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New Tokyo Marui MP5 RAS (2002-07-15)

Expected in the next few weeks, Tokyo Marui is releasing a variant version MP5 that looks like a cross between the PDW and the A4 / A5. Transformed with a modified folding stock (the hinge is much sturdier), 3-sided RIS railed foregrip, a vertical foregrip, quick clamp PDW style flash-hider with threaded barrel tip for silence attachments, this gun also comes with a high quality red-dot scope mounted on a new low-riding scope mount (all included). The result is an extremely tactical MP5 that provides the modular benefits of an RIS weapon. It's folding stock also makes it highly versatile, and unlike it's PDW cousin, the RAS accommodates a small battery in the RIS foregrip. Comes with a 50 round standard magazine. The RAS is expected to pump out 265fps on a 0.2g BB. The entire gun weighs 2,515g and measures 732mm long with the stock extended, and 502mm with the stock folded.

Expected in the next few days, we are already accepting pre-orders of the new Tokyo Marui MP5 RAS. Boasting RIS rails and an included 3 level high quality red-dot scope, this RAS is sure to be popular with CQB addicts for its versatility and good looks. Get one for yourself now!