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Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft pistols come in all shapes and sizes from the Glock 43 to hand cannons such as the desert eagles. They work in a very similar way to their real steel counterpart except they utilize the power of green gas, co2 or electricity. The majority of airsofters prefer having gas airsoft pistols as their preferred sidearms as it feels much more realistic with the blowback. The technology for pistol is already at a very reliable stage, realistic, and easy to manipulate. With such realism from the gas variants, it adds so much more to the gameplay experience and the mechanical trigger design provides instant trigger response compared with electric powered ones. Electric on the other can be very reliable as they can be used in all kinds of environments without the cold affecting its performance.

What is an Airsoft Pistol?

An airsoft pistol is a versatile gun that can be used in close-quarter combat situations as they are very easy to manipulate and have great accuracy. But with that being said they can also be used as a backup weapon in case your primary gun fails. Just keep in mind the range, as airsoft pistols are designed for close encounters instead of long-range shooting.

Can an Airsoft Pistol Kill You?

Like all airsoft guns, they cannot do much harm as the power of these guns is very limited. Most stock airsoft pistols can shoot up to 300 fps (feet per second) or about 1.32 joules, this is will feel like a flick from a finger! But compared to a real gun such as an M4 carbine, can have as much as 2900 fps which is almost ten times higher than the airsoft variant, this can seriously hurt someone or kill.

Do You Need a License for an Airsoft Pistol?

Airsoft pistols just like any other airsoft guns do not require any license to use, sell, or obtain! This is why airsoft guns are so popular around the globe as it’s safe and gives a sense of satisfaction of owning a gun.

What is an Airsoft Pistol Used For?

Due to airsoft pistols’ size and design purpose, they are used for close combat or competitive shooting as its very easy to handle. They are also very easy to fix and work great as a backup weapon too in case your primary gun fails. If you want to train your combat skills or weapon manipulation then an airsoft pistol is a great way to do that as they are also quite affordable.