said, there are a few things you will need to get started aside from access to makeshift targets and an outdoor location. A good airsoft gun and plenty of ammo is an obvious requirement for anyone who wants to enjoy plinking. Tracer BBs that enable you to track your BB's path in flight can also make plinking all the more enjoyable. While plinking enables you to use just about anything as a target, a good target system such as the Systema Perpetual Pendulum Target can be nice to have as well. 

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In addition to these, though, you will also want to wear eye protection while plinking. While an airsoft BB that ricochets back in your direction is clearly not nearly as concerning as a real bullet that has ricocheted, there is still the potential for harm if the BB hits you in the eye. So long as you are wearing proper eye protection, though, plinking with an airsoft gun is one of the safest things that you will ever do. 

What is the Best Gun for Plinking?

Since plinking can serve as a valuable source of practice, the best plinking gun will be the one that you use for actual airsoft engagements. With that said, however, there are some great airsoft guns on the market that are ideal if plinking is your priority. This includes guns such as: 

Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol

Tokyo Marui MEU Pistol (1911)
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This gorgeous pistol is facelifted version of the classic 1911 design and boasts incredible attention to detail that makes it a true beauty to behold. What really makes this pistol great for plinking, though, is its high-quality Novak sights. The more accurate you are, the more enjoyable your time spent plinking is bound to be. The Tokyo Marui M.E.U.'s quality construction along with its Novak sights make it one of the most accurate pistols on the market and thus one of the best pistols for plinking purposes.

In addition to its external quality, internally its based on the tried and test Tokyo Marui 1911 platform. This means you will also have access to one of the widest varieties of aftermarket upgrade parts to further supercharge this airsoft pistol if the base model is not up to your standards!

KWC .50 Desert Eagle L6

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The best part about the KWC .50 Desert Eagle L6 is its realistic recoil. If you would like to plink with an airsoft gun that feels like firing a real firearm, you are sure to enjoy the blowback design and heavy recoil of the KWC .50 Desert Eagle L6. As an added bonus, this pistol also offers full-auto functionality for the times when you really want to spray a lot of pellets downrange. 

The key to this particular Desert Eagle's hard kick is that its a Co2 airsoft gun. Co2 airsoft guns usually offer harder kick as their pressurized capsules are slightly high pressure than other airsoft gases. In addition, the benefit of using Co2 means you are able to easily buy more capsules at more places, without having to potentially go out of your way to find green gas or other more airsoft specific gas to power your pistol.

Umarex UMP 9

Umarex UMP9 DX GBB (by VFC)
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If you prefer a shoulder-mounted firearm for your plinking purposes as opposed to a pistol, the Umarex UMP 9 is a great option to consider. This fully licensed product features a strong recoil and exceptional accuracy. It's a great choice for airsoft engagements but an equally great choice for backyard target practice as well. 

One of the most outstanding features of the UMP9 is its blazing fast two round burst. Not only is it extremely fast, its also very accurate making the double plink sound you hear upon connecting with your target all the more satisifying!