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KTW Winchester M1873 Rifle

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The Gun That Won The West!
The gun that won the west!

The Last Samurai (2003)

The Winchester 1873 Rifle was not the first lever action weapon but it is the most famed for its extensive use during the late 19th century in the Americas as a general purpose defensive, hunting and combat rifle. It has been used in many cowboy films over the years and most recently in such films as Wild WIld West, Appaloosa, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Last Samurai.

This carbine length version is a several of inches north of the carbine at about 110 cm / 43+ inches and at a fairly lightweight approximate of 2.6kg / 5.6 lbs it is not too unwieldy at all. Its tough lever action pull strength can make it tricky to use in full combat loading style but it works and its reliable so it has that working in its favor.

Abundant metal parts including cocking mechanism, hammer, barrel, trigger, etc. Heavy metal content receiver is plated to feel like metal. Cocks like the real thing by pushing down on the cocking lever to arm the hammer. BBs are stored in a removable magazine rod stored in the lower barrel of the gun. The magazine (holds 37 rounds) is released from the gun by a simple twist of a knob. An extra magazine is included for fast reloads! Adjustable metal rear sight. Bolt chamber opens on cocking and hammer cocks back. Lots of fun - cock and shoot away!!
Originating ArmoryWINCHESTER
Replica TypeRIFLE
Capacity (rds)37
Power (fps)330
Shooting ModeLever Action
Net Weight (kg)2.65
Length (mm)1100.0
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