The sniper is the defining position in any big game, but shooting from a distance means you need to find an Airsoft sniper rifle that is accurate and reliable. The ability to upgrade power and accuracy are also important as your skills improve. There are many options to choose from, ranging from beginner to expert and priced accordingly.

Finding the best airsoft sniper rifle can be subjective to your personal tastes, but the laws of physics mean that essentially the longer the barrel, the farther you will be able to shoot. Another essential feature of the sniper rifle is the hop-up unit, which puts a backspin on the BB to increase flight distance. A good hop-up unit will add more distance without detracting too much from accuracy.

Performance aside, we all want a good looking gun, so you will need to consider everything from fit and finish, ergonomics, out of the box performance, availability of upgrade/aftermarket parts, air seal, smoothness of the action, and usability. The best airsoft sniper rifle should feature many if not all of these qualities to make sure you can make pinpoint accurate shots downrange at unsuspecting targets.

Now that I have set the stage for you, let's break down what would be the top airsoft sniper rifles, 12 to be exact!

12 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

1. Tokyo Marui VSR-10

Though out of the box the VSR-10’s base FPS pales in comparison to many of the other guns on this list, it is still considered to be the benchmark to which all other rifles are measured against. The VSR-10 has traditionally been the most stable, the most well performing, and most balanced sniper rifle a shooter can get their hands on. In addition, the manufacturing process yields a consistent product every time, making it the most prolific platform for an extremely vast amount of parts. The VSR-10 can be the corner stone to any high quality sniper build and it can be built to run in any circumstance no matter if the shooter needs high power, lower power, long range or high levels of accuracy, the VSR-10 covers all basis. In and of itself, the VSR-10 also features a high air volume cylinder, perfect air seal, and almost an unrivaled level of FPS consistency. It is for these reasons why the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 platform not only answer the question “what is the best spring airsoft sniper rifle” but it takes the top spot as the best airsoft sniper rifle!


  • Unrivalled upgrade potential with lots of aftermarkets parts
  • Incredible FPS consistency
  • Best hop-up unit of almost any sniper rifle on the market
  • Exceptional FPS ceiling
  • Silky smooth bolt action
  • Perfect air seal
  • Lightweight construction


  • Thin toy-like materials
  • A vanilla sniper rifle
  • Modest factory power

2. VFC KAC Licensed M110 SASS GBBR

The M110 SASS is probably one of the best gas blowback semi-auto sniper rifles you can get your hands on. Not only is it extremely satisfying to shoot and handle, it is also deadly accurate. Based on the AR platform much like the earlier electric SR25-M110K, the operation of this rifle is extremely easy and will feel very familiar to many users, making it an easy gun to shoot well the moment you pick it up. Being a gas blowback rifle you are going to enjoy an extremely strong recoil impulse which you have to learn to mitigate, much like a real rifle. However, once you learn to work with the rifle, it will impress you with its performance and you will want to try hitting targets further and further out. Other than pure performance, the rifle also features VFC’s latest hop-up adjustment system which allows you to adjust the hop-up from the front making the overall usability of the gun one of the best airsoft snipers, especially for gas blowbacks.


  • Satisfying recoil impulse
  • Highly accurate
  • Amazing gas efficiency
  • Stable FPS consistency
  • Easy to adjust hop-up
  • Simple operation


  • Unstable performance in very cold temperatures
  • Recoil impulse can cause some inaccuracies
  • Loud shooting sound

3. Silverback Desert Tech SRS A2

The SRS series of rifles brought the bullpup configuration of sniper rifles into the mainstream. The fit and finish of each Silverback SRS is exceptional and their attention to detail in their manufacturing process and development is seen within and without. The A2 being the latest version of this rifle comes in drastically lighter than its previous generations, all the while still being rugged and robust. It swapped out its old handguard for an ultra lightweight MLOK handguard and redesigned their trigger to make it feel cleaner at the break. If these were the only upgrades to the rifle, it would already be amazing but it didn’t stop there. The SRS A2’s cylinder can house a remarkably large volume of air and it can also provide a full air seal making every single shot pin point accurate and its FPS extraordinarily consistent!


