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What is a Spring Air Rifle

A spring powered airsoft rifle uses a spring that is compressed manually by the shooter in preparation for each shot. The spring is compressed by pulling back on a cocking lever of some form, and then it is held in place by a trigger sear. When the shooter pulls the trigger, the spring is released and pushes a piston into a cylinder, creating high pressure air. The air is used to shoot the BB out of the rifle.

Pros and Cons of Spring Rifles

Generally more affordable than other kinds of airsoft guns   No semi or full-auto shooting modes
Reliable due to simpler design compared to other types of airsoft guns   Far fewer model options available compared to other types of airsoft guns
Low running cost since you do not need gas or batteries   Less fun to shoot
Great option for beginners just getting into airsoft    


Are Spring Air Rifles Accurate

Airsoft spring rifles are very accurate since there are fewer moving parts and they can be engineered very precisely to give a highly accurate shot. Many sniper rifles are spring powered airsoft rifles for this reason. If you experiencespring air rifle accuracy problems, it is always mostly related to a dirty inner barrel or a malfunctioning or misaligned hop-up unit or bucking that is spinning the BB off-axis, causing it to veer off its intended path.

What is the Most Powerful Spring Air Rifle

Most spring rifles are not too powerful and they are generally designed for beginners who enjoy recreational plinking. If you are looking for the most powerful spring airsoft rifles, then look specifically for airsoft spring sniper rifles instead.

Are Spring Rifles More or Less Expensive than Other Spring Rifles?

Spring rifles are generally quite affordable given their simpler designs, especially for spring powered modern military rifles which are designed for beginners. But many small specialty manufacturers choose to make some classic and historic rifles in spring powered format as well, and these can be quite expensive due to their rarity and collectible value. And these can be more expensive than electric or gas rifles.