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Tokyo Marui NP5A4 (HG)

Product Brand: Tokyo Marui
Product Code: AEG003-TM
Weight: 2,100 g
Length: 680 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 265 fps
Motor: EG700
Battery Size: Large
Shooting Mode: SEMI, FULL AUTO
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Unit Price: USD$245.00

Out of Stock


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The NP5-A4 is popular with the SWAT and anti-terrorist groups. Fixed stock accommodates large battery. Metal parts include magazine, bolt, trigger, firing selector, front and rear sights. Now with EG700 motor! Get the tactical fore grip with Surefire flashlight and you're ready for some real action! (see our flashlight section). For tactical use, we highly recommend getting a three-point sling (metal sling attachment points already on gun). This new HG version already has a threaded barrel to take a 14mm CCW silencer. Read our review of this gun in the reviews section.

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- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Quick attach QD silencer is available for attachment of the 3-lug barrel. Get a scope mount for installation of a scope on this gun. Also popular with most who buy the NP5 is to also get a 3-point tactical sling. Consider getting some spare standard magazines, or a high capacity 200 round magazine. The most popular option for this gun is the Surefire Flashlight foregrip from either Classic Army or G&P.
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