  • Deep first-party upgrade potential
  • High FPS consistency
  • Terrific build quality
  • Unique hop-up adjustment system
  • High FPS ceiling
  • Smooth bolt operation
  • Large volume cylinder


  • Lack of many third party upgrade parts
  • Relatively low out of the box FPS
  • Hop-up adjustment requires more time and patience

4. ARES Amoeba Tactical ‘STRIKER’ AST-01

As mentioned earlier, the STRIKER series of rifles are exceptional rifles right out of the box and with the tactical version, the STRIKER is taken up a notch.  While being compatible with much of the parts from the regular line of STRIKERs, the tactical version comes with redesigned ergonomics of which straightens the grip angle, allows for fine adjustment of cheek height, length of pull, and even the angle in which you may or may not want to slant your rifle towards when you are wearing a full face mask.  In addition, the tactical AST-01 redesigned many of its control surfaces making it much easier to operate while not confusing the shooter.  Undoubtedly, this meets the requirements to be considered here at the top of the best airsoft sniper rifle list!


  • Redesigned tactical ergonomics
  • Highly adjustable chassis
  • Great out of the box FPS
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Wide variety of parts
  • Short stroke action


  • Low FPS ceiling
  • Stiff bolt
  • Requires more time to fine-tune ergonomics to individual users

5. Socom Gear Barrett M107

The Socom Gear Barrett is a fantastic rifle as it gives you a chance to get up close and personal with one of the most legendary and iconic rifles to ever grace the battle field. The Barrett M107 is usually the go to 50 cal. rifle many people think of when they have to imagine what a big sniper rifle would look like. While it may not be the most practical or best airsoft sniper, what it can give you is the most realistic feeling of operating a 50 cal. in places where that will otherwise be impossible to do so.


  • Realistic operation
  • Satisfying recoil impulse
  • Shell ejecting
  • Individually loaded rounds
  • Realistic magazine loading
  • True heavyweight


  • Impractical for games
  • Relatively low FPS
  • Extremely heavy

6. Action Army AAC T11 Spring Airsoft Rifle

Action Army is one of the premiere airsoft sniper rifle upgrade parts companies and their dive into producing full rifles have yielded very interesting results. While aesthetically they might be polarizing, internally is where they shine. As one of the top airsoft sniper rifles, the AAC T11 is packed with reinforced internals, a buttery smooth action, and a light weight body. It may not necessarily have a look that can be loved by all, it certainly will appeal to many that might enjoy a more angular, futuristic design! Not to mention its compatibility with an extremely wide variety of parts.


  • Wide variety of parts
  • Lightweight construction
  • Smooth operation
  • Reinforced internals
  • Superb accuracy
  • Futuristic looks


  • Relatively low starting FPS
  • Polarizing looks
  • Short optics rail

7. Modify Bolt Action Air Rifle MOD24 SF

The Modify Bolt Action Air Rifle MOD 24 SF is patterned similarly to the same rifle used by arguably the best airsoft sniper himself. It follows what many would consider the “classic” rifle look and its ergonomics are instantly familiar to any shooter that shoulders it. Internally, the rifle is pre-upgraded and shoots like a dream out of the box. “Why is it only here at number 7” you may ask. While it may be considered slightly on the expensive side, it's not the price that might make people think twice about this gun but rather how it's pre-upgraded. Many seasoned players might opt to upgrade a different platform themselves and find combinations best suited to them rather than having one that is pre-done. However, on the flip side, for many players that may not be as knowledgeable about the platform, this pre-upgraded rifle could be your ideal best airsoft sniper rifle!


