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G&G GMG42 Airsoft AEG

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  • Faithful Replication
  • Dummy Rounds for Added Realism
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Heavy Realistic Weight
  • Includes Bipod
  • Magazine Only Compatible G&G MG42 Drum Magazine

The MG42 is a 7.92x57mm Mauser general-purpose machine gun designed in Germany and used extensively during the second half of World War II. It was intended to replace the earlier MG 34, which was more expensive and took much longer to produce, but in the event, both weapons were produced until the end of the war.

It comes in a rugged box that you'd think wouldn't fit the GMG42, because it comes in 6 pieces that need to be put together like Lego. Installation is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. There's the main body, the stock, magazine, the belt, bullets, and the bipod. Tim explains how to put it together in the RedWolf review which you can watch in the link above. As you can see from these photos, the gun simply looks stunning. A lot of effort was put into making sure the external finishing of the gun was as realistic as possible.

The GMG42 has a custom gearbox specially designed for it and can easily be removed from the receiver making maintenance and the ability to upgrade as easily as possible. The battery it comes with uses a mini Tamiya G&G 11.1V Lipo battery which fits perfectly inside the stock. The autowinding drum magazine is powered by its own battery which comes included and can be wound by pressing the button on the top of the magazine. Spare drum magazines will be sold separately. The barrel is made out of steel and can be removed for easy maintenance.

The GMG42 can hold its own in terms of picking out targets but really - for a suppression weapon, accuracy is not your main concern! You point in a certain direction towards your enemies and it'll mow them down with a hose of BBs. This is as close to real steel as it gets although it runs on electricity. You won't find another GMG42 that imitates the Real Steel as much as this boy does. WW2 fans, this is what you're looking for!

Magazine Compatibility:

  • G&G MG42 Drum Magazine


  • x1 G&G GMG42
  • x1 Drum Magazine
  • x1 Dummy Round Set
Capacity (rds)1700
Power (fps)395
Power SourceElectric
Shooting ModeFull Auto
Net Weight (kg)8.5
Length (mm)1300.0
Battery PlugSmall Tamiya
Content Included


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Fantastic quality and awesome features

I get that most people will buy the AGM instead of spending 3-4 times as much on this. However, I have owned both at the same time and quickly sold my AGM. Most online who own the AGM will say it is fine, but there are many ways to improve. The internals aren't good, the body has a lot of "metal" that doesn't often hold up well (which can often include loose charging handles, loose connections, easy-to-scratch surface, snapped parts, etc...), and the mag is okay at best. Of course, if you're careful with the gun and you spend some time and a little more money on upgrades, everything works out in the end. Yet another prime example of the ageless airsoft debate; "spend less and use the money to upgrade or spend more on the gun itself?" With the G&G? It weighs an ungodly amount more due to the steel. The body feels sturdy enough to support the crumbling economy, the finish is gorgeous, the stock has no wobble, parts are tightly put together, and it even has a quick-change barrel. The gearbox is CnC, and while the internals aren't anything quite worth drooling over, they work well enough together that I have yet to swap anything out. The hopup chamber is nice, and while the bucking and nub are standard, quickly changing that out for a nicer ML hop or an R Hop patch helps excel at longer ranges, similar to what you'd be doing with the AGM anyway. The gearbox also gives a nice rate of fire and can easily be removed when you want to open it up and/or swap springs. I also believe the drum is better; the external quality is nicer and the feed tube/block is much more favorable. The reliability of continuously feeding BBs has excelled over my AGM and I have not needed to crack open the drum to repair anything, unlike my AGM. The downsides? Obviously the cost. Additionally, while I understand the design choice, I am not a fan of the cylinder head and tappet plate. The cylinder head doesn't really bring about any concern of breaking but is very proprietary. The tappet plate? That is a part that can break but is difficult to source. My plan is to go directly to G&G, but that type of part should be listed on websites. This would be even more worrying if you do want to upgrade (say, to get an even higher ROF). IF you want to HPA it, you can buy a custom 3D printed gearbox shell or make your own as the offset, to my knowledge, isn't a default option for the P* F2 or Wolverine. It does allow you to use standard cylinder HPA engines and nozzle IF you want to go that route. Additionally, while not a downside for me since I have a wide variety of batteries, the gun has somewhat limited battery space, especially compared to the AGM. 1000-1200mah short stick LiPos fit just fine. I have no regrets about mine and it is one of the few I plan to keep well past my airsoft game days, just as a nice prop. It brings me, and my friends/family, plenty of joy just seeing it, holding it, and playing with little features. I have seen a few posts suggesting it's better to get a deactivated MG53 and convert that, but seeing as I live in the USA, I doubt I will ever be able to do that. If you are in the UK, that may be a viable option. Pros: Fantastic steel everywhere. Good fitment everywhere. Quick change barrel + fun way to use the charging handle to pull the inner barrel back. Great quality gearbox and hop. Stock components give decent ROF and (so far) good reliability. Neutral: Somewhat limited battery space due to the sturdier design of the stock and placement of the gearbox. Proprietary cylinder head. Cons: Cost. Tappet plate is proprietary and isn't commonly sold on airsoft sites (at least any that take orders from/ship to USA).

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