At Redwolf airsoft we have a vast experience of airsoft rifles over the years and I personally have now had thirty years in the hobby. Over this time I have had literally hundreds of rifles and being at Redwolf Airsoft has obviously afforded me even more exposure than what many players or collectors would have had. It with wit the combined personal experience and vast product catalogue in mind that I write this blog.

What To Look for in an Airsoft Rifle?

So what can determine “ the best airsoft rifle “ ? 

This changes depending on many factors so lets look at some of the most common ones . Performance , materials, branding ,reliability, realism, cost , availability , upgradeability and the ease of customisation…. 

Even that list is not exhaustive but it certainly covers the most commonly given reasons for buyers choice of purchase. 

I will be using these factors as well as some personal bias based upon what I like to provide you a list of my 10 best airsoft rifles available in 2020. They are in no particular order.

10 Best Airsoft Rifles

1. VFC Virgo conversion kit

My first pick is actually an aeg (automatic electric gun) which for me is very unusual. What is even more unusual is that it’s not technically a complete rifle ! 

This pick is the VFC Virgo system which is available in either standard or deluxe versions. The version i’m mainly talking about is the deluxe version although the standard version is also very good and available in “pre built” form as the VFC Avalon Samurai Edge aegs. The VFC Virgo M4 conversion kit (deluxe version) is on my list as while it’s not a GBB rifle it does have some interesting features that make it appealing for many players. The kit itself comes assembled except for the lack of inner barrel , rail system and flash hider and butt stock assembly. The entire gearbox assembly is all pre installed so nothing to worry about there ,however the hop unit will need to be assembled and installed on your own choice of inner barrel and hop rubber. In the kit is a 10.5” outer barrel so an inner barrel around 285mm should be correct. For the cosmetics it’s all personal choice but I do recommend getting the VFC Avalon type buffer tube to ensure compatibility with the receiver . 

The reason I chose this product on my list of best airsoft rifles though was mainly due to the incredible trigger response , The Virgo ECS (electronic control system) does an amazing job of making sure the extremely potent brushless motor gets the power it needs instantly and reliably every time you pull the trigger. The programmability of the ECS is also very good however I have found that left in factory default mode it has never been left lacking and while I don’t use bursts or automatic , those modes are pleasingly fast if required. I would recommend use only with 11.1V Lipos batteries for reliability. The final great feature of this product is that it’s a standard V2 aeg and takes standard aeg magazines meaning that the third party market for this is simply unmatched.

VFC Virgo M4 Conversion Kit Deluxe Brushless Motor Version


  • Highly customisable 
  • Very good out of the box performance 
  • Can be programmed to various configurations 
  • Good aftermarket compatibility


  • On the higher end of the mid range budget 
  • Requires some extra parts that are not provided 
  • Requires some knowledge of aegs to assemble

2. Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD.1 GBBR

Next on my list is the MK18 GBBR by Tokyo Marui . This new release takes the fantastic proven system that is the ZET System and puts it into a highly desirable form with the Daniel Defense style rail , 10.3” CQBR barrel and the ever comfortable crane type stock. The Zet System by Marui has quickly proven to be both reliable and well performing. 


  • TM hop up gives amazing range 
  • Great build 
  • Cerekote finish 
  • Good GBB “kick”


  • Certainly on the more expensive side 
  • GBB may not suit all players 
  • Gas magazines are both expensive and heavy compared to aeg mags

3. ASG CZ Scorpion Evo3

I think most people are aware of this one. The ASG Evo3 takes technology in aegs to PTW levels with active bolt stop and highly tunes ETU (electronic trigger unit). The aeg can utilise some real furniture parts thanks to being correct dimensions and it’s performance is fantastic. Perfect for close quarters fighting with a compact frame and good ergonomics as well as a folding stock for ease of storage .

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3A1 SMG - AEG


  • Compact 
  • Feature rich 
  • Very responsive 
  • Quick change spring 
  • Modern


  • Unique magazines 
  • Relatively costly 
  • Tiny battery space

4. Tokyo Marui FAMAS 5.56F1

Now this may seem a bit of a wildcard among the list of best airsoft rifles for 2021 but this is where it all started. Long before ETUs and high speed gears , this was Marui’s first AEG model back in 1990 although in that initial release none of the models had a hop up. The EG560 motor still turns over with some urgency even by today’s standards and most importantly it’s different ! 

