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Spring Airsoft Rifle

During the 1980s airsoft started first in Japan, as ownership of guns by citizens was illegal. Thus with no access to real guns, the demand for firearm replicas increased. From that high demand was when airsoft surfaced, a dream come true for those that aspire to own a gun.

Airsoft guns started out as spring power guns, as Japan developed the airsoft guns further they eventually evolved into fully automatic gas and battery-powered airsoft guns. As time goes by airsoft will continue to evolve with new and improved weapons to be released, becoming closer and more realistic to the real steel counterpart. With new innovations such as hop-up units, blowback, or Polar Star technology, they are becoming much more accurate and powerful. 

Though gas airsoft guns are the most expensive out of spring-powered and electric, the growing popularity of airsoft continues to make airsoft guns more affordable so everyone can enjoy the sport. Airsoft guns today are quite sophisticated and popular among airsofters as well as law enforcement or military who also use them for training.

What are Spring Airsoft Rifles?

For those on a super tight budget then look no further, as they are the most readily available and affordable airsoft guns in the market. All of them are manually powered by pumping the spring and the bb then fires from the barrel with a trigger pull. The rate of fire is only as fast as you can charge that spring.

In the UK, they are known as "springers" and were often a player's introduction to the sport due to the entry-level cost in comparison to AEG and GBB weapons. Almost all airsoft players at some point owned a spring weapon, whether for its actual use in a competitive event or for the replica value since some airsoft weapons are only available as spring versions. However, some veteran airsoft players still rely on sniper rifle and shotgun-type spring guns as a primary weapon due to their reliability, high power, high accuracy and low noise, as well as their ease of repair and modification compared to AEGs and GBB guns.

In colder weather, spring pistols are way more reliable than GBB pistols and even the batteries on automatic electric pistols (AEPs) both of which can be adversely affected by extremely low temperatures. This represents one of the major advantages of a spring airsoft gun, as it can be fired in practically any situation without relying on batteries or bottled gas. This independence from external power sources causes some players to favor spring-powered guns. Spring guns are also less susceptible to the effects of water, where a battery-powered gun could short-circuit and malfunction when wet.

What to Look for in a Spring Airsoft Rifle?

The only thing you’d be looking out for really is the brand, which would be Tanaka, Ares, or KTW  as they are known to make quality spring airsoft rifles. When it comes to airsoft spring rifles there are not really many choices as most of them are the classic rifles that were used during World War. You cant expect a spring airsoft rifle that’s an M4 as it’ll just be inefficient, that’s why the majority of them are long-range rifles as well as being more realistic with the bolt action lever.

What are Some of the Best Spring Airsoft Rifles?

If you’re looking for the best spring airsoft rifle then hear us out, as we introduce you to the KTW NEW WINCHESTER M1873 CARBINE. It may only be a springer, but it does feature a real wood frame, shooting power of 275 fps, and has a huge range potential! What we like about it the most is how realistic it felt, and how quiet it is. To find out more about this awesome spring airsoft gun click here:

How Does a Spring Airsoft Rifle Work?

Spring airsoft guns are single-shot replicas that use the elastic potential energy stored within a compressed coil spring to drive the piston air pump. Then released upon a trigger-pull and rapidly pressurizes the air within the pump cylinder to in turn push the pellet down the inner barrel. You must manually recompress the spring under stress prior to each shot, typically by pulling back the slide (pistols), bolt handle (rifles) or forend pump (shotguns) on the weapon, which cocks and readies the gun. Thus spring guns are incapable of automatic or semi-automatic firing by design.

Though spring airsoft guns are generally not as powerful as gas ones, they have more power than electric airsoft guns. This is because stiffer springs can be used without the worry of overloading any motor-gearbox. Spring guns are generally inexpensive, and may not last long due to the tension exerted on the gun parts by the recoiling of a powerful spring. However, many spring guns can be modified and upgraded to last longer and shoot with even more power!

While most AEG also use springs to drive the air pump, they use external power sources and not considered to be in the same category as spring guns. Low-end spring guns tend to be much cheaper than their electric equivalents due to their simplicity and lack of electrical components and thus are widely available. These guns are less suited for competition because they are at a rate-of-fire disadvantage against automatic guns in close combat and do not provide enough accuracy and power for long-range use. But, there are some exceptions, however, as higher-end spring-powered airsoft rifles can be quite expensive; these guns are typically suited for "marksman" applications in airsoft matches and provide competitive muzzle velocities. 

Spring airsoft guns are often more affordable than electric or gas-powered weapons. Because of their low price, availability, and simplicity, spring guns tend to act as "training guns" to bring new players to airsoft games and are considered the primary weapon of "backyard skirmishes".