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Gas Airsoft Pistol

Gas Blowback comes in a lot of varieties and forms. How a gas blowback airsoft gun works is the gun has a gas reservoir that stores pressurized gas (similar to propane gas) known as top gas/ green gas. Whenever the user pulls the trigger, there will be a knocker that will hit the valve on the gas reservoir, causing it to release a small amount of pressurized gas into the GBB platform; that amount of gas will first push the BB out of the chamber to cause it to fire, and the remaining amount of gas will cause either the pistol's slide or the rifle's bolt to move back so the airsoft gun can load the second round for a follow-up shot. As realistic as the GBB platform is because it uses pressurized gas as a power source, the airsoft gun is quite prone to cold weather, and when shot too fast, a cool-down effect might occur resulting in a significant fps drop. Out of all, the gas airsoft pistol is probably the most popular platform of them all, but there are blowback and non-blowback models. Though there are electric airsoft pistols as well, the majority of the airsofters prefer having gas airsoft pistols as their preferred sidearms since the gas-powered technology for pistol is already at a very reliable stage and is pretty easy to use. The extra realism adds to the gameplay experience, and the mechanical trigger design provides instant trigger response compare to some electric airsoft guns.

What to Look for in a Gas Airsoft Pistols?

If you already decided that you wish to purchase a gas airsoft pistol, then your next move should be to identify your purpose of the pistol (sidearm). Do you seek realism when using your airsoft pistol? Or do you wish to use it as a support/ stealth weapon when your main rifle is not applicable in the given situation (i.e. your sniper rifle)? Because your purpose will decide if you should get a blowback or non-blowback gas airsoft pistol.

Gas blowback pistols are the version preferred version by most airsofters as it is one of the most realistic airsoft guns in the market. The slide cycles when fire, the user must manipulate it like a real gun for it to function properly and each shot fired will give the user a satisfying impulse.

Non-blowback pistols’ slide doesn’t cycle at all and firing it gives no impulse at all so it makes the overall user experience feel like firing a toy gun from a stationery shop. However, since there are very few moving parts, the pistol is highly efficient in gas consumption and is ridiculously quiet; therefore non-blowback airsoft pistols are quite popular for snipers that wish to tag another airsofter without getting spotted.

Other than blowback vs. non-blowback, another thing to keep an eye out for is aftermarket/ repair parts availability. Some parts within the airsoft pistol will wear over time, so eventually, the user will need to replace/ upgrade said parts. Hence it is highly recommended to look for an airsoft company that has a reputable brand and still has plenty of aftermarket parts for upgrade and repair.

What are Some of the Best Gas Airsoft Pistols?

There are a plethora of options when it comes to gas airsoft pistols, and since everyone is different, it is impossible to find 1 specific model that will cater to every user/ airsofter. So here are a few pistols that we think are some of the best airsoft pistols that are currently in the market:

This style of pistols is great as they have a pretty large gas reservoir, plenty of aftermarket parts for repairs, limitless upgrade potentials, great gas efficiency, and great accuracy out of the box. However, they have a relatively large pistol grip so it may not suit all hand sizes, plastic construction could be fragile when pairs with green gas, and its race gun appearance may not appeal to users that prefer realistic replicas.

The Hi-Capa is known to be the best airsoft pistol for years for its reliability, upgradability, and performance. It is the "go-to" pistol for all competitive shooters for its high round count and reliability accuracy.

The Glock 17 Gen 3 is based on the most popular real steel pistol in the market. It is the first officially licensed Glock airsoft pistol in the market, it has plenty of aftermarket parts for upgrade and repairs, it is ideal for training/ dry firing, and it comes with a metal slide out of the box. But the recoil of this airsoft pistol weakens quite significantly under cold weather, and the majority of aftermarket parts caters to the non-licensed variants as this particular version appeared in the airsoft industry quite late.

Glock is probably the most well-known pistol in the world right now. Many real steel companies offer modifications and upgrades for the real Glock 17 Gen 3. Its popularity is due to how many law enforcement agencies are using this pistol. Hence this a good airsoft pistol for both competitive shooters and milsim airsofters.

The Glock 17 Gen 5 is an improved version of the already popular Glock 17 Gen 3. The Gen 5 comes with a redesigned blowback housing and is more gas efficient than the Gen 3, it comes with ambidextrous controls, integrated flared magwell, and a new hop-up adjustment design. Not to mention this pistol is fully licensed by Glock (the real steel company) and comes with a metal slide. But with the redesigned blowback housing, the availability of aftermarket parts is rather limited as it is now a proprietary design; and some users may not like the enlarged magazine catch/ release of this pistol.

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Difference Between Electric and Gas Airsoft Pistol?

As the name indicates, the most obvious difference between electric airsoft pistol and gas airsoft pistol is the power source. Electric airsoft pistols lack realism when firing and it doesn’t give the user a tactile feel on each shot they fire, however it is a more reliable platform since it will not be affected by the climate.

Whereas the gas airsoft pistol uses pressurized gas, so the performance will drop under cold weather; but in terms of manipulation, it is a lot more realistic than the electric variant.

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