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Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft rifles are widely used by many airsofters as it is the easiest platform to modify a rifle on. Modern rifles are used nowadays by many soldiers in warfare combat as they are very versatile and can be used in all situations, yes even sniping or CQB. It is also the best platform to create your dream gun as everything can be customized. Yes, when we say everything we really mean it. From rail, barrels, internal parts, pistol grip, receiver, buttstock, buttstock tube, and trigger! Let’s not forget all the tactical accessories we can add too which can provide some advantage in combat.

What is an Airsoft Rifle?

Airsoft rifles work in a simple manner, every trigger you pull strikes the latch inside the magazine which forces pressurized air out at the BB that’s sitting in the hop-up chamber. This will create a rolling motion of the BB inside the inner barrel which eventually makes its way out the barrel towards your target. Airsoft rifles can be powered by electricity, gas, or HPA which means it can be sued for everyone’s needs! But let’s not forget, there are actually many varieties of airsoft rifles out there that are not just limited to M4. M4 is the most common and easiest type to obtain but there are also other airsoft rifles such as AK’s, bullpup, Tar 21, Famas, M16A4, ACR, and many more.

Can an Airsoft Rifle Kill You?

Like all airsoft guns, they cannot do much harm as the power of these guns is very limited. Most stock airsoft rifles can shoot up to 430 fps (feet per second) or about 1.72 joules, this is will feel like a flick from a finger! But compared to a real gun an M4 carbine can shoot as much as 2900 fps which is six times higher than airsoft variant, this can seriously hurt someone or kill.

Do You Need a License for an Airsoft Rifle?

Airsoft rifles just like any other airsoft guns do not require any license to use, sell, or obtain! This is why airsoft guns are so popular around the globe as it’s safe and gives a sense of satisfaction of owning a gun.

What is an Airsoft Rifle Used For?

The modern airsoft rifle is used for every situation from CQB, long-range combat, or even competition shooting as it really depends on how you customize your gun. Shorten the handguard, makes it very easy to manipulate, or extending it with the inner barrel makes it great for long-range shooting! Depending on how it’s set up, it can be used for every situation you can imagine that’s why airsoft rifles are the most commonly used airsoft guns.