  • Great ergonomics and simple manual of arms
  • Pre-upgraded package
  • Smooth bolt action
  • Wide parts compatibility
  • Can be finely tuned to the user’s length of pull


  • Higher base price
  • Pre-upgraded internals might not be best suited for everyone
  • Simple, no frills looks and design

8. ARES SR25-M110K Sniper Rifle

The ARES SR25-M110K is the first and only electric sniper rifle on this list and though it might not be a traditional bolt action rifle, it can certainly hold its own as the best airsoft sniper. The rifle is patterned after the AR10 and that means ergonomically it will be very familiar to many users. In addition to this, the rifle has a great out of the box FPS allowing you to reach out and touch your opponents further downfield in rapid succession.


  • Semi-Auto firing mode
  • Works with standard AEG upgrade parts
  • Includes an Electronic Fire Control
  • High out of the box FPS
  • AR pattered rifle for simple controls


  • Lower FPS consistency
  • Louder shooting, giving away position easier

9. Tokyo Marui M40A5 Bolt Action Sniper

The M40A5 was famously used by the United States Marine Corps for many years as their primary rifle and when Tokyo Marui announced they were going to make one under their name, everyone was excited. While many enthusiasts around the world loved its looks, did it answer the question of being the “best airsoft sniper rifle”? The rifle is exceptionally accurate and because of this, it certainly is one of the top airsoft snipers!


  • Essential for building the USMC sniper loadout
  • Battle proven ergonomics
  • Tokyo Marui has the best hop-up units in the market
  • Exceptional FPS consistency
  • Includes front rail system for accessory mounting


  • Thin aftermarket part selection
  • Low FPS ceiling
  • Requires bbs in “feed tube” to properly load bbs

10. Silverback HTI .50 BMG Rifle

The HTI may look imposing with its oversized features but it certainly can hold its own when compared to the other top airsoft sniper rifles on this list. While it is considered a “big bore” rifle, how it has been designed and made makes the gun feel incredibly nimble and undoubtedly capable to share the stage with these guns being the best airsoft sniper rifle.


  • Deceptively light
  • Silky smooth action
  • Shoots standard 6mm BBs
  • Wide variety of parts
  • High FPS ceiling
  • Exceptional air seal


  • Large magazines making it hard to find mag pouches
  • Limited range of third party parts
  • Can be cumbersome

11. ARES Amoeba ‘STRIKER’ AS02

The ‘STRIKER’ series certainly has all the trappings of being the best airsoft sniper rifle. From all aspects, you instantly see that it checks all the boxes in terms of looks, ergonomics, and its wealth of parts. The AS02 is a compact sniper rifle and it breaks the mould of the standard long-form rifles.


  • Wide variety of first party parts
  • Exceptional ergonomics
  • Short stroke acton
  • Great out of the box FPS
  • Features MLOK slots for mounting accessories
  • Compatible with certain standard AEG parts


  • Limited third party upgrade parts
  • Relatively stiff action
  • Low FPS ceiling due to its short action

12. Tokyo Marui L96 AWS

The AWS is an instantly recognizable sniper rifle from Tokyo Marui’s lineup of an already fantastic range of guns. Probably its most recognizable features would be the thumbhole grip and its boxy looks. Being number 12, this rifle is a great start to our list in finding the best airsoft sniper.


  • Wide range of upgrade parts
  • Stable out of the box FPS
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth bolt action
  • Integrated top rail for mounting of optics


  • Relatively thin materials
  • Lower FPS ceiling
  • Subjective ergonomics (some people love it, some people don’t care for it)

Final Remarks

Over so many years we have seen the evolution of the airsoft sniper rifle come from humble spring beginnings to precision made airsoft guns that can rival the real steel world. Finding the right sniper rifle for you can be daunting because in every player’s quest to find the best airsoft sniper you might come across many different platforms, styles, and options. Of course, there are many other sniper rifles that could have made this list but when you are looking for the best in class, these are the ones I believe that rise to the top as the best airsoft sniper rifles!

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