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HPA Airsoft Rifle

High-pressure air (HPA) airsoft rifles are a type of pneumatic airsoft weapon that uses externally supplied high-pressure air instead of internal gas canisters like the majority of gas-operated airsoft guns. Think of it as a cross between an AEG and GBBR except that there’s no blowback and shoots similar to an AEG but with more range and power! HPA airsoft guns are adjustable and suffer less from peak performance limitations compared to other systems. Thus they usually come at a price but require less tuning to reach peak performance.

Modern rifles are used nowadays by many soldiers in warfare combat as they are very versatile and can be used in all situations, yes even sniping or CQB. It is also the best platform to create your dream gun as everything can be customized. Yes, when we say everything we really mean it. From rail, barrels, internal parts, pistol grip, receiver, buttstock, buttstock tube, and trigger! Let’s not forget all the tactical accessories we can add too which can provide some advantage in combat.

What is a HPA Airsoft Rifle?

An HPA airsoft rifle is a rifle that uses high-pressure air in a pressurized canister usually attached via a tube to the pistol grip or buttstock. It has all the functions of an AEG / GBBR rifle such as a changeable handguard, pistol grips etc, except for the internals. Within the airsoft HPA airsoft rifle, there’s a pneumatic motor connecting to the air tank. This is referred to as the “engine” of the gun, it's where the gearbox would be in a standard gas-powered airsoft weapon. 

What to Look for in an HPA Airsoft Rifle?

When we look for an HPA airsoft rifle we have to consider the costs and also how many after-market parts are there. There’s no use purchasing a HPA airsoft rifle if there are limited aftermarket parts as it’ll be a challenge to fix or upgrade. Other small but notable things are like does the buttstock wobble, is it comfortable to hold or how easy is it to manipulate the fire selector. All these factors come in when you are deciding to make your first purchase of a HPA airsoft rifle.

When you’re searching for an HPA airsoft rifle it’s a good idea to check the gas efficiency and how easy it is to install, so the end-user can do it without seeking professionals. It’s worth checking if the company you purchase from can provide services for it too such as topping up the tank with oxygen. Other than that it’s based on your usual personal preferences in what kind of rifle style you like.

What are Some of the Best HPA Airsoft Rifles?

Out of all the HPA airsoft rifles we tested the ASG CZ SCORPION EVO3A1 SMG W/ WOLVERINE INFERNO GEN. 2 HPA EDITION comes out as the king. It is very easy to set up, has a huge range of aftermarket parts, a quick-change barrel, and handle like a dream! To find out more about this product click here: https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/asg-cz-scorpion-evo3a1-smg-w-wolverine-inferno-gen-2-hpa-edition.html

How Does a HPA Airsoft Rifle Work?

HPA which means “high-pressure air” is a type of system used to supply power to airsoft guns. The majority of the gas-powered airsoft guns use magazines that have gas stored inside, but with HPA the gun uses an external tank. It may look ugly but it does have insane performances!

The oxygen is usually stored in these canisters which are usually made out of aluminum, which can be heavy but durable. Lighter alternatives are the carbon fiber tanks, but they’ll cost you an arm and leg! Once the tank is ready there will be a line connecting the tank to the airsoft gun, so the power source is maintained.

Within the airsoft HPA airsoft gun, the engine usually features a battery-powered FCU (fire control unit) which lets you adjust the rate of fire. You’re also able to control how much air you release for each shot, a dream come true for those who like to min-max the stats of their gun!

HPA Pros

  • FPS is adjustable to comply with the fps limits in the local airsoft field.

  • The rate of fire is adjustable, trigger response can also become highly effective in battle.

  • Highly consistent FPS compared to other systems, as the fps can vary wildly.

  • Simple internal designs, fewer things can go wrong and easier to fix.

  • The same oxygen tank can support all HPA airsoft guns.

  • HPA guns are quieter, so you don’t reveal your position if you’re a sniper.

However, it may seem like HPA is the way to go but there are some disadvantages to it.

HPA Cons

  • Probably the most expensive systems to invest in, the price of a single-engine could buy many AEG or GBBRs. Engines can cost from $250 to $500, and the tank and regulator can add another $100 (at least)!

  • It can be heavy if you’re not used to this platform as you’ll be lugging an oxygen tank around. Compared to AEG or GBB it is heavy.

  • The engine has to be properly aligned inside, if not then your HPA gun may not work reliably.

  • The system is very complicated compared to an AEG.

  • Not all airsoft fields allow HPA to be used as it can be easily adjusted.

This all depends on your personal preferences if an HPA airsoft rifle is right for you. Unless your athletic like Captain America you’ll need to deal with the extra weight of the tank! Also, your local airsoft field may not let you enjoy the extra fps and rate of fire you’re getting in exchange. But that being said if your local airsoft guns allow for HPA airsoft guns, then why not? The fps, range, and rate of fire is god-like, this can turn the tides of a battle!