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ARES Kar98K Sniper Airsoft Classic Rifle - Steel Version with Scope and Mount (Spring Power)

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  • Faithful Replica of the Classic World War 2 German Rifle
  • Stainless Steel Construction with QPQ Finish
  • Laminated Wood Stock
  • Smooth Operation
  • ZF 39 Style Scope
  • Spring Action Airsoft Gun
  • 20 Round Magazine
  • Comes in a Hard Plastic Gun Case

The Karabiner 98 Kurz is the Carbine version of the World War 1 Gewehr 98, Kurz is German for short, more commonly known as the Kar98K, this legendary bolt gun was originally fielded by the German forces in World War 2, even though this rifle was designed in 1935, you can still see some Kar98K in action by the hands of Honor Guards as well as partisan fighters in third world countries to this day because of the reliability and the accuracy of these rifles.

The ARES Kar98K is a faithful replica of this legendary rifle, this particular model comes with a ZF 39 style scope. Not only that the gun's metal parts are 95% made of stainless steel, it also has a really nice laminated wood stock giving it a very rugged feel, the feel of a true battle rifle. Much like the real steel gun, the ARES Kar98K also features a smooth action, something this gun was well known for.

Unlike most ARES spring bolt action guns, the Kar98K features a direct BB feeding system, similar to the Amoeba STRIKER series to make even the internal action much more realistic. The gun comes with a 20 round magazine, and the whole package will come neatly in a hard plastic gun case. If you are looking for a rifle for WW2 reenactments, cosplay or even a really nice wall hanger, this gun is the perfect rifle to do so.

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Magazine Compatibility:

  • ARES Kar98K Magazine


  • x1 ARES Kar98K Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Steel Version with Scope and Mount (Spring Power)
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 Hard Gun Case
  • x1 User Manual
Originating ArmoryMAUSER
Replica TypeRIFLE
ModelWW1 & WW2
Capacity (rds)20
Power (fps)400
Power SourceSpring
Shooting ModeBolt Action
Net Weight (kg)4.41
Length (mm)1095.0
Content Included

ARES Kar98K Spring Steel Version with Scope and Mount

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ARES k98K Part 2 Review

ARES k98K review -Addendum 5/22/2022 Day 2 Magazine shot count, 19 go in, 14 go out. The ARES k98 drops five bb’s every time you remove the mag. Even if you cock the bolt with the k98 pointing up or down. You still shoot 14 and drop 5 on the reload. I recommend loading five low weight or color bbs first then fill the mag. You're going to drop the last five bbs, why waste good ones? With the piston seal replaced, the k98 is very quiet. A very pleasant sound. This k98’s dry fire sounds like most bolt action airsofts pushing a BB. I have to give high marks to the team that finished the wood stock. It is smooth and beautiful and the fitment of the hardware is excellent. After a good inner barrel cleaning and tinkering with the hopup, I am now shooting 36g bbs with acceptable accuracy. The fourteen bb’s at a time is frustrating. Deploying this airsoft as a sniper is possible under the best circumstances. Its low sound report and decent range could give the shooter 14 hits from excellent cover. If this k98 was priced closer to the average airsofters budget, I could see someone in the airsoft community building a k98 “trench magazine” kit. Due to the retail price of this item, few gamers will invest in this k98. And a trench mag would not benefit a cosplay / history reenactor. For the history buffs, the ARES k98 has no manufactured marks or WW2 german stamps. Other than a serial number (doubt it is unique) this k98 is bare of all markings. Lessons learned on day 2 1.Magazines hold 19 bb’s but only fires 14. You will drop 5 bb’s with every mag change. Magazines are too sensitive and will unload themselves. In a gun, in a pouch, and once on the bench top. Not fun. 2. The turret scope mounts hold a reasonable zero. I define a reasonable zero as being able to take the scope off and put it back on without losing its gaming potential. Will it be spot on where you left it? Most likely not. Could I install the scope and offset the shots to correct for the slight loss of zero? Yes. 3. My new k98 needed a full disassembly. Nothing new in airsoft, but frustration is amplified by its retail cost. 4. ARES could have included a tool. A simple hex tool to adjust the hop and remove the piston head. Even the ARES k98 stock tool should have been included at the retail price of this unit. 5. I wish ARES would have made a 6x scope rather than a 4x. Before you get your history panties in a twist, hear me out. Four power is just too low for a sniper. A 6x would have gone unnoticed by most owners. In fact, it would have been a welcomed oversight to the consumer. I mean, if you make a “mistake” it's much better to have more power than less. Imagen if the scope was 2.5 and not 4x. Customer service would have been slammed with calls. A non-historical option would be to purchase a second set of rings. Why would I do that? The reproduction ZF-39 scope hands down looks fantastic on this airsoft. But, to maximize the k98’s gaming potential, a second scope that can utilize the benefit of the turret style scope mounts would be an welcomed option in the field without losing the vintage appearance when not in play. 6. Trigger pull. It's a military style airsoft. Not a benchrest shooter. I would say the trigger is average. A consistent trigger pull will produce consistent shot placement. Like most bolt action airsoft, if you slowly pull the trigger, the sear will drag and affect the piston travel. A quick snap of the trigger and you may see the hop of the bb increase. Nothing new here. I do not want owners confusing issues with accuracy with poor trigger control. 7. Would I buy ARES k98 again knowing what I know? A reluctant yes. I would have happily traded the gray blown molded k98 container for an extra heavy cardboard box, better mags, and a well designed tool kit.

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