Sure it has some drawbacks such as the creaky plastic and low aftermarket support for it’s V1 gearbox design , however you get to be Solid Snake for the day and it’s hard to put a price on that ! 


  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Lightweight 
  • Reliable
  • TM legendary hop 
  • It’s a FAMAS


  • Plastic body 
  • Low aftermarket support 
  • Relatively low power 
  • Unique magazines

5. Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD next gen aeg

So my next pick should be considered the evolution of the last one as this was the first of Marui’s “Next generation” AEGs .i have chosen the M4 Sopmod model over the various other NGRS models mainly due to the fact it’s more customisable but also as it represents the NGRS platform generally and you could easily put almost any of the NGRS rifles in this spot. With the Next Gen rifles Marui fitted metal bodies , Active bolt stops and a recoil engine which makes these extremely fun to shoot and a little more realistic as you need to hit the bolt release after changing from a dry magazine to a loaded one. There is lots of aftermarket support for these although I recommend leaving the hop unit and barrel alone unless you really have to change them.

Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD Next Generation


  • Recoil engine 
  • Bolt stop 
  • Metal body 
  • TM accuracy and range


  • Requires NGRS magazines 
  • Higher price range 
  • Relatively low out of the box power

6. E&C EC319 (M16 Vietnam AEG)

So here is something that is more representative than anything. While I would choose this model from the current selection of E&C aegs , I have used it here more as a placeholder for most of the AEGs that E&C make. 

No frills , strong ,affordable and compatible with so many aftermarket parts you will never be out of options. 

These AEGs are great for those on tighter budgets who are still after a full metal , decent performing AEG.



  • Low cost 
  • Standard V2 compatibility 
  • A good selection of models


  • Less precise manufacturing 
  • Variable QC

7. GHK URGI MK16 10.3 inch GBB

The next one is again somewhat representative but is also the latest variant on the market. The GHK M4 variants all share the same working parts but have different furniture , barrel lengths etc. Whichever variant of GHK M4 you choose you will have a great GBB rifle for build quality and performance. 

GHK is my chosen platform for GBB M4 rifles



  • Highly realistic 
  • Great build quality 
  • Good performance


  • Expensive magazines 
  • Low magazine capacity 
  • Quite costly to buy

8. Tokyo Marui Mk46 LMG NGRS AEG

The next one is somewhat unique in my list of best airsoft rifles. Mostly as it’s actually and LMG but also because it’s a class of it’s own. The first “recoil” LMG AEG and the first LMG by ™. This beast is certainly special and set the industry on fire when it got announced . If you have the strength and the wallet for this hefty weapon you really should take a look.



  • Simulated recoil 
  • TM performance in an LMG 
  • Great build quality


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy 
  • Had some teething issues at first release

9. LCT LK33 aeg variants

So I was stuck as to which LCT product to put here as I knew I wanted to add one. After some consideration it had to be the LK33 in any form . The full folded and welded steel receiver is as well done as it was on their G3 variants but the HK33 is just a little bit more manageable for the average player by being a bit shorter and lighter. 

The LK33 is a replica of the classic 5.56mm roller locked rifles from the famous German arms company and it feels amazing !



  • Great build quality and materials 
  • Decent out of the box performance
  • Quick change spring 
  • Realistic feel and build


  • Heavy 
  • Relatively costly 
  • Unique magazines 
  • Not very customisable

10. Umarex VFC G3-A3 GBB

Now I could write an entire article on this rifle (You may see that at some point) but this is to me the best airsoft rifle made so far. Now please do bare in mind that it is my personal opinion based upon what I like but the full stamped , folded and welded steel body , solid recoil impulse , amazing performance and the ability to fit a huge amount of the real parts make this an absolute winner for me . Plus it’s a G3 !

Umarex H&K G3A3 GBBR (by VFC)


  • It’s a GBB G3 ! 
  • Full steel construction 
  • Highly realistic


  • Large and heavy 
  • 20 magazine capacity 
  • Relatively costly


In conclusion to this I will remind you that “best” is usually very subjective. However I hope that you can use some of the points I have made to help you make a decision on what might be good for you.

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