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WE Mauser M712 Green Gas Airsoft Pistol - Black

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  • Shoulderable Auto Pistol 
  • Storable in Stock 
  • Can be Used without Stock 
  • Satisfying Recoil Impulse 
  • High Rate of Fire 
  • Compatible Only with WE / AW M712 GBB Pistol Series Magazines 
Special Price $144.99 Regular Price $160.99
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Here is a little history about the m712, The development of the C-96 began in 1893 or 1894. Most of the work had been done by the Federle brothers, who worked for the Mauser company. The final design appeared early in 1895 and had been patented by Paul Mauser. Production began in 1896. The C-96 had been offered for the German Military but failed. However, C-96 has a long and successful story on the civilian market - being offered as a pistol-carbine, it outperformed in the effective range most of contemporary pistols and revolvers, being especially popular with travelers and hunters in the areas where big animals are rare or absent at all. C-96 first saw military action during the Boer war in South Africa (1899-1902). During the First World War C-96 had been acquired by the German Army due to the lack of the standard-issue Luger P-08 pistols. It also had been used during World War Two, by some second line troops of the Reichswehr (German Army). C-96 also had been widely exported - in the 1920s Soviet Russia purchased large quantities of the short-barreled (99 mm barrels) C-96s in 7.63mm, giving the name "Bolo-Mauser" (from Bolsheviks' Mauser) to all short-barreled C-96s. In the 1930s China also purchased lots of the C-96s in 7.63mm, and also manufactured copies of the C-96 but chambered for .45ACP cartridge. Surprisingly, these copies were of quite good quality. Many C-96 clones were manufactured in Spain, mostly without any license, and mostly by the Astra. In the early 1930s, Mauser engineers developed a select-fire version of the C-96, which had been used in limited numbers during WW2.

Modeled after the Chinese imported C-86 model 712, the WE M712 'Broomhandle' is a select-fire pistol in full metal with plastic handle grips and a detachable plastic stock that also works like a holster (will only fit the short magazine that is sold separately). The gun has semi-automatic mode and full-automatic model, semi for accuracy and full auto for excitement, don't get us wrong, even with a furious firing rate, the longer inner barrel and detachable stock will compensate for improved accuracy.

The WE version is a faithful replication of this historical pistol and has a very satisfying recoil impulse.  The pistol can be used with both its stock or as a standalone pistol and has a blistering rate of fire, much like the real steel version. 

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Magazine Compatibility: 

  • WE / AW M712 GBB Pistol Magazine 


  • x1 WE M712 GBB Pistol - Black
  • x1 Magazine 
  • x1 Stock 
  • x1 User Manual 
Originating ArmoryMAUSER
Replica TypePISTOL
Capacity (rds)26
Power (fps)330
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)2.02
Length (mm)0.0
Content Included

WE M712 GBB Pistol - Black

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