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What is an Airsoft Nozzle?

An airsoft nozzle allows air from the cylinder to power the BB, which is fed directly into the hop-up chamber. It is usually mistakenly assumed to be solely the gearboxes’ doing. 

What does an Airsoft Nozzle do?

One of the often-overlooked factors in airsoft accuracy is the airsoft nozzle. Additionally, it must be understood that the airsoft nozzle makes up another crucial aspect of your gearbox’s overall compression. 

Types of Airsoft Nozzle?

There are a lot of airsoft nozzles out there as every airsoft replica and brand use different nozzles. They are no interchangeable so do not try to switch it with another platform or even a similar airsoft replica!

Airsoft Nozzle from an Experienced Players Point of View

‘Those that are unfamiliar with airsoft nozzles may not know that it plays a big role in your accuracy!’ - Quake